Targeted traffic is what all businesses need, otherwise they can’t survive. The good news is you can buy targeted traffic if you don’t have it already.

If you have a business, no matter what kind of business it is, you need targeted traffic to make enough money. If it is a new business, you need targeted traffic even more, because you have to promote and take the business off the ground, otherwise it can’t even reach the second year.

Even when your business is doing well, you still need targeted traffic to expand your business and make more money every year.

Do you know why?

New competitors come every day. Even when your business is doing really well, a new competitor who is stronger and better than you can kick you out of the game.

Indeed, you have a struggling business if your business doesn’t make more money and doesn’t generate more customers every month and year. I have explained more about this here in this article.

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Therefore, if (1) you have a new business that has to be promoted to start making profit, or (2) your business is not new, but you want more customers to make more money and have a more stable and long lasting business, then Targeted Traffic and turning it into leads and customers is the solution:

Targeted Traffic Is the Solution

What Is Targeted Traffic?

Targeted traffic means you get reached by the people who are looking for exactly what you are offering as a business, product or service. Targeted traffic is the visitor who visits your site while he is looking for the exact business, product or service that you are offering there.

What Is Targeted Traffic?For example, let’s say you sell golf clubs on your site, while you are specifically focused on the golf clubs that are for the left-handed golfers.

According to the stats, about 12% of the golfers are lefties. It means only 12% of those who are looking to buy golf club can be your customers. They are the ones who use search terms like left-handed golf clubs on search engines. If these people find your site, there is a very high chance that they will make a purchase. However, if those who google golf clubs visit your site, 88% of them will leave without spending any money.

It means those who look for left-handed golf clubs are targeted traffic for your site. But those who look for golf clubs, are semi-targeted. And, those who – for example – google for samurai swords are none-targeted traffic for your site and business.

Therefore, if you buy the golf clubs related traffic (clicks), at least 88% of your money will be wasted. But if you buy left-handed golf clubs focused clicks, you will have a much higher conversion rate which is the ratio of the total number of the customers to the total number of your website visitors.

– How Do You Know Your Targeted Traffic?

You have to know the keywords and key phrases that are related to your business, product or service. You have to know the best and most targeted (relevant) ones. So, whatever you do, and any business, product or service you offer, you have to know the most relevant keywords/phrases.

To know the keywords/phrases of your business, you have to do something that internet marketers call “Keyword Research”. You can use our keyword research tool which is 100% free and unlimited (here).

Keyword Research

Keyword research is sometimes complicated. It depends on the business, product or service that you are promoting. The success of your internet marketing strategy is strongly dependent on choosing the right key phrases, both when you want to generate organic targeted traffic (here), and when you want to buy targeted traffic.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the keyword research techniques, and also my free keyword research tool:

– How Can You Receive Targeted Traffic?

There are two sources of targeted traffic:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Free targeted traffic, also known as Organic Targeted Traffic, comes through search engines’ organic search results. This kind of traffic is so important in your business success. Click Here to learn more about it.

Paid targeted traffic comes from different resources. Pay-per-click advertising is the most popular one. However, there are several other resources to buy targeted traffic. For example, pay-per-action, pay-per-view and ezine solo ad advertising.

Additionally, you can buy targeted traffic from the websites that have strong sources of organic targeted traffic. They can sell their organic targeted traffic to you.

Why Should You Buy Targeted Traffic?

Buying targeted traffic is the only way of promoting a business for most small businesses around the world. Many businesses can’t survive if they stop buying targeted traffic. Many businesses don’t even think about other sources of traffic because they are so happy with the targeted traffic they buy.

Why Should You Buy Targeted Traffic?

Maybe you are asking why you should spend money on targeted traffic.

You should buy targeted traffic because it converts into leads, prospects and customers very easily.

No business can survive without customers and clients. If you want to make money, you have to spend money on targeted traffic. This is especially true when your business is new, and you haven’t generated reasonable amount of free targeted traffic yet.

You should buy targeted traffic if:

1. Your Business Is New:

New BusinessA new business, website, blog, product or service, has no customers, because it is new, and nobody knows it.

