You join an affiliate program to promote their products/services and earn commissions. But, is any affiliate program worth spending your time and effort on? Do you know how the highest paying and best affiliate programs have to be and what features they have to have?

Don’t waste your time, energy and money on useless affiliate programs. Many of them steal from you. There are so many things that you must verify and consider before you join an affiliate program.

Please spend a few minutes and read the following life-changing article. It prevents you from getting robbed by scam affiliate systems. This article also describes the best and highest paying affiliate program ever, which is indeed our affiliate program. It tells you why our affiliate program is the best and highest paying on the Internet πŸ™‚

Here is the list of the most important features that the highest paying and best affiliate programs need to have:

1. High Fixed Commission Rate

Many affiliate programs have a very low commission rate; e.g. 3-10% maximum. So, if you generate a $100 sale, you will earn $3-10 only.

No doubt that it is not worth to spend time and effort on these kinds of affiliate programs. It gets even worse when you know that they steal your referrals. Later in this article, I will explain how they do it. Please keep reading πŸ™‚

The best affiliate programs usually have a very high, fixed commission rate, so that it is worth to promote their products.

Indeed, our affiliate program has the highest fixed commission ever (I will tell you how much it is later in this article), because I wanted to make it the best of the best. I wanted to make our affiliates as happy as possible. So, everything is at the highest possible level in our affiliate program. There is no other legitimate affiliate program that makes more money for the affiliates. Guaranteed!

Please keep reading to learn why πŸ™‚

2. Lifetime Referral Commission

Many affiliate programs pay you a one-time commission on the first purchase that your referrals make. However, they upsell so many other products and services to your referrals without paying you a dime.

It means they steal your referrals from you, whereas it is your right to earn commissions as long as they spend money with the seller.

Lifetime Referral CommissionIn a good affiliate program, a referral generates commissions for you forever, so that it gives you the opportunity to make passive income. It means, after working and referring a reasonable number of customers to the affiliate program for a while, you will keep earning commissions even if you stop referring new customers. This is because the customers you have already referred keep generating commissions for you.

You can’t see this important feature in most affiliate systems, such as Amazon. If you refer a customer to Amazon through your affiliate link, and he buys a book for example, you will earn a 4.5% one-time commission. But if this customer buys other products in future, you will receive nothing.

However, in our affiliate program, you will FOREVER earn commissions from your referrals. Above all, the rate of the commissions you make from the next purchases of your referrals is not lower than their first purchase. It can even go higher under some special conditions (incentives) that I will explain below.

The features and incentives we have in our affiliate system can never be found with others.

3. High Recurring Commission

Recurring commission is the percentage that some affiliate programs pay you when your referrals pay recurring fees like monthly or yearly membership or subscription fees.

A good and high paying affiliate program is the one that not only offers products and services that have recurring fees, but also it pays the affiliates the recurring commissions.

Recurring CommissionFor example, we offer a web hosting package that costs $19 per month. Therefore, there is a recurring fee of $19 that has to be paid by the customers every month. With other hosting companies’ affiliate programs, you will receive just a one-time commission when you refer a customer who buys a hosting package. But you won’t get paid any more commissions if the same customer renews his hosting package the following year.

However, in our affiliate program, you will earn the same commission every year for as long as the customer renews his web hosting package.

Not only that, if the same customer buys any other product(s), you will earn the commission(s) again, while you had initially only referred the customer to us for a web hosting package.

All of our web hosting packages have recurring fees because customers have to renew their packages every year to keep their sites/blogs up and running. Additionally, customers reorder many of our other products like our targeted clicks because they want to keep using them.

It is amazing, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

That’s why I said our affiliate program is exceptional and there is no other affiliate program that can compete with us when it comes to paying the affiliates. Our affiliate program is the highest paying on the Internet ever. Guaranteed!

I will amaze you more. Please keep reading πŸ™‚

4. The Affiliate System Cookies

Cookies are small files that sit on your referrals’ devices when they refer to the seller’s site through your affiliate link. It is the affiliate system cookie that tells the affiliate system who the referrer of a referral is, so long as the referral hasn’t placed any order yet.

The information that cookies give the affiliate system is very important and critical for the affiliates’ income and success.

