Self Managed VPS 1 vCPU 1 GB RAM

$10.99 / per month
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • Linux only, no control panel*

*If you’re running a high-resource intensive Windows OS or control panel, we strongly recommend a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. (The 1 GB plan will result in deficient server performance.)

Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 4 GB RAM

$30.99 / per month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage

Self Managed VPS 2 vCPU 8 GB RAM

$46.99 / per month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage

Self Managed VPS 4 vCPU 8 GB RAM

$60.99 / per month
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Storage

Self Managed VPS 4 vCPU 16 GB RAM

$75.99 / per month
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Storage

Self Managed VPS 8 vCPU 16 GB RAM

$104.99 / per month
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 400 GB SSD Storage

Self Managed VPS 8 vCPU 32 GB RAM

$148.99 / per month
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 400 GB SSD Storage

Why Is It a Must to Have a VPS?

If you deal with computers all the time, you must have a VPS. You won’t know the importance of this advice as long as your computer works without any problems. But you will regret that you ignored having a VPS, when your computer crashes, or becomes stolen.

You can have the cheapest VPS for as low as $7.99 per month, which is almost nothing. But if you think about the prices you must pay, when you lose your computer, just because you didn’t want to spend $7.99 per month, you will panic. You will blame yourself, if you don’t get a VPS. Just a cheap VPS can save your life. Please read this article to the end to know why you must have a VPS and how you can choose a VPS that suits you and your needs.

If your business is dependent on your computer and what you have in it, you are taking a big risk if you haven’t bought a VPS yet. You know what a disaster it is to lose your computer and the data you have in it. How long does it take you to recover everything you have in your computer, and get back to the normal conditions in case of a computer crash or theft? Is saving $7.99 per month worth the headaches and disaster?

When it comes to your business which is almost everything for most people, don’t be frugal. You can buy the cheapest VPS Hosting services in less than a minute. But the peace of mind and safety that just a cheap VPS can give you and your business is worth millions.

Before I explain more about the reasons you need a VPS, and then tell you how to choose a VPS that suits you and your needs the best, please let me explain what a VPS is.

What Is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

It is nothing complicated at all. Indeed, a VPS is a computer that you can have access to it through the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

VPS hosting companies keep the VPS you rent from them in a safe place, like when you open a bank account or rent a safety box from a bank. You won’t need to be worried about the money you have in your bank account, or the valuable things in your safety box. VPS hosting companies do the same. They take care of your VPS in a way that you won’t have to be worried about what you have in your VPS memory. Besides, they also keep the connection up and running, so that you will be able to have access to your VPS at anytime.

Your VPS is your business safety box too. You can keep all the valuable files and documents in it, while you do know that you can have access to it from anywhere in the world, just by having a simple username and password.

Unlike your PC or laptop, VPS is always on. It is working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, nonstop. The reason is that it has to be available, whenever you want to have access to it. You cannot have access to it when it is off. You can remotely restart it, or shut it down. It goes back to work within a few minutes, when you restart your VPS. But if you shut it down, you will have to request the VPS hosting company to turn on your VPS again. Therefore, usually nobody shuts down their VPS, and they let it work nonstop, which is how a VPS has to be. It is like a fridge that has to work nonstop to keep the foods always fresh and cold.

Why Do You Need a VPS?

1. As a Data Storage

You can keep your files and documents in your VPS, without having to be worried about losing them, or having someone have unauthorized access to them. A VPS that is hosted by a professional company is the safest place to keep your confidential documents. If you buy such a VPS which is usually cheaper than what you think, you will be sure that your documents are in a safe place, and you have access to them whenever you want, and from anywhere you want.

Besides, you will be the only person who can have access to the data that is stored in your VPS. Even the VPS hosting company cannot have access to content of your VPS after they set up your VPS and send you the login authentications. They can restart or shut down your VPS, but they cannot have access to its content, because you will be the only one who knows your VPS password. The password will be assigned and sent to you automatically, so that nobody can see it, but you. In spite of this, you can change the password if you want, just to be at the safe side.

Your personal computer or laptop can always crash and you can lose the data you have in it. So, it is a great idea to keep the data in another safe place, so that you can have access to it whenever you want. Besides, your computer hard disk may be big enough to keep all your data, and huge video and sound files. But our VPS machines have huge hard drives that are extremely fast as well.

