How to Make $100 Per Day on the Internet

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

You may think that I want to refer you to an affiliate program to make some commissions for myself, but you are wrong. I don’t want to refer you to anything.

In this article, I want to show you a good and legitimate way to make something between $300 to $1000 per week or even per day (if you work harder and have patience) without having to invest any money in any trade or advertising.

Lets say you have no money to invest or advertise and you want to make money. It can be done, but you have to follow my directions carefully.

You may ask whether I have tried this method myself, or not. Honestly I have not tried this method to make money, because I have been making money through other methods and didn’t have time to do that, but I am sure it works because the promotional methods that you will learn here are used by me and I have seen that they generate traffic, and can make money if the generated traffic to be driven to the right place.

1. First you need something to sell online. You don’t have to have any product. You can sell others’ products.

ClickBank have over 11,000 digital products like downloadable e-books and softwares. Some of them are really hot. It means people are highly interested in buying them.

ClickBank has 9 categories. To start working on this method, you have to choose the category that you like. For example if you know nothing about business, don’t choose this category. If you are interested in Health and Fitness and you know about this topic, choose this category.

2. Sign up for a free blog at The ID you will choose will be part of your weblog address. So try to choose an ID that is related to the category that you have chosen. It is not necessary but it will be better. On the other hand, your ID needs to be as short as possible. For example

If you like to be more professional, you can register a domain and have your blog under your own domain name. The work will be more professional but you have to have some other skills for installing the weblog platform on your blog, optimizing your blog and … . If you can do that, it is recommended to register a domain. If not, forget about it by now.

You can optimize your blog for the product category that you have chosen. This will help your blog to receive free traffic from the search engines too. If you know how to do that, then do it. If you don’t know how to do it, forget about it by now.

3. Go back to the category that you chose in the ClickBank marketplace and choose a product which has the highest gravity.

4. Use Google to search for the reviews on that product. For example if you have chosen the “Rich Jerk” to promote, search for “rich jerk reviews” in Google and se what others say about it.

If you like, you can order the product and use it yourself. It will be much better because as a user, you will be able to write better reviews about the product.

5. Search for the related forums (discussion boards) and create a list the includes at least 50 to 100 forums that have the higher traffic and are popular. Join all of them, complete your profile and create a signature that includes your blog URL.

6. Start writing reviews on the product. Write one good and 500 words (at least) review and post it on your blog. Write a different good and 500 words review for the forums.

Something very important that you have to notice is that your reviews should be reviews not sales pitches. They shouldn’t look like that you are trying to advertise the product and convince people to buy it. It should be a review just like someone who has used the product and wants to let the others know about its advantages and disadvantages and finally recommend it to those who need something like it or have the same problem that the product could resolve it.

7. Open each forum, create a new topic (post) and post your review. Do this for all of the forums you have in your list.

Try not to break the forums rules. For example do not post your reviews in an off-topic categories.

8. If you have time, open the other posts in the forums and reply to the others posts. Try to chat and communicate with the other members of the forums.

9. Keep on posting the reviews on your blog and on the forums as much as you can.

10. Subscribe for all the posts that you have on the forums to receive instant email notification when someone replies to your posts, says something and asks a question. Answer the questions as soon as possible and let the thread you have started remain fresh and updated. Sometimes just a single thread in a popular forum can drive thousands of free traffic to your blog.

The other thing is that you don’t have to start a thread with a review. You can start a thread with something different from the product but in a related forum. You have your link in your signature and people can find your blog.

Do not spam. Your posts should be unique. Do not use any software to post to the forums in bulk otherwise you will be banned.

Using this method, you can receive a lot of free traffic and generate a lot of sales.

Then you can choose other products from the same category and repeat this method over and over.

When you became more experienced, you can choose other products from other categories and promote them but you will have to have a different blog for each category. I suggest you to get stuck to the same category and promote the product on the forums and your blog. It will have better results.

This method really works and sends real traffic to your blog. I have seen some people who make up to $100 a day only through this method. I know this because I had some products on ClickBank and were used to keep the track of all the affiliates who promoted my products. I could easily keep the track of the traffic that were driven by the affiliates and from the forums. There were some affiliates who made over $800 a day through promoting my products and only through forum advertising. Even most of them didn’t have any website or blog and were used to have their affiliate link (hop link) in their forums signatures.

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