Many of the affiliate systems steal your referrals just because their cookies don’t have the proper settings. For example, they know you as the referrer of the referrals for a very limited time like 30 days.

Once someone refers to the seller’s site for the first time through your affiliate link, a cookie will be placed on the visitor’s device to tell the affiliate system that you are the referrer. When the affiliate cookie duration is set to 30 days for example, the affiliate system won’t pay you any commissions if your referral makes a purchase after 30 days from the first time that he/she had visited the seller’s site.

But it was you who had referred that referral or customer to the seller’s site, whether or not he has made any purchases in the first 30 days. Am I right?

In spite of this, you won’t earn any commissions if your referral makes a purchase 30 days after his first visit.

This simply means that the affiliate system steals your referrals from you.

What Is the Duration of Our Affiliate System’s Cookie?

The duration of our affiliate system’s cookie is set to 30 years. Yes, it is set to 10950 days or 30 years πŸ˜€

This simply means your referrals will be yours forever.

Nobody keeps using the same device for 30 years. We know this. However, we have set the duration of our affiliate’s cookie to 30 years to make sure that you won’t miss any commissions. This is another exceptional feature of our affiliate program that you can’t find in any other affiliate programs. That’s why I told you earlier in this article that we offer the best affiliate program which is also the highest paying ever.

I will give you more details about our affiliate program in this article.

5. Incentives

Most affiliate programs just pay you a fixed commission. You won’t get paid more if you work harder, refer more customers or generate more sales.

However, some other affiliate programs offer some irresistible incentives. And the incentives we offer are a lot better and more fascinating than other affiliate programs.

For example, there is no web hosting company that pays you a higher commission when you refer more customers. Their commission rate is the same, no matter if you refer one customer or thousands of customers per month.

IncentivesBut, we pay 30% fixed and recurring commissions only when you refer 200 customers or less every month. If you refer up to 400 customers in a month, you will earn 32.5% commission. Similarly, if you refer 600 customers, you will make 35%, and if you refer 800 customers, you will make 37.5% commission, and if you refer 1000 customers or more, you will make up to 40% commission from all of your sales. These are our Tiered Affiliate Rates that we reset on the 1st of every month.

Later in this article, I give you some examples that show you how much money and residual income you can make with us.

6. Special Incentives

We reward our top affiliates the way no other company does. We won’t stop surprising our active and enthusiastic affiliates.

For example, one of the things we do is that we publish some special, strong and demanding articles on our blog, and allocate each of them to one eligible affiliate through our affiliate system’s special algorithm.

Special IncentivesEach of these articles will be ranked on search engines and will start receiving targeted traffic and readers. When the readers of an article become our customers and make purchases, they will automatically become the referrals of the affiliate that the article has been allocated to.

It means the rewarded affiliate makes commissions through the traffic of his/her reward article(s) for good, and he/she will have a steady stream of commissions by doing nothing.

It is amazing, isn’t it?

Such an incentive and rewarding system can’t be found in any other affiliate program.

7. Quality Products and Services

Quality Products and ServicesYou should generate sales to earn commissions, right?

Are people eager to buy the products/services you are promoting in your affiliate marketing campaigns?

What if the affiliate system you have joined doesn’t have good and strong products and services that attract people? What if their products/services don’t have a reasonable visitor-into-customer conversion rate?

There are so many affiliate programs that don’t offer good and strong products and services. It is not worth to work with these affiliate systems even when their fixed and recurring commission rate is high, because people don’t buy their products and services, and the traffic you drive to their sites doesn’t convert into customers.

You must make sure that the affiliate systems you join offer quality and strong products and services that people need and really have to buy, not fake and useless things that people don’t care to spend money on.

We Offer Quality Products and Services

The products and services we offer are quality, strong and what people really need.

Our web hosting packages are the strongest on the Internet and any person or business that wants to have a site or blog, needs our hosting packages.

Our internet marketing packages are like that too. Those who want to generate more sales and make more money, or take their businesses off the ground, have to use our internet marketing packages and strategies. They are effective and strong. We have represented the proof on our site. Our customers make purchases with peace of mind and trust.