2. To Have Remote Access to a Professional Computer from Anywhere

You can’t take your personal computer anywhere that you go. Even you can’t have your laptop with yourself sometimes. But your smart phone can be with you anywhere that you go, while you can connect to the Internet through WiFi or through the data service you receive from the wireless company. Using your smart phone, you can have access to your VPS easily, whenever you need to do something, or you want to access the data you have on it (of course you can have access to your VPS with your personal computer and laptop as well).

You can’t do everything with your phone. But your VPS is a professional computer that can do everything. You can install any software that you want on your VPS. Then you can use them through having access to your VPS with your phone, while you could never use those software on your phone.

It means by having a cheap VPS, you will always have access to a strong and professional computer from anywhere.

3. To Run Special Software that Have to Work Nonstop

If you are – for example – a Forex or stock trader and you use some special robots on your trading platform, they have to be working all the time nonstop. Any power outage or Internet disconnection can create problems, and can even cause you to lose money.

You cannot use your personal computer for that. You use your computer for the other purposes while the trading platform has to be working with the robots, and when you use your computer at the same time, it can interfere with the platform and robot performance. Above all, your computer can be turned off or get disconnected from the Internet for some reason.

Therefore, you need to have a VPS, install your trading platform on it and let it work nonstop. Our VPS system are up 99.99% of the time, and never get disconnected from the Internet. So you won’t be faced with any problems at all, if you buy and use a VPS, while using your office or home computer can cost you a lot in this case.

It is the same with many other jobs and businesses that have to monitor something nonstop, or must have some software working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So using a VPS hosting is a must sometimes. When you look at the prices, you will see that it is really worth to have a VPS hosting, because they are not too expensive while they can do a lot of things that your personal computer or laptop can’t. We offer the cheapest VPS hosting with the highest performance and uptime.


Sometimes you have to use VPN or Virtual Private Network for some reason: You either want to have an extremely secure access to the Internet or some resources, or you want to hide your personal IP address for some reason, or if you live in countries that applies Internet filtering and they block some websites that you really need to have access to.

Therefore, you will have to use a VPN. But that is not a good idea, because even your VPN can be blocked and you won’t be able to use it sometimes. On the other hand, not all the VPN that can be used in your country are safe, and you can easily have your personal information exposed to others when you use VPN.

Besides, VPN is not cheaper than VPS.

So, why don’t you use a VPS that not only can work as a virtual private server with all the features that I described above, but also it can work as a VPN that is much safer and more secure than VPN?

VPS is a much better option compared to VPN from another point of view too:

When you visit websites though a VPN, in most cases they know that you are using a VPN. They know this through the IP address of your VPN. This doesn’t look good, because VPN means there is something that you want to hide sometimes.

For example, if you login to your online banking account through a VPN, chances are they suspend your account because they may think that someone has hacked your account. But you won’t be faced with these kinds of problems when you use a VPS, because VPS is a computer, exactly like your laptop or PC, with a clear and legitimate IP address. But IP addresses that VPN companies use, are being used by too many users sometimes, and many of them become blacklisted, because of different spamming and abusive activities of other users who use the same VPN with the same IP address.

Imagine what happens if you login to your online banking account with the IP address that hundreds or even thousands of other users already used it to login to their accounts with the same bank, and also some other users tried to hack some accounts with the same IP address. But when you have a VPS, your connection to the Internet through your VPS will be through a unique IP address that nobody else has already used.

Above all, compared to VPN, many of the VPS hosting packages are much cheaper. You can find the cheapest VPN hosting that are also self-managed among the packages we are offering above.

What Operating System Should You Choose for Your VPS?

There are two operating systems for the VPS hosting packages we offer:

  • Linux
  • Windows 2016

VPS with Linux  operating system are $5 cheaper, because Linux is a free open-source operating system. But Windows 2016 is not free and it has a license fee.

Linux is mainly for the professional programmers and advanced computer users, and so it is not for 99% of the users. But most probably Windows 2016 suits your needs, because it is exactly like your laptop or PC, and all the programs you are currently using on your laptop or PC can be easily installed on your VPS as well.