How to Ensure High Traffic Blogs Accept & Publish Your Guest Post

Published on April 25th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

Enough has been written about the impact a guest post can create on traffic of blog. Also enough has been written about how to write one. Guest posting, if done rightly, can add terrific value to your product, profile, website, blog etc.

People, who are writing guest posts, do a great job by creating a real good post with information; but the practical problem for them is that they do not know how to get it published on right kind of high traffic blog in their niche. Their approach is flat, their mail requesting the owner of blog to allow them to send a guest post, goes un noticed & what not..

However these bloggers do know that it’s the most definite way to drive traffic to a blog, create buzz, and a thing that can add credibility to his/her profile. And also that such an impact can be achieved by creating a guest post that can click with the audience; but as they get there they realize that having it published on a popular blog is an uphill task, & is not as simple as it is made to sound. It’s a battle in the waiting that needs to be fought; this is AFTER creating a super quality post. Imagine!

Creating a high impact guest post is a work of patience, dedication, focus and a lot of hard work; where to publish them is yet another. In this article we are going to explore various possibilities that can help you get your guest post published.

Finding high traffic blogs in your niche may not be difficult, but to find and strike `a connect’ with the blog owners is where lies the key to success. And this is a point where most aspiring guest post writers get stuck.

Well, let’s start then. The best way to do it is, connect with these blog owners via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

All these platforms offer unique avenues that can help you strike rapport with people you like, to get there, you have to first familiarize yourself with these networks and then work your way through it. If you can get a hang of how they can be put to work, they are a real blessing.

(i) When it comes to striking a connection with a twitter user you are interested in, tweet his work, and while doing it use his Twitter handle so that he knows what you are up to.

(ii) From there head straight to his/her blog and post a comment worth its salt; something sensible, reflecting the depth of knowledge you possess, without making it sound overbearing.

(iii) Another very unique, effective, and natural way to get attention of the blogger is to have you introduced by a person who is already a guest blogger with him/her. If this clicks, it will help you get closer to your goals much quicker.

But to get here you will be required to take one step more, you will have to take effort to get to know the guest blogger; who will introduce you to the main blog owner where he has got guest post published, you can also take tips on how he does it or struck it with them.

Remember, the things he will share (if he does) are going to be golden nuggets – they will be most unique, and practical insights that the guest blogger would have learnt from experience and something he may never consider writing about; which means no amount of reading online can teach you the things you can extract from people who’ve done it all. So double benefit there if you are lucky. The guest blogger helps you with an introduction as well as suggestions. Great!

(iv) Another option that will not let you down is if you can meet the blog owners personally; and if you happen to get that opportunity, go ahead and strike a conversation, attend their seminar, attend their talk show, try to bring up a discussion that will interest him without making it sound like flattery. Everyone likes being appreciated but guys who have advanced in their careers and are on their way will draw genuine appreciation from flattery. So be careful but take chance.

Once you achieve this handle it gracefully. Don’t let him down; neither the blog owner who has agreed to publish your post, nor the guy who introduced you. Keep your promise, be of help, and act upon your commitment if any. These are relationships you have to nurture forever; and that needs efforts.

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