How to Get Massive Traffic through Writing Ultimate Guides & eBooks

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Traffic is what all of us are after; sometimes we call it eyeballs, and sometimes footfalls; however finally traffic is all about and boils down to people; people who will find & do business with us & help our business grow. In this post we will focus some of the best ways to attract online traffic.

Whether we sell products, services, or information online, most of us do it via a website and/or a blog. It is our private space/shop on the net on which we are at liberty to promote and market things we want. If we succeed in taking what we are selling near our potential target audience we are said to be getting closer to our business goal.

Traffic Makes The Business Grow:

While many amongst us are aware at the time of starting an online business; many don’t – that growing a business on the internet takes time, whether you do it through your blog or website. Plus it takes efforts. It’s not like, you put up a site or blog; wait for a few months; and traffic begins to pours. If it doesn’t you start complaining and blaming. Promoting a business online is not so one-dimensional.

After putting up the site or blog you have to promote and market it using various methods and tools; which will slowly improve its visibility amongst the niche or potential customers.

Generating Traffic is a Steady Gradual Process:

As a rule, traffic rises at a gradual, steady pace. However I want to share a possibility with my readers which can create a sudden upsurge in traffic of your blog every once in a while and change the traffic graph of your site or blog. The best thing about it is that it requires no fresh learning of any skills, albeit a good job is definitely expected.

Secret to Creating a Sudden Increase in Traffic: Publish & Promote eBook

Create `How to Succeed Guides or eBooks’ in Your Niche and promote them via different platforms you use to reach maximum number of people that you can. There are tools like Kiss-Metrics, Quick Sprout to create these guides. Irrespective of the niche you belong to, if you look and think, long and hard you will definitely find an idea to work on.

How to Decide Central Plot of eBook:

To decide about what the high point of eBook; look for that one idea which will position you differently than your fellow competitors. To achieve this read as many blogs that you can, subscribe to as many newsletters you can; book mark as many posts that you want, to read later. Remember that you are doing this exercise to find that one eye opening bright idea or information that will sail you through & get eyeballs to your Guide/ eBook! So while doing this neither lose steam nor focus.

Secrets of Creating Content That Gives Unique Identity:

Once you are convinced about the central idea or core subject of your eBook, carry out yet another much narrower research to find out the kind of stuff others in the field are writing about; also check the forums to see if suppliers, manufacturers, or end users in the niche are particularly concerned, disappointed, or unhappy about any aspect, you can design your own innovation, solution or answer and cover it in your eBook. So much of reading will also give you a clue as to how you can make your work stand out in the crowd that’s making the same kind of noise.

Mark Screenshots as your favourite here onwards. Whatever that your eBook may be about, providing screenshots is the ultimate way to build trust and connect with your reader to whatever you are creating, an eBook, a guide, or a simple tutorial. Screen shorts are the ultimate weapon that can get you conversions. If one screen shot is not enough have two, three, four…. never mind. But always make sure they are part of your writing. Consider Screen shots bigger than your and .

Just like Screen shots, publishing case studies make for a great trust builder too. Case studies improves profile of the writer; because it gives an impression that the writer is part of industry and possesses in-depth and updated knowledge about it.

Promote the Ebook:

Now that your eBook is ready and launched, keep a promotion plan all set and in place; the best way to promote your eBook is by sending a link to everyone in your community if have managed to build one, if you do not have one, then go to blogs that has big circles or active communities which can take your eBook up; and read, forward, or write their feedback on it.

You can offer your eBook as a free download if you like; send it to select people to get their feedback or as a reward for something they’ve done; or sell it if you like. Once the eBook reaches a wide audience via various mediums and networks that you promote it, you will notice that more number of people start reaching your blog or site, and thus traffic will see a sudden rise.

If your blog makes the visitor happy and offers what he is looking for, he will come back often to it, and before you realise it you will be on your way building your own community.

We invite you to share your experiences when you hit it off with an eBook!

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