Is Money The Most Important Thing in Life?

Published on September 6th, 2014 by | Category: Miscellaneous

What a question, no? People who are realistic in life would definitely say yes, while others would stand by no, perhaps saying that happiness is instead the most important thing in life. But if you do not have a stand and are sitting on the fence, here is a post that will weigh the pros and cons about the proposition (money is the most important thing in life) and the opposition (money is not the most important thing in life). This ‘debate’ is made up of the proposition and opposition, which is bold and not styled respectively. Here goes a little mini, online ‘debate’ between . . . well, one person!

Proposition: Money is the most important thing in life.

Opposition: Money is not the most important thing in life. Instead, happiness is the most important thing in life.

Proposition: There is a lot of discrimination against poor people and this may cause the poor people to feel stressed and frustrated, resulting in suicide. People do not want to be friends with them and they will feel bad about themselves.

Opposition: Money cannot buy love or friends. Love and friends require time, and while, if you think on the bright side, perhaps money can buy friends, the friends will not be genuine and will instead like you for your money and not your personality. If you use money to buy love, you will hurt the person who was misled and the person will hate money for making his or her life miserable.

Proposition: You can buy love and friends. Love and friendship takes time to blossom, and more time together will make it blossom faster.

Opposition: A person will only like you for your personality to love you or be your friend. Why spend the money if all you need is your personality and, according to your point, more time together?

Proposition: Without money, you cannot buy a house and will be homeless, which will make you unhappy and miserable.

Opposition: That may be true, but while money can buy a house, it cannot buy a home filled with family warmth and love. That is something money cannot buy no matter what.

Proposition: Money can buy things you want and like, which makes you happy.

Opposition: Those are things you want and like, not what you need.

Proposition: Money can buy our daily necessities that will keep us alive, like water and food. Happiness cannot.

Opposition: Even if you are full and not starving, if you are not happy that does not mean anything. If you are starving but happy, you will be contented to die or have more will to live because happiness is keeping you alive.

Proposition: When you pass away, money can give you a grand funeral and make sure your legacy is preserved.

Opposition: The grand funeral will still make people sad, no matter how much money was spent on it. Instead, if the people around you are still living on and happy that you have gone to a better place, you will feel better. At the same time, you can’t bring your money to the grave.

Proposition: If you want to build your talent – perhaps something musical – you need money to buy the instruments, hire an agent and rent a recording studio to record your singing if you are a singer.

Opposition: Even if you have all the money to buy the instruments, hire an agent and rent a recording studio, if your music is not good, it is pointless. If you have talent, however, you have a higher chance of getting the instruments, agent and recording studio at no cost because agents would take care of things for you as they want to sign you.

Proposition: That may be true, but to show the agent your talent, you will need an instrument, which costs money.

Opposition: You can borrow the instrument from your friend if your friend has the instrument you want. If they do not, music shops often allow you to use the instruments, mainly for testing but it could be for practising too. If there is a will, there is a way.

If you agree or disagree with any points made in this little ‘debate’, please tell me about it in the comments section! It would be nice to see what my readers think of this ‘debate’ and whether they think that money is the most important thing in life, or otherwise, what is the most important thing in life.

At the same time, if you are still sitting on the fence, no worries. Sometimes, the pros of having money will drag you towards the side of the proposition, but feelings and thoughts tug you towards the opposition. I am the same way – just smack in the middle – so do not worry if you are like me! Oh, and by the way, this is an excellent conversation starter for anyone, from family to friends to colleagues. Do tell me about conversations you have started with this question – if any. I love reading responses from others!

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