Allen SealHello everyone!

I live in Sydney, Australia, I’m currently semi-retired, but once had a pretty interesting career in the corporate world.

My roles have all been in the back office and included programmer/analyst, project management, business consultant and banking.

I was fortunate to have some skills at the time that were in good demand and had a lot of fun travelling to many parts of the world.

I am very active (swimming, cycling, running) and love to stretch the brain with quizzes, crosswords and Sudoku.

I realized many years ago that online was going to be the new business frontier but did not take advantage of it.

However, since retirement I have been looking for an opportunity to start a successful eCommerce business that I can leave my children.

I looked at ClickBank and also tried Amazon FBA and Shopify stores in the U.S. but so far with no success.

When I looked around the online space, it seemed to me that it is mainly the intermediaries / facilitators that are successful and not the producers or retailers.

For example, the likes of Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Facebook etc, etc, plus all of the sellers of complimentary software add-ons like JungleScout.

But now, Vahid has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching the internet and how it could actually be very successful.

The problem is finding a niche that I would find enjoyable and could also use some of my previous knowledge.

Anyway, I am going on the same journey as many of you and I’d like to wish everyone following Vahid the success of developing a profitable website and the freedom that brings to our lives.

Allen Seal

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