What Invitation Link on Gmail Is All About?

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This post is targeted at people who use Gmail, and want to know about the new Invitation link that has cropped up recently. Have you seen it? It’s below the Subject field; next to `attach file’ or `edit subject’ link on the “Compose” page, there is this insert: Invitation’ link. Can you see it now?

I agree with those of you who think that Gmail works real hard to keep pace with the way human brain works.

This link appears while you are composing a fresh mail and also while you are replying to an old mail. Do you know that you can use it to schedule your meetings and setting up appointments via Gmail? The good thing is that you can do these things very easily and simply. For those of you who already use Google Calendar & Meeting Rescheduler, this `Insert: Invitation’ link facilitates and simplifies life further. It kind of completes the circle for the user when he uses all these facilities provided by Google for its users.

With `Insert: Invitation’ link users are able to plan or program an event and verify attendee availability without doing anything, right from the comfort of wherever that they are they can simply check out the current status by going to the Compose Mail window.

It’s very simple to insert a calendar invitation in your Gmail message; to do this all you have to do is click on the insert invitation link. This will open new window on your screen. This box will have several columns and will be showing availability of the user as well as various schedules that are included in the e-mail. The user can adjust the time; name the place and description, and also declare in which calendar the event should be added to. Once you fill it up with relevant information and send the e-mail, the event gets automatically included in everyone’s calendar.

For those doing business and networking online, this new link can prove to be an important and time-saving update.

Gmail Invitation Link

Have You Used Meeting Rescheduler? If your mind is not yet able to absorb information about the `Insert:Invitation’ link, its probably because you are missing a link. And that link could be your understanding of this new gadget Meeting Rescheduler.

This Meeting Rescheduler is amongst reasonably recent additions by Google Calendar coming straight from the Google lab. Its complete name is Smart Meeting Rescheduler. It needs installation and once installed, it can be accessed via Google Calendar & appears next to users’ calendars and allows them to opt for individual events for the purpose of meeting or event rescheduling.

As the name suggests, the gadget helps users/people schedule meetings online, that saves them time and energy; without hassle of following up with everyone on an ongoing basis ensuring everyone’s presence; this gadget if used well, ensures overall efficiency.

The Smart Meeting Rescheduler acts like the user’s personal assistant & suggests the most suitable times to reschedule a meeting or calendar event. It minimizes confusion and helps busy online workers to organize their time better and programs with much efficiency.

To make it work, this is what you have to do: click on find `new-time ‘ link and when you do this the program starts checking the calendars of people who have agreed to attend the event or meeting, and starts the process of recommending the best dates and times when the event can be re-scheduled, this re-working of schedule is based on Google’s search ranking algorithms.

Users are free to choose any of the results that return or even adjust or modify the options suggested; thereby adjusting event parameters around time and date suited to them, or by leaving the decision of attendees as optional.

Its recommended that we learn to use these little software that Google introduces for us users from time to time; Google approves of and introduces these after a great deal of research and user interaction. The gadgets are meant to simplify our work and help us use our time better. So instead of taking them for granted lets use them. When you do it, you are keeping up with times; and who wouldn’t you like to do it and be considered net savvy? Is it not what internet is all about? Adapting to the ever changing world?

If we will wait for lounge about, life will pass us by…

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