Is It Safe to Work Online?

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Internet

“Is it safe to work online?” is like asking, is it safe to drive; or travel alone; or take a road trip with friends, or have a credit card, take up teaching or flying as a career; and so on. I am sure more than half of you already know what this article is going to impress upon, Well, the answer is yes it is safe to work online; very safe; if you take the right direction, right path and learn to use tools correctly.

If internet was an unsafe medium it wouldn’t be growing at a pace that it is; simply on the basis of short term excitement and thrills that it manages to generate. Internet has gone far beyond scepticism. It’s more real and dependable than many other things and options doing the rounds.

We have already heard and are witness to the conveniences life offers to people who work online. Being able to stay at home and still make money is like a dream come true. For most people who have made a success of themselves working on the net; when you ask them, most of them will vouch for it that it has given them more than what they expected of life. And yet there is a large chunk of people who are very wary of working online, they associate internet with fraud, crime, and where everything is happening in the virtual world and nothing is real.

People still are extremely sceptical to leave their email addresses on sites and blogs even for subscribing to newsletters. For that matter, an unsolicited mail in their inbox saying they have won a lottery of 100000 GBP scares the wits out of them. I personally know people who do not do net banking, forget giving credit card details or making payments online via debit or credit card. They are scared of this medium as hell.

While the above fears are understandable, there is another side to it; those of you who belong to this category should understand that the payment and transaction software are highly sensitive and advanced now; and if you are paying to the right people, for right reasons from your legitimate account, you are making a secure payment, where none of your fears stand a ground. So while you keep your eyes open to dicey situations, you should also make sure that your mind is not shut to the idea of doing anything serious on the internet.

Internet is a huge revolution, it’s changed the way we lived our lives ten years ago. It’s the biggest democracy in the truest sense of the world; and most important of all, it’s evolving everyday; becoming more and more user-friendly, useful, and safe.

So if you are keen to join the `work at home-work force’ do it without any hesitation. Just ensure that you are associating with legitimate people. If they ask for your credit card number, bank details, ask you to pay to start online work etc, then take your cue and get out. A person offering you work should ideally pay, not ask for it, right? If you fall prey to tall claims and exaggerated guarantees like make money without working or become rich overnight, then it’s nobody’s fault; if you allow it to happen to you; you won’t only lose money but the possibility of your bank account getting hacked is also there; if you have given bank details.

Another thing is you should not allow the PC or laptop that you use for earning online to be used by all anybody other than yourself, as there might be sensitive & important information stored in it which can get leaked if you allow other people to use your machine. Also your PC or laptop should be protected by antivirus and firewall so that your data and various programs are safe at all times.

If you keep the above facts in mind, working online is a very safe option, and convenient, lucrative, interesting and so on.

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