While many affiliate systems sell nothing but “thin air” and can be even considered scams, our products and services are real and solid. People and businesses need our products and services a lot and they don’t regret when they place their orders. They don’t feel like they are scammed. Guaranteed!

We are always adding new, strong products and services that convert like crazy. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to make money. We create more sources of income for you, and more options for your referrals to enjoy stronger and more useful products and services.

8. Sell One Product, Make Commissions on All Products

Most affiliate programs pay you once: when your referrals make their first purchases.

However, you won’t get paid anymore even if your referrals spend more money and buy more products and services.

This is true of many affiliate programs like Amazon or ClickBank. You receive a commission only once: on the first purchase of your referrals.

Later, they promote so many other products and services and your referrals make more purchases, but you get nothing.

Refer for One Product, Earn Commissions on All Products

Our affiliate program is 100% different. If you refer someone to a particular product, you will earn a commission if your referral makes a purchase. However, we have so many other products and services as well. And, if your referral buys some other products and services later, even after several years, you will earn commissions again.

Additionally, the commissions you will earn from the future purchases of your referrals won’t be lower than the commissions you earn from their first purchases.

We don’t steal from our affiliates. Their success and happiness is our success and happiness. Our business grows much faster if we always keep our affiliates satisfied and happy πŸ™‚

Your Success Is Our Business

9. Creatives

Strong affiliate programs must offer different kinds of specific sales letters for each product, and affiliate links (referrals links or URLs) that redirect visitors to each of these sales letters.

This makes life so easy for affiliates, because they can easily promote each product while they have specific referral links that redirect visitors to that product sales letter.

Many affiliate programs don’t support these features.

Our Creatives

We offer different products and services and we do our best to offer different creatives that enable our affiliates to promote each product and service in the best possible way. We do our best to make promoting of our products and services as easy as possible and with the highest possible conversion rate.

10. Legitimacy of the Affiliate Program

Many affiliate programs can be known as scams. They don’t offer 100% legitimate products and services in a legal and legitimate way. For example, they have a Pyramid or MLM scheme.

Although not all MLM systems are illegal, promoting the products of MLM or Pyramid companies can be risky for affiliates too. And, this is what you must consider very carefully.

Besides, many of the products that some affiliate programs promote look decent and legitimate but are not really what the sellers advertise. As an affiliate, you refer people to these companies. But then your referrals get mad at you for referring them to scams that have illegal activities or sell some products that are fake and useless.

Companies that sell the Mastermind courses are good examples of offering fake products. People think they are buying life-changing courses, but indeed they are buying nothing but thin air. Usually, many of these companies will be closed after a while because of people’s complaints. Therefore, the affiliates who work with these companies lose their income overnight when the companies get closed.

So, you always need to make sure to join the affiliate programs that promote legal and legitimate products and whose affiliate systems have legal forms.

We Offer the Most Legitimate Products and Services

Our customers are the happiest...Our customers are the happiest, and so our affiliates don’t have to be worried about anything, because our products and services are legitimate, solid, strong and demanding.

We offer true and real products and services that people need for their businesses. Our affiliate program doesn’t have a Pyramid or MLM scheme. It is not even a two-tier affiliate system. Therefore, it is 100% legal and legitimate.

An affiliate program doesn’t have to be MLM or Pyramid to be profitable for the affiliates. In the MLM or Pyramid schemes, only the top-level affiliates make money. Above all, these systems collapse finally because, after a while, people stop joining them when they see that new members don’t make any money.

Although our affiliate program is not a Pyramid or MLM scheme, it is so profitable for the affiliates. It is designed and developed to work to the affiliates’ favor. Therefore, not only is there no limit for the affiliates to make as much money as they can, but they also don’t have to be worried about any legal issues because we guarantee our products’ legitimacy and our customers’ full satisfaction.

11. Free to Join

Many affiliate programs have a sign up or subscription fee, or both. Does that make sense? Absolutely not. Affiliates promote products and services and generate more sales. It doesn’t make sense to charge our affiliates to let them promote us.

