What Does It Take to Have a Successful Online Business

Published on September 4th, 2014 by | Category: Personal Development

Have a successful online business needs a combination of several different requirements. It is not only about the techniques, tools and having enough capital to run the business. You can have everything one needs to run and promote an online business, but still you can be unsuccessful. Indeed, what most people consider as the necessary requirements to run an online business, are the less important things. There is one thing which is the most important. It is the enthusiasm and will to run and promote the business.

On 2002, I joined the most famous affiliate program at that time, SFI, or Six Figure Income. I was too enthusiastic and hard working. I developed too many sites for different keywords, promoted them and all of them got ranked on the first pages of the different search engines that were important at the time; Yahoo, Altavista, and later Google.

I succeeded to refer about 25,000 to the program. I had already developed a system that each of my referrals could use to duplicate what I had done. I designed websites for many of them and thought them to promote their sites. You think how many of them could achieve what I had become able to achieve?

None of them.

Only few of them promote their sites for a while and could refer some others to the program. However, even those few people stopped working after a while. Why?

They were not enthusiastic about what they were doing. They thought a business should succeed overnight and start making a lot of money after a short while. When they saw that they had to keep on working, they got disappointed and gave up. Whereas if they had kept on working like what I did, now they had a business that made money, and also a lot of knowledge and experience. They gave up so easily.

Being successful is all about working too hard to reach the goals. You can create everything from nothing when you are hard working, serious and enthusiastic. You will not get anywhere when you don’t bother to work, even if the world supports you.

What was the last time you decided to work very hard to achieve something important in your life?

Are you serious enough to make a difference in the others’ and also your own life? If the answer is yes, then have you worked hard toward this goal, or you just think about it and you don’t bother to move?

Focus one something, work on it very hard, and reach it. If I could do it, you can do it too.

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