Use Cheaper Keywords and Make More Profit in Pay Per Click Advertising

Published on April 7th, 2013 by | Category: Online Marketing

In fact it becomes more expensive day after day because more advertiser use this method and so to keep your ad ranking, you have to bid more on the keywords.

When you see a keyword/phrase is too expensive to bid on and you can not afford it, you have to look for other options.

You don’t have to bid on the expensive keywords/phrases. You can find cheaper keywords/phrases that will do the same thing for you:

1. Find all the keywords/phrases that have the same meaning

Sometimes the keywords/phrases you want to use has many other synonyms that are cheaper. For example work at home is a very popular and expensive key phrase.

It is true that if you bid on this key phrase you will receive a lot of clicks but it is expensive. So what if you find some other key phrases that have the same meaning but are cheaper:

  • home business
  • home based business
  • home jobs
  • home based jobs

These key phrases have the same meaning but are cheaper. Of course you will not receive the same amount of traffic but when you can not afford to bid on an expensive key phrase, you have to be happy with lower number of clicks that cheaper keywords drive to your site.

2. Use other derivatives of the same keywords/phrases

Each keywords/phrases can have tens of derivatives that are cheaper to bid and have the same quality and application.

Google Keyword Tool is best help in finding the derivatives of keywords/phrases.

Click on the link below and enter the phrase work at home:

As you see Google lists tens of the key phrases that are all derivatives of the main key phrase (work at home):

  • work at home jobs
  • work at home opportunities
  • work at home business
  • legitimate work at home
  • work at home moms

and so on.

These key phrases are cheaper than work at home to bid on and if you make a different Ad Group for each of them and have the proper link text and description, you will receive a lot of clicks by spending a very smaller budget.

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