How to Make The Best out of WordPress Blog

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

The WordPress platform is now one of the most famous platforms that bloggers are using. Aside from blogs, many web developers use the platform to build different websites for e-commerce. The platform provides many features that website owners will never find elsewhere. May it be for an online business or for blogging, the WordPress platform is ready to meet what people expect.

Although the WordPress platform is user-friendly and full of remarkable features, maximizing its potential is not an easy task. Platform users must dedicate more time and consider a lot of factors to maximize the best outcome of a blog built on a WordPress platform. Here are some tips on how you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your WordPress blog.

Keep the Sidebar Important

The sidebar of the blog is not a closet where you can throw all your things. Some blogs on the World Wide Web have sidebars that are close to a trash can. Aside from unnecessary stuffs, the sidebar is not organized. It is as if the blogger threw everything he wants on the sidebar.

The sidebar should look clean and organize. Profile pictures of those people who liked the blog on social networking sites are really not significant on the sidebar. Advertisements should never steal the spotlight from necessary links to your content. Remember that the main role of the sidebar is to make an easier navigation. Hence, do not put a lot of unnecessary widgets on that area.

Do Not Hesitate to Edit the Permalinks

One outstanding feature of the WordPress platform is that it automatically makes necessary elements of your blog. One of these elements is the permalinks. Instead of thinking of something to put as a permalink to your new post, the platform will do it for you right after you entered the title of the page or a post. However, keep in mind that not all permalinks that the platform suggests is efficient.

Permalinks made so that visitors will be able to know where they are on your blog. One characteristic of an efficient permalink is that it is easy to remember. Hence, it is important for WordPress users to always check the suggested permalink of the platform. WordPress will allow you to edit the permalink before you finally publish the new post or page. If you find the permalink too long, then, make it short and easy to remember. Do not forget to choose a keyword-rich permalinks, of course.

Give Focus to the Landing Page

The landing page is the very first page your visitors will be able to see once they entered your website address in the address bar. Most people think that the landing page must have a lot of stuffs to get the visitors’ attention. On the contrary, experts suggest that the landing page must never have too many distractions. What you want visitors to do on the landing page is to read the content and be invited to do something beneficial for your website. Thinking what kind of benefits?

The best benefit that a blog can get from its visitors is for them to subscribe and regularly visit the site. For an e-commerce website or an online business, the main benefit is for the visitors to take advantage any services or products available on the website. Keep in mind that what they will do next depends upon how you gave an impact to their interest. Consider the landing page as your welcoming banner outside the building and your goal is to make people enter the building by just using the banner. With these tips in mind, any WordPress blog will become efficient beyond your expectations.

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