How to Make Informative and Quality Unique Articles

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

If you are thinking about a blogging career or any other online business, then you must know how to write informative and original articles for you blog or business. A successful blogger can’t even think about his blogging success without informative articles. For any online business or blog, informative article is known as the key towards success. Thus, you should know each and every step of writing quality and informative articles for your blog. For this, you must have to consider certain key things that are necessary to write quality articles. Here are some tips that tell you how to write informative articles for your blog:

1. Make a list of topics: You should make a list of all topics that you can think of. Means, you have to write every topics on which you can write and then select one topic on which you can write quality articles. You should have a good knowledge of the topic you will select, as you have to make several articles on that topic. After selecting topic, write down all frequently asked questions related to that topic. The answer to such questions asked by people will provide quality content for your article.

2. Research keywords: This step is of keen importance in writing high quality articles that can generate huge traffic to a website or blog. The purpose of this step is to find what people are actually searching on search engines to get desired results. If you get only few searches for specific keyword, then it will mean that you article will not attract several visitors from popular search engines. Thus, you have to make articles on those keywords that are popular among users of search engines. If you choose a keywords frequently used by people, the search engines will find your page easily and your blog will come in the top results of search engines. You should also have to use keyword phase or main keyword in title, resource box, and content of your article. You can make use of ‘Google keyword tool’ to search good keyword for a specific topic. This tool quickly analyzes the topic and tells you the best keywords for your articles.

3. Create an appealing title: Title is a significant thing for any article, as the readers would not even read your article, if the title of your article doesn’t capture their attention. Thus, the title should be different from other articles of the same topic, and must capable of capturing attention of the viewers. Make use of action verbs like how to, learn, discover, etc. on your title or make title into question to increase more visitors to your article. An attractive title can easily generate attention of the viewers that force them to view your article once. This will generate huge traffic to your blog, just because of appealing titles. Moreover, try to insert the main keyword at the beginning of your title. This is because the viewers easily get what they are actually searching for, which ultimately helps you to increase visitors.

4. Introduce your content: You must have to take care of the content material of your articles. A mere writing on a specific topic can’t generate viewer’s attention. You articles should be very descriptive that engage the viewers to read it completely. Moreover, the article should be point to point that generates viewer’s interest. The first paragraph should be like an introduction to your article. After that, you must try to describe an exact problem that the readers possibly have on that topic. Then, you must tell them that you are going to give tips, suggestions, principles etc. that can solve their problems. This generates interest of the readers and they became ready to read whole content of your article. Article must be in such pattern that make easy for viewers to read as well as to understand.

5. Format, size, and headings: You should create separate paragraphs for each suggestion or tip. You should try to use bullet or numbers points, as they make your article easy to read. People can read your article from point to point easily. Several readers first scan the article before reading it. Thus you must make subheadings or headings for each, so that the viewers can easily take a brief idea of your article during scanning process. You should also bold all your headings and sub-headings to catch viewer’s attention easily. You must write article of at least 500 words that includes your main keyword phase. An article of 500 words is sufficient enough to render a solution to the problem of the viewers. Try to write in a conversational tone, as the viewers find interesting to read items in friendly tone and can understand easily. Language should be very simple that can be easily understood by the viewers. Tough and complicated language can irritate viewers that are not good for your blogging career.

6. Summarize what you said: Quite often, readers forgot the key benefits of any article before even completing the whole article. Thus, to make your article productive for the readers, you should summarize your chief content in the last paragraph of your article. You must give a brief summary that states key points or benefits of your article. You should not merely repeat the sentences that you already inserted in your above content. This brief description will help the viewers to recall all key points that they have read in you article.

7. Create call to action: A number of publishers of articles enable a bio box or resource in all their content. You can use this as a bank link for your website or free report for your visitors to download and receive more information from your website. This fetches visitors for your blog from a number of places.

All the above tips will help you to write quality and informative articles for your blog or website that will increase the visitors of your blog. After writing some articles on the above pattern, you will become an expert in the field of article writing.

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