Use Ego-Bait or Go Viral on Tumblr to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Published on April 8th, 2013 by | Category: Blogging

I have decided to include two traffic generating ideas for blogs in this one post. First one is how you can use Ego-Bait tactic, and second is going offbeat on Tumblr; let me explain them one at a time.

If you’ve been on the net promoting your business for a while now, chances are that you may be attached to several online communities where you meet, read, discuss, and argue about the happenings in your industry; and if you are smarter than that, probability is that you have created a position for yourself in the minds of people and have generated a respectable following on posts your publish. If either or both hold true in your case, and still you are not using ego-bait, what a waste, it is!

Let me show you how you can capitalise on the brand you have created for yourself or for your blog, forum whatever that you are managing. I want to assure you that the technique does add to the pride and pleases people in a natural and yet flashy sort of way.

When you own a blog or a forum is visited and read by people in large number; some of whom re-visit often to see what’s new on it; or leave a comment, etc; this means your blog has an influence on people, and when this kind of natural activity keeps the heart of your blog beating, it’s absolutely a great news. However, if you don’t own a blog that gets this kind of attention yet, you can work towards it and then run this campaign. But remember this one really works, so either way it happens, it’s a win-win situation.

On a blog or forum like this you should run a contest, or invite posts, or reaction on certain subjects, or whatever, where winner will be awarded with “Most Read Blogger” “The Hot `n’ Rocking Blog” Button on the home page of your blog; or the winner gets a free coverage on three other blogs owned by you, etc. He is also free to post the award or live link of press coverage on his own blog.

On one hand while the WINNER button will add credibility to his blog; on the other it will give you a back-link. But to run this kind of campaign your blog or forum will have to have a traffic and loyal readership of its own, otherwise the whole exercise will look really foolish.

Coming to the next tactic, which is user network called Tumblr; it is a very popular meme based content platform. If you can manage to create a stir amongst its users by coining a unique thought which can go viral; it will make you a sure shot winner; as this platform is capable of sending some serious traffic your way.

Tumblr is generally known for teeny-weenie posts and one-liners; however an exception is bound to get a notice. So here is an offbeat trick. Do a rather longish post on Tumblr and wait to see the reactions of its readers. Most of them will stop by to have a look at this storm in the teacup post; and if it’s good enough, it will send good enough traffic your way. When you do a long post make sure that you have live natural (read contextual) link pointing to your site, which is there to tell readers that if you are looking for information in more detail, then the live link can help, because the page it lands on, is full of useful information on this topic.

Once reader reaches your site, you’ve got him. How your site or blog can hold his attention is up to you. But Tumblr promises traffic if used properly; people may not know the power of this platform until and unless they give it a try.

When we are looking for traffic to come our way, why leave any option unexplored? I personally feel every door or window that can bring you traffic should be left open with a Welcome signboard.

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