ClickBank affiliate program is almost the first online affiliate system that I know. Affiliate marketing or affiliate program is something that you hear quite often these days.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that this is one of the top online armories to promote a product or initiative.

The effectiveness and reach of these programs make it popular.

In fact, the ClickBank affiliate program enables you to sell your products digitally.

It also helps you to make money while you are promoting someone else’s product digitally.

But this ClickBank affiliate marketing is a two-way street.

As a vendor, you have to make sure you are paying commissions to those who are promoting your product(s).

Simultaneously, as an affiliate hub like ClickBank, it is imperative to make sure you provide your associates with the best rates.

Again simultaneously, if you are the one who is placing all these affiliate ads on your web page, you have the additional responsibility of creating content that can attract eyeballs and also promote products that you have selected.

Your earnings are directly dependent on the overall products that you are able to promote and the total number of clicks that translate into buys.

Yes, the total number of buys converts the clicks into potential earnings.

This is the basic foundation upon which organizations like ClickBank are based upon and run so effectively.

In simple terms, this is also the moving mantra for any affiliate marketing initiative.

Making Money with ClickBank Affiliate Program

Getting started with ClickBank does not come so simply.

More often than not, once you sign up for ClickBank, you end up looking at some sub-standard products and then wonder how you can make money out of it?

Sometimes it happens that you keep trying for months together and are able to make barely $100-200.

The challenge most times with the ClickBank affiliate program is how to make it profitable.

The website gives you details about potential traffic, yearly earnings and overall popularity.

But are you wondering why you are not able to translate them into profit like the website claims?

Well, the fact is that ClickBank affiliate marketing is not as simple as it appears.

While on the one hand, you need to gain practice and hone your skills, on the other, you also have to be very shrewd in your product selection.

In the absence of the right and appropriate products to promote, your entire initiative would fall flat.

Therefore, if you are looking to initiate the ClickBank program to generate an alternate source of making money, it is necessary to chalk out a well thought out strategy.

Not only is it important to understand the implications of the program properly, but also how effectively you should be running it to maximize your gains.

You must undertake an in-depth study of the various provisions of the affiliate program and explore the possibilities of using it to optimize the gains and maximize the earnings from this.

You must remember that the content of the website you are placing these ads also make a huge difference.

So getting started with ClickBank is a multi-pronged strategy that aims to bring out a balance between the vendor’s target, the buyer’s aspirations and your targets.

Therefore, it becomes important to keep in mind some basic ground rules.

1. Choose the Right Product

For ClickBank to click for you, it becomes immensely important to choose the right type of products.

This will always enhance the clicks that you get for the ads that you place on your site.

For example, if you have a blog about recipes and cooking, it will make sense to put ads about cooking related products.

Those who are exploring the site for relevant recipes or cooking styles would get interested in the ads that you might place for interesting cookware or spice mix or even ready-made food.

Given the wide range of products that ClickBank has, it often becomes very important to choose correctly.

This is of particular importance as the list of options also has some sub-standard and not so great products.

A wrong selection can quite easily drive down the wrong impression.

It can also deter the visitors to your site to revisit later.

2. Balance of Ads & Content

It is never sufficient to simply sign up for ClickBank and put the relevant ads in place.

You have to look at achieving the right type of balance as well.

Too many ads would mean that your viewers would soon get tired of dealing with endless cookies that get generated.

On the other side, if you put too few of them, it would mean that you will not get sufficient clicks to translate into a reasonably strong earnings for you over the longer term.

The whole ClickBank affiliate marketing initiative would fall flat if you are not able to convert them into the required number of earnings.

3. Do Your Own Research

Another key step in getting started with ClickBank effectively is to do some legwork on your own.

Do not just rely on what others have to tell you about the affiliate program.

It always makes sense to do some research and in-depth study on your own.

This will help you to actually convert this online e-commerce giant into a significantly large contributor to your monthly earnings.

At the same time, it could also help you explore newer means of raising money from the same source.

4. Need To Develop Appropriate Understanding

Another fundamental factor in making ClickBank a profitable alternative for you would be to understand the payment schemes properly.

When you have sufficient sales volumes, the basic fees that you have to pay do not really pinch.

However, at the initial level, when you have rather small sales number, every dollar counts and that point the ClickBank charges could pinch significantly.

So before you get started, understand the overall fee implications clearly.

This will make sure that your earnings do not get crimped by these charges and you are able to maintain a steady inflow of earnings.

Ways to Pick Right Products on ClickBank Marketplace

Well, by now you have understood it pretty clearly that the best way to get the most out of the ClickBank affiliate program is to choose the right kind of product.

But the basic question that often bothers you is how to end up getting the right product mix and maximize your earnings potential.

