Where to Find Online Job Opportunities That Will Earn You Extra Income

Published on April 23rd, 2013 by | Category: Business Opportunities

If you have been around this site exploring it for a while, you might have come across many opportunities which can earn you extra money; full time or part time; working from home; on your computer. Some of these opportunities will come under work at home businesses and some will appear under work at home jobs. You will take up the one that you are better suited for.

If you do not have it in you what it takes to be a business (wo)man online, then you will do much better by taking up a regular job with someone; but if you have a streak of business in you, risk taking capacity, problem solving skills and other qualities that an entrepreneur is supposed to possess, then you should not opt for a traditional 40 hours a week job; you’d rather invest your ideas and energies into a business and find yourself a niche you feel comfortable with.

The next big question is where to find job opportunities. Well, first find out what is it that you want to do online, would you like to earn money by becoming a forum moderator, an online life coach; agony aunt, legal consultant, would you like to sell eBooks through website, or write eBooks; work as a writer with someone, or join an SEO or content development firm as a team member. Once you have decided what you want to do (based on your interest) check out if you have the skills for it. Once you have that get some experience by volunteering to work without money. This will add experience and the last step is looking for places where you can find job or opportunity for starting business.

The first thing for you to do is register on social media sites like Linked In, Face book etc. You can put up a blog for promoting your own services. You can join communities on yahoo etc where likeminded people with similar interests and goals meet and interact. These are the ways in which, and places where you make yourselves visible; and when people will come across your profile they can get in touch with you for offering or discussing work.

The other option is you reach out to people who my need your services. There are platforms where buyers and sellers or employers and employees meet to discuss their work requirements and hire people by asking for bids. You can become active there and start bidding. Then some of the websites also maintain job boards where you can apply against vacancies.

You can have your own website through which you can market yourself and your services if you are planning to pursue your career as a freelancer. If is for you to decide whether you will work on monthly salary, weekly wages, commission or on assignment basis. Setting up payment modes is also upto you. Some people start with 50% advance some 100%. Once trust between two people builds up, life looks easier. Sometimes online jobs are also advertised in print media like newspapers etc so don’t ignore it altogether; because there might be something for you in there too.

There are ample of opportunities and ample of places you can find them. If you can’t it only means you need to learn to explore internet better; whether it is by way of using narrowed down keywords or finding more credible sites and portals. One thing is certain – there is no scarcity of work on the net whether it is a job you are looking for or a business opportunity.

Amidst all this it is very important for you to remember that besides your kills you have take care of another aspect and that is about guarding your online reputation. If your reputation gets tarred then irrespective of the quality of work you can deliver or your qualification and experience; you will not stand any chance to earn money on the net. Wishing you a great luck for a bright future,

How to Do It: Identify what you want to do, find out what skills and tools are required for the job or business, research job boards and platforms where jobs are offered
Qualification: comfortable with the skill required and experience in the field
Skills: Research skills and skill required for the job, i.e. to become a writer you need skill to write etc…
Equipments: computer, internet
Traditional Education: none
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