On the other hand, you can’t wait forever until your website or business blog starts receiving free targeted traffic from search engines.

You must work on generating free targeted traffic (see this), but this can’t be achieved overnight. It takes time. While you are developing some sources of free targeted traffic, you have to make money to cover your business expenses. Buying targeted traffic is the only option you have in this case.

2. You Want to Grow Your Business:

You have to grow your business, otherwise you will have to close it sooner than later. Even if you are happy with the money your business currently makes, you still have to grow it and make more money every month and year.

Grow Your Business with Buying Targeted Traffic

As I explained above: A business that makes a constant amount of profit, even if the profit is reasonably high, is still a struggling business. The reason is that if a new competitor that is just a little better comes, it can siphon all your customers and kick your business out of the game.

Having an increasing income is the health factor of a business that can survive and be in business in long-term. If the income doesn’t go higher every year, the business has a problem.

Please look at the graph below. It has compared a struggling business (the red curve) with a strong business (the green curve).

Struggling Business

As you see, the struggling business makes a higher profit for few years, just because it was new and maybe there was no competitor around (#1). But then it keeps making the same profit for several years because it fails to generate reasonably more customers (#2). Finally, it starts making less profit until it reaches zero (#3), because new competitors came, and the business fails to generate new customers to replace those who left.

Your business will have the same destiny if you don’t increase the income and don’t generate a reasonable number of new customers every year. You have to do this at whatever it takes, otherwise you will have to shut down your business.

Therefore, don’t be happy with a constant amount of monthly or yearly profit. It is not a good sign.

Strong Business

Your business must make reasonably more profit every month and year. You should always have lots of new customers while you keep your other customers. If your profit doesn’t go higher, there is something wrong. If you don’t take this problem seriously, you will be in trouble.

The question is how you can have more new customers and profit?

The answer is in one thing: Targeted Traffic

You should buy targeted traffic while you keep generating more organic targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is something that saves your business. In order to survive and grow, you must buy targeted traffic every month. Businesses who fail to do this are doomed:

Struggling Business vs Strong Business

Buy Targeted Traffic from Us

Creating quality content and search engine optimization (SEO) that drive organic targeted traffic to your blog and business (please read this) is what only professionals can do. They need lots of knowledge, experience and creativity.

We Are Paid Advertising ExpertsPaid advertising and buying targeted traffic is even more complicated and important. The reason is that if you don’t know how to do it properly, you will waste lots of money without getting any satisfactory results.

Conversion” is very important when buying targeted traffic. If you don’t know how to optimize everything, you will waste lots of money without getting good results. Having a high conversion rate, plus a low cost-per-click or cost-per-action, are the key to success in paid advertising.

We are experts in generating laser-targeted traffic through paid advertising. We have learned this because, like all the other businesses, we also needed to promote and grow our business. Therefore, we needed paid targeted traffic for the same reasons I explained above.

1. We Convert Clicks into Leads, Prospects and Customers

Converting Clicks into Leads, Prospects and CustomersWe have the strongest sources of the laser-targeted traffic for any kind of business. However, having a very high conversion and getting great results from the paid advertising campaigns are not just a matter of receiving targeted clicks by spending the lowest possible budget. It is also a matter of driving the clicks to the professionally designed landing pages and sales letters to convert the visitors into leads, prospects and customers.

Most people think that they can just buy the clicks and drive the visitors to their websites’ home pages. This is a big mistake. We don’t let our clients fail because of these mistakes. We create the best and most professional landing pages and sales letters for them without any extra charges, if they don’t already have their own landing pages and sales letters.

This is a sample of one of the landing pages (squeeze page) we have created for our web developing and hosting services:

Landing (Squeeze) Page

Above all, we do the follow-ups for free, if our clients want us to. Our fully-automated follow-up system converts the visitors into leads, prospects and customers. The good news is our fully-automated follow-up system is a free bonus as well:

  1. Even if you buy targeted clicks from us just once, the follow-up system we will build for you for the same project will remain intact forever and you can use it for free for as long as you want.
  2. This follow-up system will follow up with your leads to convert them into prospects and customers while you won’t have to do anything at all. However, you can send broadcasts to your list for free whenever you want. For example, you want to introduce a new product to your leads; or you have a webinar that you want to announce. So, you can let your leads know through sending free email broadcasts to them.

