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Computer and Internet have created a lot of job opportunities for people like you and me. There are millions who have made a living through working in different sectors related to computer and Internet. There are also millions who know that it is possible to have a computer/internet related business and make money, but they don’t know how. Many of them think that it is too technical and hard to start an online business. They think that they have to be computer and internet experts to do that. But this is not true. It is much easier than what you think. The most important thing is that you know where to start. You have to spend time and energy, but it will be ended to good results finally.

There are some big advantages with online businesses compared to the others businesses. These advantages make thousands of people to think about running an online business every day. Specially those who are tired of the other businesses and those who have not been successful in them. These two advantages are:

  1. It is very cheap to start an online business:
    Unlike the other businesses that need a lot of money to start, you can start your business with a very low budget and sometimes for free. The most important thing you have to spend for your online business is your time.
  2. Online businesses have unlimited capacity:
    The money that a restaurant makes is limited to its space and the number of the tables it has. Even if you offer the highest quality service, you can not go beyond the limits that your restaurant has. But there is no limit for online businesses. You can work more and have more traffic. You can create a new product/service every now and then and sell it through the same site or blog. At the same time you can offer the others’ products to your customers and make extra money. The sky is the limit.
  3. You can promote your online business from anywhere and at any time:
    You can work from home using your laptop. Even when you promote too many products of your own, or you promote thousands of the others’ products, and your site/blog has thousands of visitors every day, all your business is in your laptop that can be taken anywhere. Your daily schedule is in your hand and you can work any time that you want.

Does It Really Make Money?

It really does. There are so many people who make a lot of money through their online business. Many of them have no product or service to offer. They just promote the others’ products. Many of them are bloggers, and so many others offer their own product or service. Some of them make $10,000 every day. Yes, you heard right. $10k every day.

I can not guarantee that “your” online business will make money for you definitely, but I do guarantee that “online business” makes money, because it is over 15 years that I have been making money through my online business, and I know so many who are doing the same.

How to Start Your Online Business

There are so many ways to start an online business, and there are different categories of people who work online:

1. If you have a product to sell online:

It is possible that you already have a product, but you have never tried to sell it online. For example, you can be a writer and you have some books. You can convert them to e-books and sell them online. You can be a photographer, painter, potter, and… . You can sell all of your products online. I have already published an article about selling photos online here. You can easily sell your photos online even without having to create a website. It is the same with the other products. Specially digital products, like e-books are very suitable to sell online.

2. You can create a product to sell online:

Most people have no product at all. I was one of them. However, when I learned the basics of online business, I created several different products. After a short time, I was surrounded with several different products that all of them made money for me. From e-books to PHP scripts, software, and… .

If you have no product to sell online, you can easily create one. You can write an e-book about cooking, swimming, programming, and anything you are expert in. Even if you are not expert in anything, you can ask the others to write e-books for you. There are so many freelance writers who are able to write e-books about everything you can imagine. They charge you for that, but it is just a one time small fee. You can sell millions of copies of your e-books online without having to pay anything extra.

It is very easy to have a product and sell it online. It is not an important obstacle at all. In most cases you can do it yourself, and in case you need help, you can always find it online.

3. You have a service that can be offered online:

You can offer your services online too. You can be a programmer or web designer. You can create a website and promote your service. You don’t even have to create a site. There are so many sites that you can join and find clients and customers.

You can create a service and offer it online. For example, there are so many who make money through selling domain registration and web hosting services. There are so many others who make money through writing articles and editing. I know some others who make reasonable amount of money through psychic readings. If you are psychic and you can talk to deceased people, you can offer it online and make thousands of dollars per month 🙂

You can create a service and sell it online. If you think and analyze yourself and the things around you, you can easily come to an idea. Most probably you already have a job, and so you know a lot of things through your job. Many of the things you know can be changed to a product or service. For example, you are a math teacher. You can create video courses and sell them online. Or you are an accountant. You can offer an accounting service online too. You are a lawyer. You can offer consulting services online. You are…

4. You have no products and services, and you do not want or you can not create any products or services:

Still you can run an online business and make money.

