Spilled Coffee on Laptop Keyboard? Let’s Fix It

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Computer

Your laptop can be very important to you. Something that you have never had, you don’t care about it but something that you have been using for a while can be so important to you and you are so dependent on it.

Laptop is one of these things. You have a lot of the information, documents, files, videos, photos, articles, and many many different things in your laptop. You don’t dare to imagine that it stops working suddenly.

Spilled Coffee on Laptop KeyboardIf your laptop stops working, you can be in a big problem. It can happen to all of us that something like the water, coffee, soda, wine and… . becomes spilled on the laptop. We have to know what to do then.

If this happens to you and you act immediately you may be able to save a lot of money that you would have to pay to fix the laptop or recover the data from the hard disk.

If after the spill you don’t see any smoke or didn’t hear any noise, you are lucky and it is highly possible that you can fix the computer by yourself without having to pay any money. You should act immediately and do all the below things:

1. If the laptop is still on try to shut it down immediately without any movement.

2. Take a bunch of tissue papers and remove all the remaining liquid.

3. Unplug everything which is connected to the laptop and then try to remove the battery. You need someone to help you to do that because you should not tilt the laptop when removing the battery. So ask someone to lift the laptop and then remove the battery.


laptop 2


If the spilled liquid is water you are lucky because you can easily leave the laptop under a  fan for a couple of days and let the water to become dried.

Just make sure that the water is completely dried and then turn on the laptop and see if it works or not.

If the spilled liquid is not water, then you would have to open up the laptop and clean the internal parts. In this case the best thing is referring to the laptop manufacturer websites and looking for the instructions. Most of the laptop manufacturers have complete instruction and videos for opening the computers and laptops.

It is not that hard to open up a laptop case. You just need a screwdriver. After opening up the case you have to remove all the components one by one, clean them and put them back: hard drive, RAM, LAN cards, CD and DVD drives.

Possibility the keyboard will never work properly after you spill a liquid on it but don’t worry. The keyboard is the cheapest part to replace.

You have to clean each and every one of the keyboard keys and also all of the other components with alcohol and make sure that everything is dried completely before reassembly.

Something that you have to keep in your mind about the laptops is that you have to backup your data regularly. Do not trust a laptop hard memory and do not keep your important information on it. If your laptop has a CD or DVD writer, then backup your data every week on a CD or DVD. If your laptop doesn’t have a CD or DVD writer, then it is recommended to buy an external DVD writer.

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