MLM or Pyramid SchemesIndeed, many affiliate programs that charge a sign up or subscription fee are illegal and scams. MLM and Pyramid schemes charge a sign up and a monthly fee, and then they pay some commissions from these fees to the referrers of the lower level affiliates. Therefore, usually the higher-level affiliates make money, but the lower ones only pay the sign up and subscription fees. After doing this for a while, they give up and leave the program because they don’t make any money, but they still have to pay the subscription fees. When most of the affiliates decide to quit, the MLM or Pyramid scheme will collapse.

This happens to all scam affiliate systems that have (1) no proper products, (2) an MLM and Pyramid scheme, and (3) whose affiliates make money only through the sign up and membership fees that their referrals pay.

Also, some affiliate programs have some ridiculous upgrading packages and fees that you HAVE TO buy in order to earn commissions or earn more commissions. Even if this is not illegal, it is unethical to force affiliates to make purchases if they want to start earning commissions or earn more commissions.

The rule of thumb in this case is:

A good affiliate program must be free to join and free to earn commissions.

That’s it!

Our Affiliate Program Is Free to Join!

Free to JoinWhile our affiliate program’s commissions and incentives are the highest on the Internet, not only it is free to join our affiliate program and start earning commissions, but there is also no monthly or upgrading fees and packages.

It is 100% free to sign up for our affiliate program and start earning commissions. You don’t have to pay any fees or buy anything to make more money with us. Once your affiliate account is created, you can make the maximum possible commission and income.

12. As Affiliate Friendly as Possible

Many companies are arrogant. As their affiliate, you can’t easily talk to them about your problems and desires. Many of them are there to steal your traffic, leads, referrals and customers. They are not there to make you happy and help you achieve financial freedom. They are there to get rich at any price, and their affiliates are the ones who have to pay this price.

Your Success Is Our Business.

You miss so many referrals and commissions with other affiliate systems. I have seen this so many times because I have worked with numerous affiliate programs.

But we listen to you as our affiliate. We do our best to follow your requests as much as possible. Your Success Is Our Business πŸ™‚

If an affiliate program doesn’t have the above features, it will be a waste of time to work with it.

13. Residual Income (Passive Income)

If an affiliate program doesn’t generate residual or passive income for you, it is not worth spending time on it.

Residual IncomeAffiliate programs that don’t generate residual income for their affiliates are the ones that steal their affiliates’ traffic, leads and referrals. If an affiliate program pays its affiliates for all the purchases that referrals make in future, it generates residual income.

If it just pays a one-time commission for the first purchase, then it won’t generate any residual income. This means you need to work your whole life and refer new referrals to them every day in order to maintain your monthly income. If you stop referring, your income will stop right away.

Our affiliate program is the best to establish a source of residual income.

Do You Know Why?

Because many of our customers keep using our services for such a long period of time. For example, they buy targeted traffic or renew their web hosting packages for several years. Many of them have to do it because their business demands it.

We pay our affiliates forever, whenever their referrals make purchases. Therefore, if our affiliates work for a while and have a reasonable number of referrals under their names, they will keep making money even if they stop referring.

This is how a good and high-paying affiliate program must be. It is the affiliates that take a business off the ground. Therefore, they are so important, and they have to be served and paid in the best possible way, which is what we do.

14. Strong Follow-Up System

We make money for you. Do you know how?

Strong Follow-Up SystemAs our affiliate, you refer people to our site. But most of them won’t buy anything on their first visit. This is normal. They leave the site and many of them will never come back.

However, we follow up with them continuously and in the best possible way. This makes many of them come back and ultimately place their orders.

Even if they visit our site because they are interested in one of our products, we follow up with them and introduce our other products that are also very effective and important for their business. Therefore, they make more purchases and you earn more commissions as our affiliate.

This is something that can hardly be seen with other affiliate programs. Our affiliate system’s cookie is set to 30 years. It means you earn commissions forever from the purchases of your referrals, no matter which product you initially refer them to.

Now that you have learned about the main features of the highest paying and best affiliate programs, I can tell you how much money you will make with us if you join our affiliate program.

Please keep reading πŸ™‚

How Much Money Will You Make with Our Affiliate Program?

We pay you a 30% commission whenever your referrals make a purchase.

But that is not all.

We pay a 30% commission when you have referred 200 customers or less for the month. However, if you refer up to 400, 600 and 800 customers in a month, you will receive a 32.50%, 35% and 37.50% commission, respectively.

