How to Host and Share a File Using Google Docs

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Google

With Google in the ring, file hosting services like Megaupload, Rapidshare and Filesonic , it seems will have to struggle really hard to survive. What Megaupload or others of its kind offer to their free member and what they charge their premium member for, is nothing as compared to what Google doc’s offering to it’s members.

Yeah, that’s true! You can actually host files on Google docs and share with others without any restriction of any kind. There might be restriction on file size (i.e. 250MB is the upper limit) but since there’s no restriction on the number of parallel downloads you could have, that’s not a problem. The download speed is exceptionally fast plus you don’t have to deal with any of those annoying pop-up ads, whew, that was a relief.

All hardcore file sharing geeks out there, Google docs offers you 8 times more space for the same amount of money you would spend at “Dropbox”; 5$ per year and you can increase the storage capacity to 20GB.

Here are some of the things-to-know about sharing using Google docs.

  1. Sharing a file with as many people as you like is no more a problem; with “Google docs”, it has become really easy to define the level of access you want to allow each of your collaborators.

Sharing a file using Google docs is merely a 3-4 step process,

Step 1: From your “documents list”, select the items that you want to share.

Step 2: “Select” option can be found in the drop-down menu labeled as “More”.

Step 3: Type the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share that file or document with and click “share” and “save”.

  1. “Google docs” allows you to share collection of items with a person or a group.

5 Steps to take are:

Step 1: Go to your “documents list”.

Step 2: Click the button labeled as “create” and select “collection” in the drop-down list that appears.

Step 3: Enter an appropriate name for your collection before clicking Ok. Voila!

Step 4: Drag the items that you want in the collection from your document list. You may select multiple items in one go using “Ctrl” command of the keyboard.

Step 5: To share any of the collections you have created, with your colleagues and friends, click “my collections” in the navigation pane on the left of your documents and select “share”.

  1. “Google docs” allows you to set the privacy level of the documents or media files you want to share with others. You can change the visibility settings of that item to default “private” setting, to “anyone with the link” setting or to “public on the web” setting; it depends on the level of privacy you want to set for that item.

‘Private” setting does not allow access to anyone accept to those you have permitted.

“Anyone with the link” setting allows access to anyone with the URL or the web address of your document. Privacy settings of the items in this category could be set to “private” any time. Once the settings are changed to “private” setting, the links that were working with the previous settings would become inactive.

Shared items with the “public on the web” setting can be accessed by anyone; since the person accessing the document would not need to sign in, you would never know who has accessed or viewed your document.

Setting the document’s privacy level is not a big deal; steps to follow are:

Step 1: Click the “share” button on the top right corner of your document.

Step 2: Click “change” next to the current visibility option to change the setting to your desired setting.

Step 3: Select the privacy setting you want to set.

Step 4: Save it.

That’s it.

I hope this article has efficiently conveyed what I meant to convey; hosting and sharing any item of any format won’t be a problem now.

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