How to Start Your Own Online Business and Affiliate Program

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Most people know how to find the work at home and online business opportunities and join them. It is easy to find a work at home opportunity and sign up for it but unfortunately it is not easy to make money with most of the work at home opportunities.

I don’t want to talk about work at home opportunities, the good and the scam ones. “What Are the Best Online Businesses to Start?” is one of my other articles that helps you to know about the best and most reliable work at home jobs and online businesses.

In this article, I want to show you how to start and promote your own online business in the way that people join and promote your product. It is easier than what you think.

To run an online business, you need to have a product. If you like to run a legal and legitimate online business, you should forget about running HYIP or surfing website. These kinds of business opportunities and websites are illegal and you will be in trouble if you run such a businesses. It is very easy to buy a HYIP or surfing script and install it on a website and run a HYIP or surfing website but it will too hard to solve the legal problems and involvements that they will have for you. So HYIP or surfing is not something that you should try.

What is a good product to start an online business?

The best product to start an online business is an electronic product that can be delivered through the internet. If you are a programmer, you can create at least one software or script and then run an online affiliate program for it. If you are not a programmer, you can easily create an e-book and sell it online.

What? You are not writer and you can not write an e-book?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a writer to create an e-book. You can pay others to do it for you. You just need to let them know what you want and what your e-book should be about. Elance is a good website that helps you to find freelancers for creating your e-book. You need to sign up and post a project for your e-book.

For example you want to have an e-book about internet marketing or search engine optimization. In your project description, you explain what you want the e-book to cover exactly. When the freelancers finish your project, you can take a look and review it and ask them to make the necessary changes. Then you can receive your e-book. It is not free but it will not be too expensive too.

You have your digital/electronic product ready. What next?

You can sell it online. You can create a website for it and sell it. You can use PayPal or 2CheckOut as the payment processor. It is very easy, isn’t it? But you are not using all the capacities and abilities that the internet gives you. Yes, you can sell any product on the internet but why don’t you let others to promote your products on their websites, newsletters and pay per click search engines?

One of the best and easiest ways that you can do this is the ClickBank. ClickBank is the website that lets you sell your digital product on the internet. ClickBank not only charges your customers both through credit card and PayPal but let others to promote your products and make money. You determine the amount of the commission that you want to pay to the affiliates. ClickBank charges the customers, pay the commissions and sends your checks every two weeks. Everything will be done automatically and through the Internet.

What about the competition?

1. ClickBank promotes over 11,000 products. These products are categorized in several different categories according to their popularity. Your product needs to become popular and have a high ranking in the related category for the affiliates to find and promote it more easily. To have a high ranking product in ClickBank, it needs to be promote by the affiliates more and more. The more sales through the affiliates links, the higher ranking.

So you have to search for the related websites and ask the webmasters to promote your product. This is the way the most of the popular products are promoted and became popular. Nobody knows a new product and you have to introduce it to the webmasters and internet marketers. When it becomes popular, you are done and ClickBank and its affiliates and the internet will do the rest. You just keep your product updated and collect your checks.

2. A product also need to be attractive to become popular. When internet marketers find out that a product has a good conversion rate and people love it and order it and it makes money for them, they promote the product eagerly and it becomes popular very soon. So you have to create an attractive product about an attractive topic and make an attractive website for it. Go to ClickBank Marketplace and check the top 10 products. You will find out that they are high demand products and have good and attractive websites that explains everything about them.

3. There are many e-book and software directories that it is recommended to list your product in them. If you have a software, the HotScripts is the best directory. It not only drives a lot of traffic and customers to your product but helps the other webmasters to find your product easier and promote it on their websites. There are hundreds of e-book directories too.

What if your product is not downloadable through the Internet?

If your product can not be downloaded through the internet, you can not use ClickBank to start your affiliate program. You can sell your product through PayPal, 2CheckOut or other online payment processors but to run an affiliate program for your product …

1. You can buy an affiliate manager script and install it on your website. You will have to take care of the commission payments and sending checks to the affiliates. You will have to be in touch with the affiliates and support them. It becomes harder and makes more responsibility for you.

2. You can use affiliates management websites like LinkShare and CJ. They take care of the affiliates and pay the commissions but you will have to ship the product to the buyers.

As you see, it is not that hard to start an online business. Please submit your comments and share your ideas about this article the discussed topic. Thanks!

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