  1. Sell the others’ products and make commissions:

    This is what so many internet marketers do. They promote the others products and make thousands of dollars. For example, ClickBank is the biggest collection of the digital products. You can sign up for an account on ClickBank and start promoting the products. You can earn up to 90% commission for some of the products. Click Here to learn more about ClickBank and its products.

    There are so many other sites that help you promote the products and make commissions. Amazon, eBay, LinkShare and CJ are some of them.

  2. Blog:

    You can choose a subject (niche) and blog on it. Like health, life, personal development, weight loss,  and… . Then you can make money with Google Adsense without having to have a product/service. When your blog becomes popular, the other bloggers and webmasters will pay you to write reviews on their products and services. Some bloggers charge up to $500 for each review they write. You can sell advertising space on your blog, and… . There are a lot of ways to make money through a blog that has a reasonable traffic. This is what thousands of bloggers are doing.

  3. Make money with your money:

    You can trade currencies (forex) and stocks through the Internet. You have to learn it first otherwise it can be risky.

  4. Other ways:

    There are so many other ways to make money through the internet. I hear that some people make money through online surveys. Some others make money through online games…

Some Important Questions:

  1. Which Way Is Better and Easier?
  2. Which Way Makes Money Easier and Faster?
  3. Which Way Makes More Money?

Any of them is easy and makes money, if you know what to do, and if you spend some time on it for a while. With any kind of business, you have to work hard at the beginning to get it off of the ground. But when it starts working and making money, you just maintain it. Of course there is always room for more progress. You can add more products or work on your site more to increase the traffic.

My Suggestions:

I like to do everything professionally. When it comes to business, I like to use all the ways to promote the business in the best possible way. Therefore, whether you have a product or service or not, I suggest you to have a website or blog.

I like blogging because it connects me to the world. We can talk to people whenever we want and they will be informed when there is an update. I have created hundreds of blogs for different companies and individuals. Many of them were professional companies offering complicated and professional products and services, but blogging helped them grow much faster.

I have created websites for hundreds of other companies and individuals too. I helped them find too many new customers through the search engines. I offered them some other marketing methods like video marketing and Pay Per Click advertising. These methods worked very well because I had already created a good website for them.

So to answer the above questions…

If you choose a good digital product from ClickBank and then promote it through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you can start making money almost from the first day. However, Pay Per Click advertising needs two things. First, you have to spend money. It is not cheap at all. PPC becomes more expensive every day, because there is more competition every day. Second, you have to know how to choose the keywords and optimize your ad campaigns, groups and units, otherwise you will not make any profit at all.

So, choosing a digital product and promote it through PPC is the fastest way to make money online, but it is not the best way. You can lose a lot of money on PPC advertising.

I believe the best way to make money online is the less risky way. Running a website or blog is like that. You can register a domain and buy a hosting for it for less than $50 per year. Then all you have to do is that you spend time on promoting your site or blog through the free online marketing methods. You can run a “niche blog”, publish a few strong and quality posts every week, and build a network of readers who are interested in your blog and its articles. Then, as it was explained above, it is very easy to monetize your blog and make money through it.

At the same time, you can create your own products and promote them through your blog. You can even run your own affiliate program and pay commissions to those who promote your products and services. If you work properly and wisely, after a while you will have “a steady stream of income” which is so invaluable.

Although it takes time to start making money through your blog, it is a safer and better way. The other ways have a lower success rate, and some of them like forex or currency trading can be too risky. You can lose money on them. Besides, they need a lot of knowledge and experience. There are some people who make a lot of money through those methods, but it is not easy.

In this article, I could only explain a little about the ways that you can run an online business. It is not possible to explain about it in details in one article. The good news is that in future I will help ordinary people run their online business. So far, I have been working with the big companies only, but I want to work with low income people who want to make some extra money through their online business. You will see that how many successful entrepreneurs we will make from these people.

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