How to Ensure What You’ve Created is a Perfect Guest Post

Published on April 25th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

To create a guest post that will click with the audience and get read and forwarded, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to have a content strategy in place. You have to set special time aside for it. Writing guest post is no child’s play and on the top of it you have you blogs to keep up with, write, market etc; it’s all too much.

There are two ways to go about working your way through guest posts; identify a few high traffic blogs and write for them on a regular basis; the outcome of this strategy will be slow and steady to come by.

Or you can adopt another strategy; you can openly invite people via forums and social networking sites to approach you, and they will get an all original 100% unique blog post that they can freely use on their blog. You will be surprised at the number of people who will respond to you, as everyone out there is looking for quality content.

This is why content strategy is very crucial; but not let the phrase allow you to develop cold feet. Let me tell you that building a content strategy is not as complicated as it is made to sound sometimes. In simple language it means the following:

Language should be easy to understand, even when you are writing about an advanced, complex topic: Learn to make your guest posts easy to understand and follow. A good guest post will be simple to read and understand; simple composition of sentences; sans any exaggeration.

Remember the strategies you are trying to explain via your guest post may be complex and advanced but don’t add to the trial of the reader by making it even more complicated by using difficult language, difficult words and phrases, extra long sentences and so on.

Interlink often to put the reader at ease:While writing a complex or advanced post; do facilitate information by interlinking your post with other links on your own blog or elsewhere to help readers understanding meaning of important phrases & concepts that you have referred to in your post. Readers feel greatly relieved and relaxed when they know that for a better understanding, help is available in the same article.

Create environment for conversation: While reading guest post the reader should be pulled into a conversation and he should feel like contributing; you should ask questions in the guest post that will make the reader think. It’s a great way to take him into the fold and develop a connection.

Try to project your image as that of an authority in the field: At the same time reader who is going through your post should get an impression that you are an authority in the subject and can help him developing a solution to the problems he might be facing in his work.

If you can generate this feeling or comfort level for your reader, forward is the only way for you. Then next, make the most of the headline tag to create an impact and connect.

Byline Basics: When you write a guest post your byline should not go beyond who you are, what you do, how you can help, & what is the reader suppose / expected to do to be advantaged.

Landing Page Basics: The landing page you create for the Guest Post link should extend the same information in more detail that the guest was reading and trying to benefit from in the guest article. Suppose the guest post is about editing, the landing page link should talk about something related with editing and not designing website or SEM etc.

Assuming that as the reader is going through your guest post, lands on your web page, then the information regarding `what’s the action expected of him so that you can help’ should be included in the first fold without aggression. Apart from an aspiring headline and copy that clicks with the audience, an optimized video is also advised.

No asking too Much Info: Remember if you’d ask for too much information about the client you will put him off. Since this is the first time client will use your services, it should not be at the cost of his time or too much attention span, too much giving away of info and so on…

Let Your Blog Look Good: A good design is a good design is a good design; period. Nothing can replace it. How much ever we may all think content is the king, kith, and kin; or that content sells; content holds reader to the blog; content, content, content; but try putting up the same content in a mediocre font, on a shabbily made blog and let me see how many visitors hold on to it? That’s the power of a well designed blog.

Your Landing Page Should reflect your Social Standing on the Net: Another important thing is when reader reaches your landing page; he should see enough proof on that page that you are a socially accepted writer and authority. This means let the landing page have details like newsletter subscriber data, testimonials of your clients, and your followers on social media and so on. This gives the reader a feeling that he is associating himself with the right person.

Do Not Give Up: The last advice is go on creating guest posts, some will click with the audience, some will draw flak, some will be rejected, but go on testing your skills until you see one of it going viral. And when it does, celebrate! It’s no mean feat. Even if it gets read and people take time out to react, it’s a great achievement. But don’t stop trying. That’s the key.

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