And, if you refer 1000 customers or more in a month, you will receive a 40% commission.

Now let me give you some examples to show you how much money you can make with our affiliate program.

Of course, as it depends on the number of the customers you can refer as an affiliate, our affiliate program can have so many different scenarios for you. However, here I give you some examples to enable you to calculate your potential income in our affiliate program.

1. If you refer 200 customers who spend $2,000 with us every month, you will make $120,000 per month:

$2,000 x 30% = $600
$600 x 200 = $120,000

It means that by having 200 referrals who spend $2,000 per month, you will make $120,000 per month, even if you stop referring any more customers. Based on the traffic sources you have, it can take you from one day to several months or years to collect this number of referrals.

The good news is that we teach our affiliates how to work and make money with us and increase their income month after month. Unlike other affiliate systems that sell educational packages to their affiliates, we don’t charge anything to educate our affiliates. You just need to join and follow what we teach you.

2. Now let’s say you are luckier, and you refer 200 customers every month, and they start paying $19 per month when they visit our site through your affiliate link. But 50% of them stay with us and keep spending $19 per month the next year. How much money will you make every month and year…?

You will make $1,140 in the first month:

200 x $19 = $3,800
$3,800 x 30% = $1,140

You keep adding $1,140 to your income every month, so that your 12th month income will be $13,680.

But in the second year, we assume that 50% of your referrals renew their $19/month package, while you keep referring 200 referrals every month. Therefore:

Your monthly income from your first year referrals: $13,680

Your second year’s first month income:

$13,680 + $1,140 = $14,820

Your second year’s last month income:

$13,680 + $13,680 = $27,360

Please note that in the above example, I just assumed that only 50% of your referrals renew their $19/month package in the following year. However, it can be much more than this, because most of our customers need their sites and blogs for several years, and so they renew their packages every year.

3. If you refer 400 customers per month, and they buy our $19 package, and only 50% of them renew their package in the following year:

You will make $2,280 in the first month:

400 x $19 = $7,600
$7,600 x 30% = $2,280

You keep adding $2,280 to your income every month, so that your 12th month income will be $27,360.

It is amazing, isn’t it?

These numbers are mind-boggling, right? πŸ™‚

Note: I could give you many more examples like this. Please note that in the above example, I just assumed that all of your referrals just order our $19/month package. However, many of them will buy many of our other products and services, and so your monthly income can be a lot greater than the numbers I gave you above.

4. If you just refer 1,000 customers and each of them spends $2,000 per year, and then stop referring, you will make $50,000 per month as long as your 1000 customers keep spending $2,000 per year:

1,000 x $2,000 = $2,000,000
($2,000,000 / 12) x 30% = $50,000

5. If you work harder and refer 1,000 customers who spend only $19 every month, you will make $5,700 per month, even if you stop referring and as long as these 1,000 customers keep spending $595 every year:

1,000 x $19 = $19,000
$19,000 x 30% = $5,700

If they spend $1,000 per year, then you will make $300,000 per year:

1,000 x $1,000 = $1,000,000
$‭1,000,000 x 30% = $300,000

The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky's the Limit.As you see, there is no limit to the active and passive income you can make with us.

In our affiliate program, you will keep making money even if, after a while, you stop referring customers. This is what residual or passive income means.

Please note that many of our customers spend more than $595 per year. In the above examples, I just considered the lowest budget our customers can spend. Many of them spend a lot more. Many of them spend thousands of dollars per month to buy our targeted traffic packages. Therefore, there is an unlimited potential for making money with our affiliate program.

Also, please note that the above numbers are not guaranteed income. They are just some examples based on simple math calculations that enable you to set short and long-term goals.

We Teach You How to Build and Grow Your Online Business

Finding and referring customers through an affiliate program is not an easy task. Marketing is not easy, and you can’t do it if you don’t know how to do it and don’t have experience in it.

However, educating our affiliates is very important to us. Even if you have no experience in marketing, we teach you how to establish your online business, grow it and establish residual income through our affiliate program.

How to Start

Sign up as an affiliate with us and start the most profitable online business one can ever have.

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