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Domain registration is the first step in creating an online business, or in promoting a business on the Internet. Although it is possible to have an online business or promote a business on the Internet without having a website, still having a professional website is necessary. Therefore, if you are serious about creating an online business, or you want to promote your current business on the Internet to grow it faster, you must build a website first.

Cheap Domain Registration to Build a Website

To build a website, you must register a domain name. To do that, you need a domain registrar that offers affordable prices. This is not a problem, because here on the this page, we offer the best prices for all domains, plus lots of discounts and promotions. Compared to other domain registrar companies, our prices are really cheap.

You can use the above form to register your domain now, if you have chosen the name that you want to register as the domain name.

However, if you haven’t decided about the name yet, or if you don’t know what a domain name is, we can help you here on this page. Just spend a few minutes and read the words below.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name forms your website address. It is a name plus a dot and an extension like com, net, org, or ca.

For example, is a domain name. But is the URL or address of their website that their domain name is the most important part of it.

Therefore, to build a website, first you need a domain name to create your website address. You cannot have a professional website without a domain name. If you are serious about having a professional online business, or if you want to promote your business on the Internet professionally, don’t go for the free websites and blogs. You must register your own domain first.

This is what I did too. When I wanted to start my online business, first I registered my domain name and then built a website on it.

You can register your domain name now using the above form. Our prices are cheap and affordable. Just enter a name, and then our system will check, whether it is available to be registered by you, or someone else has already registered it.

If it isn’t available, you can try another name. There is no limit. But there is an important question here:

What Is the Best and Most Proper Domain Name to Register?

It depends on your purpose: What do you want your website for?

1. To promote your business on the Internet

If you have a business and you want to promote it on the Internet, for example you are a photographer, accountant, builder, realtor, etc., then the domain you will register can be related to your business and its nature. I say “can be” because it is not a must for a domain name to describe the business. But it is better to have the main keyword/phrase of the business in the domain name. For example, if you are a photographer who works in Toronto, then such a domain name would be perfect for you:

If this domain name is available, then it would be perfect to take it as a photographer who works in Toronto. If it is not available, which means someone else has already registered this domain, then you can check another name.

What are the advantages of having the related keywords/phrases in the domain name?

  1. The domain alone tells people what your business is all about.
  2. Search engines see the keywords/phrases as well, and this is effective in your website ranking on them, and receiving organic traffic (read this) from them. Of course there are so many other factors involved in this, but having the keyword/phrase in the domain name is effective, when all the other factors are also in place.

But, as a photographer, if you have a company that has a beautiful name that you want to promote, you should have the name in the domain name. For example, when the name (brand) of your company and store is DigiPhotoMania, then you’d better to register this domain name:

As a photographer who lives in Toronto and his company and store name is DigiPhotoMania, it doesn’t make sense to register for their business 😀

So, try to have a relevant domain name.

– To promote yourself

Sometimes YOU is your most important product. Therefore, you should promote yourself and your name. For example, you are a realtor, and you will have more clients, if people know you and your name. Therefore, it is recommended to have your first and last name as the domain name, which is what I have done too:

I am not a realtor. But people like to know who I am when they want to sign up for my products. So, I have started from my website’s domain to help people to know me.

You can do that too.

2. To start an online business

Sometimes you don’t have a business, or even if you do, you don’t want to promote it on the Internet at least for now. What you want is to start an online business, like what I have done here on this site.

Again in this case, there are two options:

You can have the related keywords/phrases in the domain name. For example, if you want to build a website to sell fitness-related eBooks, then you can register such a domain name:

But if your online business depends on you and your name, then your domain name can be your first and last name in this case too.

Other Important Things You’d Better to Consider When Registering a Domain

1. What extensions are better and more preferred?

Each domain name has two parts. The first part is the name. The second part that comes after the dot is the extension.

Dot com domain names (.com) are the best, because they are more popular and people know them more than the other extensions.

Dot net and dot org domain names are also good, while .com domains are more preferred.

Some internet-related companies prefer to register .net domains, that makes a lot of sense.

Many of the organizations prefer to register .org domains which is also good and makes sense, although nothing happens if they register .com domains also.

From search engines point of view, .com, .net and .org domains are the same, and will be treated the same way. I mean search engines don’t give more credit to any of these extensions.

If you have a local business and your customers are from the same area and country, then it is much better, if you register a country-based domain like .ca or .us or

This is an important SEO factor for search engines, specially Google. When you have a Canadian business and you register a .ca domain for your business, your domain will have a higher chance of reaching Canadians on search engines.

I see that .me domains are doing good too. But when you can register a .com, .net or .org domain, then a .me domain doesn’t make sense that much.

The last but not the least about the extensions is that I have never seen a .info domain that gets a high ranking on search engines during the past 18 years that I have been in this business, although I see that some people still register .info domain names. But I don’t recommend it.

2. As short and meaningful as possible

Try to have your domain name as short as possible. Even if it is not meaningful, try to have it short, unless it is your first and last name that has to be long. Also, if it can be meaningful at the same time, it would be even better.

3. Hyphens

Having dash (-) or hyphen in domain names has always been a controversial topic. There are some digital markers who say that you should not have hyphens in your domain name, while there are some others who say that it doesn’t have any problems.

As far as I know and I have seen, it doesn’t make any difference from the search engines’ point of view, because I see that some domains have been on Google’s first page for so many year and for some very competitive search terms, while they have two hyphens. It means having hyphens in the domain is not a negative factor for your website ranking on Google, if they are not more than one or two.

But it would be much better, if you could have no hyphens in the domain name, because the domain would look better and would be easier for people to enter the address on their browsers’ address bar. Therefore, use hyphens in the domain names only when you have no other choice. It is several years that I haven’t used hyphens in the domain names I register.

4. Lock some important domains, even if you don’t want to use them

Having one website for a company or business is enough. However, if you want to focus on a niche, and you want to have the related keyword/phrase in a .com domain name, then you’d better to register the .net and .org, and also the country-based domains as well to keep them for yourself.

Also, even if you want to register a first name / last name .com domain name like mine (, you’d better to register the most important extensions to keep them for yourself.


There is a clear reason for this. If you register a domain like and you build a website on it while you have a photography business in Toronto, there is no doubt that you don’t want some others to register the below domains and compete with you on Google:


Am I right?

You don’t have to build a website on those domains. But you’d better to register and keep them for yourself.

This is what I have done too. I have already registered all the below domains for myself, because I didn’t want some others to take them and affect my website:


Are you ready?

Read the above article carefully, if you want to register a domain to build your website. Then scroll up and register your domain as soon as possible.

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