What Are the Best Online Businesses to Start?

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This is the most important question that everybody who wants to work at home has. This general question includes two other questions:

– Which online work at home opportunity is the best and most reliable to join?

– Which online work at home opportunity makes money for me and is not wasting of time?

I know you want to know my honest answers. Yes, I am here to talk honestly. There are two kinds of online work at home opportunities over the Internet:

1. Scam business opportunities

For example the data entry opportunities that you can see their ads every where, surfing, HYIP, MLM and Ponzi scheme programs are all scams. Their targets are people who are eager to make some money. There are a lot of people who have lost loads of money in these scam programs. Most of these scam programs are fly-by-night websites or companies that become disappeared after they succeed to collect some money from investors.

The others like MLM programs, make money and survive just by the monthly membership fee that the members pay. They encourage the members to refer others to make more money but everybody knows that it is not easy to make a big downline that makes a reasonable money. So most members spend lots of time and money and then become realized that it is wasting of time. Only the company makes money because each member pays the monthly membership fee at least for a few months.

2. Legitimate business opportunities

There are many legitimate online business opportunities too but why I don’t refer you to them?

I have been working online for several years. When I started working, I could change a new websites to a popular one that had thousands of visitors every month. I learnt how to do it and I could do it easily. Then I worked on other websites and so in less than one year, I had several websites that made thousands of dollars for me.

Why was this possible at that time? We didn’t have so much competition; search engines were not so picky and … … … .

But we have a different condition now. Even with paid advertising methods, you have to spend much more than what you were used to pay two or three years ago. For example three years ago, I was used to bid about $0.30 on each keyword in Google AdWords but now I have to bid over $3 to receive half of the clicks I was used to receive.

Now lets say you join a legitimate online business opportunity. What can you do? Even with the legitimate business opportunities, you need traffic. You have to advertise, make sales and …  to make money but as I explained, it has become so hard and expensive and you can not make any profit in most cases.

So what should you do? Do you have to forget about working online and making money? No, you don’t (-;

There are still some good opportunities for everybody.

1. Blogging

If you are expert or at least interested in a topic and you can write about it, you can create a weblog. Weblogs or blogs are progressed websites. The good thing about weblogs is that when bloggers publish new articles on them, they are able to inform the internet world about their new posts. Traditional websites can not do this. So if you learn how to write and promote your weblog, after a while it will have reasonable traffic. Of course it depends on the topic that you blog about. Some topics are in a high demand and although there is higher competition for them, there is more traffic too.

I don’t say that blogging can make you a millionaire in a very short time. It needs hard working and it may not make any money for several months. But if you learn blogging and focus on it seriously, it will make money after a while.

If your blog becomes popular, you can take the advantage of its traffic and sell different products and services. For example when you achieve to create a popular weblog about insurance, you can advertise good insurance offers on your weblog and make money.

The good thing about blogging is that it is free and you don’t have to join any paid affiliate program, MLM or … . You only join some of the most famous and well-known programs like Google Adsense. The only thing you spend is your time. I agree that time is more valuable than money but you have to spend one of these two  things and sometimes both of them to make a change in your life.

Even if you don’t like or can not have your own blog, you can join some of the blogging programs and just post your articles and get paid.

Nowadays that we are surrounded by the scam programs, blogging is the best and safest online work at home opportunity.

2. Currency and Stock Trading

Currency and stock exchange are one of the other good work at home opportunities. If you learn the technique and then join a reliable trading company, you will not have to be worried about anything. Even you don’t have to compete with the others, refer and recruit and advertise. You just invest and withdraw your profit. Although a lot of fly-by-night scam trading websites come and go everyday but it is very easy to find a good, reliable and well-known company that has been working for many years.

There are only two obstacles in these businesses: 1. You need to learn the technique and it can be a little hard and time consuming sometimes and 2. It needs money to start investing and trading and of course if you don’t know how to trade properly, it can be risky too (you will lose money.)

3. Pay Per Click Arbitrage

You can also sell others products through pay per click advertising. For example ClickBank products are good to sell online. You can design a website and monetize it with Google Adsense (Adsense Arbitrage), ClickBank products and … and then drive traffic to it through pay per click advertising. You need to know how to design the website and its pages and how to optimize your pay per click ad campaigns. So this is not free and you have to spend money and you have to make a profit at the end but in spite of this, it is a safe online business because you will not be scammed.

Bottom line:

So what is the suitable online business?

You don’t like to waste your time and money or be scammed definitely. So you should not join any of the scam programs I mentioned above.

You can learn currency or stock trading and start investing. You have to spend at least a few months to learn and then start investing. It needs money to invest and of course it can be risky.

You can run a pay per click arbitrage website and advertise it on pay per click search engines. It is a good business but in most cases the profit is not reasonable and sometimes it is even hard to make any profit.

But the last option:

If you have time and you are able to write about a special topic, you can start your blog and keep on working on it. Blogging is not just limited to writing and posting articles. You have to be able to promote your blog and introduce it to people also. It is not easy but on my opinion, blogging is the best online work at home opportunity nowadays.

It takes times to start making money through your blog but it is safe and joyful. It connects you to thousands of people who are interested in the same topic. They will know you and keep in touch with you through your blog. They appreciate the information you give them for free. You will love and enjoy blogging.

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