I Have Given up On Blogging; What Should I Do?

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Well, next is – improve! I know what you are thinking, that you never thought you will have to sit and analyse and improve, right? Because when you started blogging, you were told it was an easy, exciting medium that would help you earn money; if offers freedom of everything plus all the money you earned from it is yours to keep! No need to share it with anyone. Nobody told you about these knick knacks! Did they? Oh well, such is life.

You were told that as a blogger you would be on your own from day one; working independently; free to design the look and layout of your blog as you liked; free to choose the topic you want to write about; products you want to sell. Edit, delete, re-write content & publish or reject comments, as you like. In spite of having got so much on the platter, you aren’t happy? Why? Because you are not successful, not making any money. Right?

Well, I want to tell my `fed up’ readers that more than 75% bloggers, who dreamt of making money when they started, felt the same – until the change happened that added to their success, confidence, & bank balance.

First of all, I strongly believe that to succeed in any field, be it blogging, internet marketing, working as a programmer, web designing, doctor, beautician, liaison, whatever it is… you will have to work on yourself inside out; first there has to be positive readiness and willingness from within; then tools can follow.

This might sound slightly heavy, but unless you understand how important it is to be ready and positive from within; I don’t think things can work. Since your worry of the moment is blogging, let’s stick to it.

Readying Yourself Psychologically: As you start blogging make sure that the dominating thought is `I can’ and not `may be’ ‘let’s try’ ‘what if’ ‘no harm’ etc. If from within you allow the ‘can’ thought to surface, then your soul and spirit will embrace it and once that happens, success will follow. This means that the whole universe coming to your rescue theory holds true here as much as it does elsewhere.

Intention: Your genuine intentions & willingness is bound to reflect in your content and when that happens, it will show and either you will get read or rejected. Your reader is more intelligent than you can think.

Be Your Own Voice: Don’t become part of the noisy crowd, have your own voice, your own goal; your own action plan for your own good. Don’t do things just because everybody else is doing, which may include joining social media networks; doing guest posts and what not. They are all powerful mediums but not unless you know how to use and work through them. So first have a plan; based on your own basic goal and strategy, and then act.

Comment Less Write More: Make it a habit to create epic content, follow contextual linking and then guest post it as per your plan. Don’t do this exercise haphazardly. When you comment on someone’s article it does not add to your blog’s strength in anyway. It gives you a back link which sometimes Google may not even consider because of inappropriate or oft repeated anchor text. Instead writing and posting high quality guest articles is a better deal.

Dealing with discouraging friends & family: When you take this course, you will come across, friends, family, acquaintances who will discourage you from pursuing a career as a blogger; but instead of reacting, explain your point to them with a cool mind to put their doubts to rest. Your stable conduct, tender demeanour will do its bit while influencing your success.

When your Blog gets hacked: What to do? Well, I have seen people cry and quit. They quit because don’t see themselves going through it all over again… in spite of the fact that they had not done too badly till they got hacked. A passionate blogger would have protected his data and would have started afresh, but did they? Well, it says a lot about their fake passion. Sooner or later if not these outside hackers, then the hackers from within would have hacked the blog.

Get a Unique Design for Your Blog: Don’t use free templates to get your blog up. A customized design gives your site a better recall and distinct identity.

Make Money Writing For Felloe Bloggers : Offer your writing services to fellow bloggers; many people out there are looking for bloggers who know the craft and can create content for their blogs. You can charge hourly rate for it or even fix charges per post depending on the topic and time you will spend in researching the topic. This way even while you are still working on marketing your blog, you are already making money from your writing skills. Once you tell people you are open to writing, word generally gets around and people get in touch with you.

Build Trust, Earn More: When you build your blog build trust along; so that you can become affiliate for high end products and earn bigger commissions on each sale. But this can be achieved only when your blog spells trust, your image is that of the guy who knows and helps a lot. You can consider monetizing your blog by subscribing to subscription based programs than things you sell once because former keep generating income for you month after month.

If you will follow these tips you will definitely overcome your blogging limitations and fear. You know what is blogging fear? Well any fear comes from lack of information; and blogging fear is no exception. When you get into blogging with half knowledge or assumptions then as you tread the path ahead you are bound to be gripped with this feat.

To overcome the fear understand your job as a blogger; understand your audience, their psyche, the format that is easy on their eyes and mind; read and understand about the tone of blogging you should use, the language and style that will trigger reaction from your readers; composition and grammatical errors etc. Bad grammar and spelling errors create a very bad impression and there is no excuse for it. No amount of information and genius can compensate for it. So be very careful with the way you write, edit, re-read before posting. Once more!

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