What Can I Blog About and How?

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Surprise, surprise! Within a week I have had five people asking me the same question, “What Can I Blog About?” I truly cannot fathom this; a question I thought was long out of fashion has come back to haunt and how! Five readers asking the exact same thing.

So next obvious thing, I Googled it, and there was another surprise; I found neither the question verbatim, and therefore nor an answer for it. Slightly unusual that internet, which seems so polluted, does not have anything to show for it.

Equally surprising was that the fact that it never occurred to me write around it. In our quest for sharing advanced lessons with our readers; teaching them to experiment with new tools, familiarising them with advanced software, newer techniques etc; it is so easy to forget such basic questions.

We tend to run after finding fresh, new, original, unusual, informative, entertaining, interesting content so much that in the process we become oblivious to the primary needs of our potential readers; not realising that if we can catch them young, we can keep them!

Sad story so far I agree, but the good news is that it does not end here. Now that I have found it, I am going to do a tightly weaved, definite, and focused post on it sharing what can they blog about. Another important thing – I am not going to exaggerate or underrate anything at all.

My Source of Information:

All my life (that I have spent online), I’ve known bloggers closely. My list includes friend bloggers, family bloggers; mom & dad bloggers; spiritual and business bloggers, food & travel bloggers; fashion bloggers; and who not.

The one thing that I have noticed about successful bloggers amongst them is that they are passionate about the theme of the blog. The way they treat their blog is different from how mediocre bloggers do; the innovations on their blogs looks so natural. Nothing is ever out of sync.

I make it a point to speak to them regularly; primarily to know what they have been up to; what are the new tools and software they are working with; what’s working for them, what’s not, and so on and so forth. I have tried to put together all that info here with a hope that it will help bloggers to get an answer to their question.

What Can You Blog About

Step 1: Choosing Niche

The more I discussed the niche issue with bloggers the more strongly I felt that you should blog only about a topic you are truly interested in and not something that looks commercially profitable; because placing commerce ahead of your own interest is a suicidal start. The best way to go about it is shortlist three topics you are truly interested in and then choose one out of them you feel is financially most viable.

Step -2: Choosing Your Target Audience

As you are deciding about the niche you want to blog about, simultaneously identify your target customers’ profile. Be specific about the kind of people you are going to talk to because having a vague idea about your client’s profile and talking to them casually will only dissolve the focus.

If you don’t understand the profile of your audience, no matter how good your blog looks or sounds, it will never get read. On the other hand if you know what kind of audience you are attracting to your blog, you will be able to talk to them more convincingly and precisely.

Step 3: Go All Out to Promote Your Blog

Third thing to remember once the above two are taken care of, is to go all out to promote your blog; don’t be hesitant or feel conscious of anything as long as its ethical, just do it; as much, and as often as you can. Your email signatures, associating yourself with a local event, whatever I takes. Don’t forget that blogging after all is a very community oriented platform and to stand out you will have to deliver outstanding stuff.

What Will Blogging Demand of You

Almost a pound of flesh! On a more serious note, it not only will require some money but also lot of your time; and this is where niche comes into play. If you are going to blog about something you are truly interested in, time will be no constraint. If you are a health freak, you will ALWAYS find some interesting angle to talk about.

There are millions of blogs out there vying for attention and only a select few make it to the top, why? Because they do not realize that blogging is no different from any other business or career that they may want to pursue in life. Blogging also demands as much of your time as any other business or career would.

Your Writing Style:

Your style of writing should be such that your readers love to read what you write and should look forward to your new posts; and this will be possible only when you are able to touch their innermost thoughts which make them stop and think.

As a blogger you should always remain truthful; in whatever you write on your blog; and should aim at helping people who are looking for your advice, services, and product.

What Else Should Your Blog Have:

As a blogger never be satisfied with what you have on your blog; always be on a lookout for adding and incorporating new tools that can make your blogging more effective and a better experience for visitors. Learn to use them first instead of messing up the blog and visitor experience.

While publishing posts on your own blog, on the side you can get associated with different blogs in the same niche in some way. For example if you are blogging on Blogging – you can send tips on various aspects of it in an easy to read bullet point format and request the bloggers to publish them. Anything informative and entertaining, presented in unique style is a welcome idea for any blogger looking for good content on their blogs; in reciprocation you earn a live link.

As a blogger you have to be prepared to invest your heart and blood into your work and at no point can you take it casually. If you lose interest in your work mid way you will never be able to promote it effectively and make name and money for yourself. And if you can’t achieve this status or reputation for yourself, why would any visitor who reaches your blog will believe in what you write?

You can blog about anything from cooking, designing, teaching, to music and philosophy blog, you can even hit the jackpot by becoming agony aunt online provide you have the passion and knack to help people in distress. In short whatever be your blog; be sure it’s well defined, well written, and well connected.

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