How to Get Your Readers to Spread the Word and Promote Your Blog

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

Before I start the post I will divide people (who promote their websites and blog by writing articles) into two categories; average marketers, and normal marketers. Average marketers do what most others do; normal marketers do what should be done. If this article can help readers understand the difference between the two, my purpose will be served.

When I ask people,”how do you go about marketing an article that you write to promote your site or blog”; I have all kinds of answers coming; they update their RSS feed and their blog’s or website’s sitemap; ping it to Google; some mention their article on the Facebook page that they have created to promote their blog; some Twit about it; Like it on Stumble, Reddit, Digg, and so on.

Some shrink & submit them to leading article directories; participate in blog carnivals, leaving comments on blogs, guest posting, etc are other things that people are commonly seen to do; some even go to the extent of hiring social bookmarking specialists. I have nothing against any of the methods mentioned above, but I so strongly feel that all these methods depict the same mindset. The same old routine stuff…. is what comes to my mind.

Now let me tell you what you should ideally consider doing. You should focus on creating content that will encourage readers to share and discuss the info with others. When these people will forward your article link to others they are actually promoting your site.

Add a `twist to the tale’ to make it stand out. It may happen that some people may not agree with you. However managing to generate some response is better than being overlooked for being mediocre. Suppose someone does not agree with your take in the article and sends the link to his/her friends and some of them on visiting your site to read the post end up liking certain angles of the post and decide to explore the site further… then? So never under estimate your critics!

If readers after reading your post don’t feel like sharing it with others, it more or less means you have not given them anything new to bite their teeth into. There is some problem in your article; the way you write… the longer a reader can remember your post the more likely he is to talk about it to people he knows when discussion comes up. If you can come up with such content it will market your site round the clock.

This may sound very exciting on reading but let me give you a reality check on such content. The best of guys can’t create all their articles on those lines. Barely five percent of articles can generate mass hysteria; remaining may create a stir off and on. But in the hope that through your next article you will try to trigger reader’s interest is what should keep you going. If you can consistently focus on this your marketing problems will be over before you know them.

Going back to the earlier paragraph where I have talked about `twist in the tale’… I want to tell my readers that I don’t mean that you should un-necessarily dramatize the situation or make some controversial statement to stand out or generate reaction; what I mean is you should present your reader with something that he had not expected to read. Setting this pattern is termed as violating reader’s expectations.

It could be your take on a certain subject, or piece of news etc could make trigger his thought process in different direction; a detailed piece about something shallow could set him thinking differently; unique solution to someone’s problem could do the trick; sometimes even being straightforward and non-diplomatic could hit the bull’s eye; by doing these things you may be violating your reader’s expectations; but you ensure that he hears you out.

What actually happens here is the mind has gotten used to thinking in a certain way, it expects certain things coming; and you suddenly introduce a detour from the path, giving his mind a new direction; you are taking him by surprise, you are breaking his old etched blueprint; this disturbs his emotional patterns and gives him the reason to remember you.

You can even do a pillar post on some topic that you know people are seeking information. Pillar Posts are detailed 6000-7500 words articles. These have been seen to work better than 10 posts done with word limit of 500 each. Plus since reader stays on the page longer reading through the long post, spiders also give more credibility to such pages. So it needn’t necessarily be a controversy just for the sake of sounding different and grabbing attention. Its much beyond.

To do this you have to know yourself better and feel confident about being who you are. So don’t be shy of voicing your honest view on any subject for the fear of being condemned. Never.

Even if you are a first time writer or a new guy in the game, never let this block come in your way of creating a post. Even if I may have written thousand posts till date, today I am a new person with new beliefs, new mindset and new approach; what I wrote yesterday or last week or last year, I can’t imagine repeating it verbatim howmuchever I may try and recall. So today is a new day for me. What does it matter how many articles have I written before? It can’t be any different for you!

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