2. Our Conversion Rates Are Extremely HIGH

When it comes to converting the targeted clicks into leads, nobody can compete with us. But we care about the quality more. That’s why we generate laser-targeted clicks. It means those who visit the landing page and sales letter we create for you, are 100% interested in what you are offering as a business, product or service. That’s why they eagerly share their contact information and turn into leads (remembers the golf club example you saw above). So, the reason for having a very high conversion of the traffic into leads is that our traffic is extremely targeted.

Our High-Converting Targeted Traffic

The quality of our landing pages and sales letters is the other reason. We earn the visitors’ trust by giving them enough honest information about the business, product or service we promote. Therefore, they eagerly share their contact info with peace of mind and then read the sales letters entirely. Also, they eagerly open and read our follow-up emails.

These are just some of the factors that enable us to have a very high conversion in collecting qualified leads and turning them into prospects and customers with the lowest possible budget. That’s why business owners love to buy targeted traffic from us, because they do know that our traffic is really high-converting.

Our Targeted Traffic and Landing Page Conversion:

The below screenshot shows some of our targeted traffic campaigns and landing page conversion rates in generating leads. Our lead generating conversion is usually as high as 50% and sometimes even higher. It means half of the total number of the visitors who visit our landing pages will share their contact info and turn into leads:

Our Targeted Traffic and Landing Page Performance


The visitors who share their contact information (usually their email address) will automatically and instantly receive a welcome email from our fully-automated follow-up system. The open rate of our welcome email is usually above 60-70%:

Our Welcome Email Open Rate

Our Welcome Email Open Rate

Delivering the follow-up emails to the inbox of the leads is another skill that you have to master properly, otherwise you can’t keep in touch with your leads and you will miss the opportunity of turning them into prospects and customers.

“Inboxing” is something that a professional internet marketer has to know very well. You need to ensure that the emails get into their mailboxes otherwise they won’t read them and you will waste the money that you spend to buy targeted traffic.

Any mistakes in creating and sending the follow-up emails will result in having the emails in the spam folder, or in the Social or Promotions tabs instead of the Primary tab, in case of Gmail emails. Even some mistakes cause the emails to become totally blocked and the sender becomes blacklisted by the email service providers. This means that the emails won’t be read by the leads.

Therefore, being an “inboxing” expert is also very important.

Almost none of the emails that hit the spam folder, or the Social and Promotions tabs will be seen by subscribers, leads and prospects. Most people only read the emails that hit the Primary tab:

Gmail Inboxing

A Very Important Free Bonus

Some of those who buy targeted traffic from us have their own landing pages, sales letters, mailing list managers and follow-up systems. However, most of our clients have absolutely no experience in these.

I have seen that some crooks who charge $10,000 just to set up an autoresponder. But we create the most professional landing pages, sales letters and a fully-automated follow-up system absolutely for free when a client buys targeted traffic from us. We deliver 100% of the follow-up emails to the leads and prospects’ inboxes while if you want to do it on your own, you can get banned by the strong email service providers like Gmail.

One of our landing pages that converts over 60% of the visitors (targeted clicks) into subscribers:

High Converting Landing Page

How Much Does Our Targeted Clicks Cost?


The landing pages and sales letters are free, and we host them on our own servers without charging you any fees. You will be able to use your sales letters and landing pages for free forever, even if you just buy one targeted traffic package from us.

You can start by ordering 500 targeted clicks if you already have your own sales letter and follow-up system. But if you want us to set up the sales letter and follow-up system for you, which is what we do for free, then you have to start from a 1000-click package. Once you place your first 1,000 clicks order, we will set up the sales letter, landing page and follow-up system and will deliver your 1000 clicks. Later, if you still want to use the same sales letter, landing page and follow-up system to generate more leads, you can order 500-click packages.

