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Internet marketing is essential in today’s e-commerce because of the high number of sites in every market. The competitiveness calls for advanced marketing and search engine optimization, and as most the sites are trying to beat the competition, it is important to be ahead of other companies. In the below article, the authors would provide a step by step guide and internet marketing and search engine optimization tips to better the visibility of the page and gain more customers without spending a lot of money on advertising.

The Structure of the Site

The e-commerce site needs to be easy to navigate for customers, as well as search engines. It should not have any duplicate content, and a logical flow of customers should be followed. Although Google says that sites should be constructed for real people, customers and not search engines, there are some guidelines to be taken into consideration. There are a couple of pages that need to be present in the website: privacy policy, contact and terms and conditions; for Google and customers to take it seriously.

On Site Page Elements

Even if the site is set up properly and written professionally, this would not mean that it will attract the right audience. This is the reason why Meta Tags, Title Tags and descriptions should be set up. These will need to include all the search phrases potential customers would be searching for, when trying to find the right product or service. The main site’s keywords similarly need to be determined and used throughout the different pages, in a way that it does not seem artificial or unnatural. 1-3 percent of usage (keyword density) on the site is good, but anything less or more would do more damage than good.

Site Submission

Once the site is uploaded and content is published, the site needs to be submitted into search engines. This can be done by starting a Google Webmaster and Analytics account and adding the site. Creating an XML sitemap is the first step, and this can be submitted to various search engines. Some hosting companies, such as HostGator offer the service for free, however, the results need to be checked in the Google account to verify all the details of the sitemap are included. In case the webmaster does not want some of the pages to be indexed, they can exclude these from the list of content Google search spiders crawl on a regular basis. The indexing of the new site would take anything between a few hours and a few weeks; depending on the content, competition and the quality of on site elements.


Submitting the site to directories is a good way to be found, and can be automated. However, some experts say that this feature has lost its effectiveness, and there is no point wasting time with submission. The truth is that if the company is targeting a specific niche and wants to be found in local directories, it is a good feature. Because of the high number of online website directories, the search engine optimization benefits of these submissions are low, still, there is a chance that some customers would come from these directories. It is recommended to choose a couple of high reputation niche-specific sites to manually submit the site’s keyword rich title and description. However, creating social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would prove to be more effective, even though these accounts would require continuous updates and posting.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a good method to establish the reputation of the website and create awareness of the expertise of the author. This marketing tool can be used in any niche; from business services to weight loss, even to market one’s own books and reports. Still, article marketing takes time and some search engine optimization knowledge. The titles and the content need to contain the right keywords in the right frequency, and this method is something that would take some time to master. Alternatively, website owners can hire freelance writers to complete the projects; write and submit informative and quality articles to the best directories for them. This might cost a little bit of money, but in the long term it is worth to try. The power of many article directories has decreased for link building, however, they can get targeted traffic to the site, still.

Press Releases

Press releases are great to create awareness of a website, a new product or service. However, the best free press release sites are very selective about the content, and they would check for correct grammar and language, just like the most reputable article directories. Therefore, it is recommended to either spend more time with writing the press release or hire a professional writer to complete the project. Some sites would require a paid submission to allow website owners to link back to their sites, but the power of these links is much greater than other directories’, and with a well written news article, the press release can even be featured on Google News. It is recommended to create a company profile on the press release site if possible, to provide credibility and give potential customers a chance to find out more.

Different Backlink Building

Apart from article directories, website directories and press release sites, there are other ways to create strong backlinks to the site and increase the search engine ranking of the pages for the required keywords. Submitting the site to various social media sites is one of these simple methods. However, it is also crucial that the site would have a profile set up on these sites separately from the owner’s personal account, optimized for search engines and containing all the keywords the Internet marketing campaign is targeting. Other methods include creating micro-blogs on various sites, such ad HubPages and Squidoo. Although these sites have a very high requirement for articles, once the content is up, the backlink provided by these high page rank sites would prove to be very valuable. Participating in niche forums, answering on Yahoo Answers and creating Google Groups would also help.

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