Industry experts say that in this context, you must first set up your own sales parameters like the amount of sales you want to achieve, the kind of money you would want to earn and the share of money that you would like to make from ClickBank.

This will help you to narrow down the potential options that you can explore to create the product bank.

The whole exercise of selecting the right product on the ClickBank affiliate marketing program is almost like choosing the keyword for a search engine optimized site.

What would happen if you chose the wrong keywords or failed to identify the most appropriate one?

Your website or digital content will not be able to attract the right kind of eyeballs.

The related viewership would be much lesser, and this will harm the ranking of your content to a large extent.

In the same way, if you cannot choose the right type of ClickBank product, your overall earnings would be compromised severely.

You might be great at product promotion but without the right options, the whole exercise can fall flat, and you will not be able to make a lot of money in terms of earnings.

So what are the key terms and conditions that you should base your overall sale pitch on?

1. Earnings Per Sale

One of the key parameters that should dictate your choice on ClickBank affiliate program is the earnings that you can expect per sale.

First of all, shortlist a few items you could promote.

Now compare the average amount of money that you are making after every sale on the various products.

It is almost needless to mention that you choose the one that gives you maximum leverage in this context.

2. Commission Percentage

This is yet again a crucial prerequisite.

The percentage of sale price or the commission on every earning that the affiliates get will determine the extent of your payment.

So compare the average earnings from the various options you have shortlisted.

This will help you make a wise choice easily.

3. Popularity

In the ClickBank terminology, this is known as gravity.

Essentially this outlines the total number of affiliates who sold the product you shortlisted in the past 3 months.

This is an important consideration as a relatively more popular product is invariably the one that has better earnings prospect.

4. Rebills

The average number of ClickBank affiliates who are taking commission from rebills become a vital consideration.

It highlights the percentage of rebills paid to the affiliate and the overall reliability of the brand that you could be selecting.

So when you go through these various parameters, you will be able to create a brief profile of the type of alternatives that you must look for.

The sites or products that you choose to promote must have:

  • These products or e-commerce sites should have a low offer price
  • The sites you decide to promote must have at least 3-4 upsales
  • It should contain reasonable details about the company’s sales and other details
  • Always go through the reviews that are provided online. An honest user feedback is often more helpful than column after column of information by the manufacturer.
  • The gravity of the page or the popularity of the site that you select should be above 20. It means it should have been selected by at least 20 people in the past three months. That reflects the overall earnings potential of your choice.

The earnings potential is the key factor for any affiliate program.

You must remember the entire purpose of affiliate marketing by ClickBank or any other network is essentially aimed at getting the right amount of exposure and earnings.

If you are not able to garner that, then your entire initiative will go waste.

The Visual Element Is Crucial

The quality of the content is crucial for any affiliate program.

If you pay close attention to all the high gravity ClickBank programs, you will notice that invariably the ones that have the best content are also the most profitable ones.

By content, I don’t just mean the written content alone.

The visual element that constitutes the entire promotional content also needs to be attention grabbing.

Thinking about it, when you are flipping pages in a magazine or surfing pages on the internet, you invariably get stuck on a page that has beautiful visuals.

The same is true about the display ads that you choose from the ClickBank.

You must remember that both the design as well as the visual content of the page is very important.

Ultimately, it is this that will grab the user’s attention and help convert their clicks into buys and thereby helping you earn.

If you thought you could put up just about any content and that would get converted into earnings then you are seriously mistaken.

Remember the reason why most online users get attracted to content is only on the basis of the image that is used on the thumbnail.

As they say, a picture is worth millions of words…

Whether you are looking at ClickBank affiliate marketing for generating additional income or just as an alternate source of making money, it becomes necessary to manage the visual content of the ads that you choose.

By the rule of thumb, all such ads that have a strong and attractive visual presence will garner more attention and would be more common as well.

In comparison, ads that have unattractive visual content will not be able to create that kind of impact even if the product that they offer is great.

Therefore, we can conclude that the ClickBank affiliate program is a complex mix of great quality, shrewd business sense and a strong eye for details.

The only way that you can make ClickBank profitable for you is by maintaining a strong line-up of ads that don’t just grab attention but also result in higher earnings.

This is only possible when you devote a significant amount of time and energy to understanding the various aspects of ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Once you are thorough with the various nitty-gritty of the page, you will be able to channelize the potential of the ads that you select in a profitable manner.

Don’t Do It Without a Website

This is my last advice here in this article. But it can be the most important advice too.

Many affiliates try to make money with ClickBank affiliate program without a website. But this is a big mistake, simply because a strong review of a product that you publish your site/blog is a one time work, but can make money for you forever, while posting your hop links on the Facebook groups and pages can hardly make money for you while you have to repeat it every day. So, do it with a professional site/blog. If you don’t know how to run a professional site/blog, just let us know. We have already built strong and professional sites/blog for our clients and students.