Please note that sometimes just a landing page looks like enough, so we don’t set up a sales letter. Sometimes just a sales letter looks like enough, so we don’t set up any landing pages. However, sometimes we set up a landing page (squeeze page) and a sales letter to use both at the same time for the same package you order. It depends on the conditions. We will analyze and decide.

The landing page, sales letter and the fully-automated follow-up system are 100% FREE. However, if we host your mailing list and the number of the subscribers goes above 1000, we will have to charge you a small monthly fee for every 1000 subscriber you have in your mailing list.

Cost Per Click:

Based on the nature of your business and your business location (whether it is a local or a worldwide business), the targeted traffic starts from $0.5 per click, and goes higher. There are several factors involved in determining the targeted traffic price. Therefore, to give you a quote, we need you to give us some information. We will analyze the information and we will get back to you with the price quotes. If you decide to make a purchase, we will send you an invoice through PayPal. You can also pay through bank wire.

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Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that our laser-targeted clicks are 100% real, unique and original. Based on the nature of your business, the conversion of our clicks into leads is sometimes as high as 50% or even more, which is great. Our average lead generating conversion is usually between 10-50%.

If our targeted clicks don’t convert into leads with a 10-50% conversion rate, we will refund your money. There is no refund or money back guarantee in any other cases.

If you would like to use our strong fully-automated follow-up system, we will set it up for you for free. It converts the visitors into leads, and then the leads into prospects and customers in the best possible way and with the highest possible conversion rate. However, we can’t guarantee any special rate for converting the leads into customers because this is not just dependent on our system, and it also depends on the nature of your business, product and service, their prices, the way you take care of your prospects and the guarantees your offer.

These factors that are not under our control are so important in converting the leads and prospects into customers and clients. By answering their questions on time and in detail whenever they contact you, you also have an important role in converting the leads into customers and clients.

Your satisfaction is our first and most important goal, because your success is our success. Therefore, we guarantee that our clicks are 100% real and as targeted as possible, and they convert into leads with the minimum of 10-50% conversion rate. But we can’t guarantee any special rate for converting the leads into customers and clients, because as I explained above, this depends on many factors that are not under our control.


1. Have you started a new business? If yes, then you need customers, otherwise your business can’t survive. To have customers, you need targeted traffic. Targeted traffic turns into leads, prospects and then customers and clients that make money for you.

It is much cheaper to buy targeted traffic online than spending your money on offline advertising. Above all, online targeted traffic converts much faster and easier.

2. Maybe your business is not new, and it makes profit. However, you still have to generate new customers and more income, otherwise you can be kicked out of the game very easily. A new competitor that is stronger and better can take the control and steal your customers. If your business doesn’t make more money every year, it is a struggling business that can fail at anytime.

Again, the solution is in targeted traffic. You have to allocate some budget every month to buy targeted traffic. This budget will be recovered very easily when the targeted traffic that you buy turns into leads, prospects and customers.

3. Our targeted traffic is cheap and converts like crazy. You can try just a 1000-clicks package and see how these 1000 clicks turning into leads with the minimum conversion rate of 10-50%.

We Guaranteed the Conversion

Let’s say you spend $1,000 to buy 1000 targeted clicks from us. Therefore, you will have between 100 to 500 leads, because our leads generating conversion is at least 10-50%. It means each lead costs you $2-10. With the help of our fully-automated follow-up system, many of these leads can turn into long-term customers.

If you spend the same amount of money to buy targeted traffic from us every month, after a while you will have a reasonable number of customers who also refer new customers (networking). It is worth to spend $1,000 per month to promote a business and make thousands of dollars more every month.

Your business is worth spending the money to grow it faster through buying targeted traffic from us.

If the traffic you buy from us doesn’t convert into leads, We Will Return Your Money. Guaranteed!

Click Here to submit your application to buy targeted traffic from us. We will analyze the information and will get back to you with the price quotes. If you decide to make a purchase, we will send you an invoice through PayPal. You can also pay through bank wire.

If you have any questions, please Click Here to email us.