How to Make Money through Internet Programming?

Published on September 5th, 2014 by | Category: Programming

Is it possible for internet programmers to make money online? If yes, then how? It won’t have been possible to answer the same million dollar question a few years back, when a formally earned qualification in the field of software engineering/web development used to matter as much as the experience earned through summer jobs and internships. Ever since the job hiring companies and clients have recognized the potential of the programmers who have gained most of their experience through freelancing and realized that even not very qualified developers could deliver the same quality of work as the professionals they are inclined to hire based on a well set eligibility criteria, the trend has changed.

Last few years, as outsourcing of projects to programmers online has got somewhat famous due to success of many projects undertaken the same way, more and more platforms such as GetaCoder and Elance have been developed to meet the needs of both the programmers/developers and companies needing their services. The new world of opportunities that has been formed promises to provide a lot of possibilities for programmers to generate a decent enough revenue to make a decent enough living. This article explores some of those possibilities, throws some light on their pros and suggests ways you could make best of each of them.

A lot of websites have been developed to provide the internet programmers with freelancing. You need to find the one that you like the most, go through their tutorials for the beginners, choose the plan that meets your needs the most and start working on your profile and portfolio. While you would be doing that, you would be surprised to find out that a lot of people are depending on these freelancing platforms these days. Among few of the reasons freelance programming/development has received so warm a welcome as soon as it got introduced is that it allows the programmer with the flexibility to work whenever and wherever he wishes to. There are others, like instead of working on boring stuff you are bound to work on while you are an employee at a web development company, you can work on the stuff of your interest. The probability of finding a job that matches your expertise and getting hired is really high with the opportunity to reach people from all over the world looking for the web development services.

Among the popular portals that allow you to bid on different projects and find jobs based on your skill set and reviews earned from your previously undertaken projects are,, and

One another possibility you could explore is to develop your personal website. That shouldn’t be difficult for you since you are a web development hobbyist, you know a lot about internet programming and would surely like to brag about it. Developing a website is going to be fun as well as a way to let people know about your programming skills, expertise and experience. Just sign up on, choose a decent theme, share your portfolios and start posting the articles related to web development, WordPress and internet programming etc. This way, you surely are going to draw attention of other programmers and people that are interested in your services. Reply to the comments consistently and make sure that no query that gets posted goes unanswered. In days, you are not only going to build up trust, you are also going to receive a decent number of job invitations and thus, earn a decent amount of income.

Now, the question arises, how’s this opportunity any different than the freelance programming? While freelancing, you have to go through the drill of finding the job and preparing a proposal while keeping in mind the price set by the client but in this case, while you don’t need to worry about the proposal, you get to fix the earning you could make from the project yourself. You could also make a good income providing online consultations to those interested in exploring the field of web development and programming. One very promising source of income for those delivering quality content on their blogs/websites is that of Google AdSense, you would have the opportunity to try that option as well once the desired amount of traffic is reached.

If you know how to develop games or write fashionable and up-to-date Android apps, you can make some real cash by selling them at online app stores such as Google App Store, Chrome App Store or Make sure that you come up with innovative ideas, well programmed apps will surely bring enough bucks to motivate you to make your own ASP.Net based game website.

Besides earning money through developing your websites or applications and advertising them on different stores and platforms, you can make some easy cash through participation in online programming contests. While allowing you to compete with the other members who have signed up for the competition, sites like provide you with the opportunity to learn from other participants by making it possible for you to see the codes written by them.

Just download the TopCoder Arena from their site, install it, login and select the room. Once you have done that, you will be asked to type your code. The software environment has been developed in such a way that while allowing the programmers submit their code and subsequently submit the modified versions, it also provides them with the tools required for compiling and debugging of the code.

Let’s say you have decided to build a web development company, now since it’s not going to be that easy without the right amount of funds, hardworking, dedicated and trustable work force and risk management etc. it’s going to take some time, how are you going to make sure that you keep earning during that period of transition if freelancing and developing a personal website does not bring enough income. Business listing directories such as,, and allow you to list your profile as “HTML expert” or “PHP/Java programmer”, making it easy for you to get invitations from clients. Don’t forget to include your skills and demands while you prepare your advertisement post.

These are the tips that I knew to have worked for many of us programmers, you may find some of your own but the matter of how much money could you make from them depends much on how wisely you are going to use these methods.

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