How to Turn the $60 Billion Weight Loss Industry into Your Money Making Machine

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

The economic downturn is undoubtedly very much alive and amongst us, with people, the world over, doing their best to tighten their belts and cut back on the unnecessary spending, many of which have lost their jobs completely. As sad as that may be, it is a different type of belt tightening which seems to be breaking beyond the confines of the global economic meltdown, and that is the belt tightening that goes on in the weight loss industry, or attempted belt tightening thereof…

The statistics are staggering, to say the least, and although it may appear that the weight loss industry has no direct relation with the recession, a different view on things reveals a hidden correlation.

The $60 Billion Psychological Gold Mine

What is it that drives the weight loss industry – to the tune of $60 Billion odd? Perhaps the question you should be more concerned with is “How can you get in on the action and get your hands on a sizeable chunk of the $60 Billion changing hands in the weight loss industry?”

More on the second question later – for now though, taking a closer look at what drives the booming weight loss industry, it is simply a matter of psychology. With all the negative sentiment surrounding the hostile economic climate, which naturally affects just about everybody, the one thing in which people can take refuge is the way they look. Nobody wants to come across as suffering in absolutely all aspects of their life; it’s just the way human nature is and this opens up an industry goldmine.

If close to $60 Billion is the figure surrounding weight loss then why are two thirds of the population overweight then? Clearly a lot of the money is wasted then, is it not?

If we are to gain a deeper understanding of exactly what drives this weight loss economy we would do well to take a look at what kind of products and services are offered as solutions to this epic weight problem which is showing some rapid growth. Mainstream weight loss programs such as Medifast, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, amongst a long list of many others, are such solutions which can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Informational Packages which are essentially publications, normally taking the form of electronic books, which possess some information about weight loss, from what consumable products to use, to weight loss exercise and eating plans
  • Physical Products which are surrounded by a bit of controversy, as the unregulated weight loss products bought over informal platforms, like online, could have safety issues – these include diet pills and the like
  • Interactive Services which either require you to attend some sort of weight loss class or retreat, or exist in the form of instructional videos and the like

There is no doubt about the fact that there are a lot of useless products and services out there, but there is probably an equal amount of them that actually work, many of which are disarmed by a distinct lack of commitment in their application or completely incorrect deployment. How many people have a gym contract they hardly ever use, effectively, for instance? The same is true for the majority of weight loss products…but this brings us back to that burning question touched on earlier…

How Do You Cash in and Get Your Slice of the $60 Billion Industry?

Before the hard details are explored, it must be said that if you’re not making money in the weight loss industry, then you probably won’t make money in any other industry…

So how do you get your slice of the $60 Billion pie? If you have the right approach, you can get a nice, big chunk of the pie and here’s what your approach should entail:

  • Get into sales: become a weight loss solutions broker – there is simply no other way, although there are various means through which to do this
  • Educate yourself: you don’t have to go and enrol into a four-year degree course, in the field of medicine – simply conducting research on the topic of weight loss will arm you with enough information to turn you into an expert whose input will be paid for (in one way or the other)
  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is battling a weight problem: if you offer genuine solutions, your cash flow will grow and your products will market themselves

But how exactly do you go about the implementation of these three steps?

It’s relatively simple, but will require a fair bit of commitment if you’re to make a real success out of it…Taking a look at the three categories, under which weight loss products exist, the easiest to put together and sell is probably the informational packages and this is where you’re going to make your killing.

Put together some valuable information about weight loss – be it a weight loss exercise program which is breaking new ground and hasn’t been seen before, a comprehensive list of weight loss solutions or services, in detailed comparison to each other, or a digital package of interactive weight loss regimes, and make that information available for online purchase.

The key to success is in making your information (content) as valuable as possible and subsequently getting as many eyes reading it as possible. Once your content pulls in the traffic you can proceed to monetize it, simply because it’s highly targeted and your visitors are at their most likely to open up their wallets and spend some money on a weight loss solution your valuable information source recommends.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Your Own Sales Page

Exactly how you proceed to monetize your targeted traffic then becomes entirely up to you. If you have the resources, you could publish your own electronic product about weight loss and sell it through a professionally setup sales page, or you can signup for various affiliate programs which cater for that particular niche. Either way, you will have generated some cash out of nothing, effectively.

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