Should You Use WhatsApp or Messaging?

Published on September 22nd, 2012 by | Category: Computer

WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular messaging app on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and a few Nokia phones. Nowadays, instead of sending a text to your friend, people turn on their Wi-Fi or 3G Internet to send a WhatsApp message to their friend to notify them of something. It is quick and fast, and instead of waiting for your message to be sent via message, WhatsApp tells you if your message has been sent and if the receiver will be able to read it if he or she switches on their Wi-Fi or 3G Internet.

However, because there are pros and cons to everything, here is a short list of things about WhatsApp Messenger that will allow you to make a decision based on your own preferences and thoughts, as well as to see whatever suits most people best and what most people are using these days.

Take a short walk along a busy pavement and you will find at least nine out of ten people own a smartphone of any sort. Perhaps six out of nine of them are using their phones, and three of the six might be using the WhatsApp Messenger installed on their smartphone. What do these people see in the messaging app? Here goes!

It is easy: just click on the app, your friend’s name and you can see whether he or she is on line. Sending a message is easy as pie, and the ticks actually make you feel as though action is being taken instead of your phone lagging like some of the default Messaging apps in some smartphones. It’s awfully easy and simple to use! You are also able to use it when you are outdoors with 3G, so you can even get a card that simply allows you to use the Internet when you are outdoors, put your SIM card (prepaid is completely fine, too!) with the number in an old phone handset and set WhatsApp up on the gadget you are using with the 3G Internet.

Nice user interface
The user interface for all is rather sleek and nice. However, some default Messaging apps in some smartphones are not like that. WhatsApp Messenger is pretty much fully customisable, from the font size to the wallpaper to your own profile picture which makes people feel happy about it. Statuses, too! The default ones in the application is easy to use – just click and ta-da! It tells people about your current status!

On the iPhone, you can also choose whether you would like to enable landscape mode for WhatsApp Messenger. Options like selecting whether you want notifications for regular messages or group messages, which messaging tone you would like and a place for you to check your network status (on the iPhone) or the system status is available as well!

Yup – free! Everyone likes free things, do they not? Instead of spending money on text messages that are short and limited to only a few characters, WhatsApp Messenger allows you to type any amount of characters for free! On the App Store, it only costs a couple of dollars, which is cheap compared to the hundreds of dollars you can run up for your phone bill.

If you have an iPod Touch that is jailbroken, you can also use it to send WhatsApp messages to your friend! I own a third generation iPod Touch which I have jailbroken and with a simple guide, installed WhatsApp. Now, I can WhatsApp once I have Wi-Fi – and when I am outdoors, I switch on the tethering/hotspot on my tablet that has 3G, and I can use my iPod Touch to send WhatsApp messenges to my friend! Here is a short, simple guide if you would like to do so as well:

1. Open up Cydia (application for the jailbroken iDevices)and install WhatsPad. This allows you to install WhatsApp Messenger on your iPod Touch. Ensure you have Big Boss.

2. Go onto Installus and download WhatsApp Messenger. It is not only free, but it actually exists. You cannot download it from the App Store because you will not be able to find it on the iPod Touch.

3. Once it is downloaded, open up WhatsApp Messenger. Get ready your own mobile that has the SIM card in it, then type your number into WhatsApp. Wait for the SMS code to arrive and type in the code on your iPod Touch.

4. Once it is confirmed, you can continue all the other settings (your name, picture, contacts) and start sending WhatsApp messages to your friends that are free and easy! Remember to make sure your contacts have been added to the iPod Touch so you can start on WhatsApp and ditch your old phone!

In my personal opinion, people should use WhatsApp Messenger instead of regular messaging. It’s free, convenient and actually looks nice compared to some messaging apps! However, you might prefer the regular messaging if you do not have 3G Internet, for it can be rather troublesome communicating with your friend when you do not have Wi-Fi.

I hope you enjoy WhatsApp!

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