Whenever you look at any ClickBank reviews, it is generally a complex mix of several positive and negative features.

However, there are some types of ClickBank complaints that have been doing the rounds recently.

They range from uncooperative customer representatives to unexplained product refunds to even delivery products.

The various kinds of complaints highlight some of the operational issues that customers face on a day to day level.

It is needless to mention that these types of complaints also highlight the concern areas that you must pay attention to while dealing with this e-commerce giant.

Top 10 Reasons for ClickBank Complaints

Here is a quick lowdown on some of the top ClickBank complaints that you would see across websites:

  1. Uncooperative Customer Representatives
  2. Unexplained Refund
  3. Cancellation Problems
  4. Unauthorized Payment
  5. Inaccurate Card Usage
  6. Irregular Payment & Bank Charges
  7. International Transactions
  8. Gravity Score
  9. Online Payment Scam
  10. Inability To Send Complaint Form

1) Uncooperative Customer Representatives

If you go through the top 15 websites that include ClickBank reviews, most of them seem to highlight the lapses on behalf of the customer care representatives of ClickBank.

Some did not get satisfying responses while others kept getting referred from one person to another till they got tired.

Often the customer representatives act as the bridge between the company and customers.

But if they are not able to maintain the channels of communication effectively, there will be a huge communication gap.

When hassled customers have tried to contact the ClickBank representatives, more often than not, they have been able to contact anyone.

In the occasions when they have actually managed to touch base, these reviews indicate that the advice that was extended did not help the individual at all.

On the contrary, their confusion increased even further leading to a lot more complication.

Be it an unexplained refund or product return initiative, ClickBank has a long list of very dissatisfied customers who did not get a response as per their expectation.

On the contrary, the response has been rather tardy.

2) Unexplained Refund

Quite a few of the customer reviews indicated that their order was canceled without their permission.

They only got to know about the development when they got a message about the refund in their bank account.

The worrying point as a ClickBank customer is a frequency within which these incidents have occurred.

When the customer service representatives were contacted, they had a different explanation for it at different instances.

The end user was thoroughly confused and completely at a loss to come to any conclusion regarding the entire episode.

This generally leaves a bitter aftertaste about the entire buying experience.

Not just that, even for the other ClickBank associates, this experience has led to a negative perception of the brand’s value and their ability to deliver over the longer term.

Most times customers felt that no attention was paid to their complaints and the lack of constructive feedback often resulted in a negative perception about the brand.

The unexplained refund also indicated inefficient delivery module and lack of appropriate screening on the ClickBank platform.

Canned email responses to every type of query that customers had are pretty much the maximum that they could ever expect from the company.

3) Cancellation Problems

Well so many times, it so happens that you buy a product and then change your mind about it eventually.

What happens then?

Well, a simple solution would be you just cancel the order.

Well, ClickBank Complaints will tell you how harrowing this simple experience can be.

Lack of proper feedback and appropriate response from the company has resulted in additional confusion for the customer.

As the customer feedback indicated, in one instance, the company even posted false responses allegations.

It said that the company had a different version and was untrue in many of the details included.

What made the experience even more bitter was the fact that the customer’s dissatisfaction was not given due credence.

The company claims that they offered the customer technical assistance.

But the customer’s version is completely different and even claims that the company did not contact them.

It happens in the entire process most times that your cancellation request gets unnoticed.

You get saddled with a product that you might have already changed your mind about.

You might get seriously demotivated and even cancel your registration with ClickBank.

This could be detrimental to business in the future as well.

4) Unauthorized Payment

This is not just a major risk for ClickBank users but a possible threat as well for all types of online consumers.

As per the feedback put forth by one of the users, the ClickBank software managed to hack into their computer and authorized payment illegally.

While this particular consumer user was rather alert and managed to identify it within a loss of $400, others might not be as fortunate.

If they are not very confident and just clicking on a product can lead to it getting bought by them, it shows the advanced technology used in hacking the system.

They did not just hack into the system but are even authorizing payment on behalf of the customer.

So more than a mere complain, it is a serious threat to all possible online e-commerce activities.

When the hacking exercise can actually help in authorizing online payment, the possible theft of other sensitive information from your system is also possible.

One of the key reasons could be the lack of adequate screening facilities for the possible merchant players.

They could be highly ethical alternatives, and at the same time, they could involve some serious cyber offenders and scamsters too.

Moreover, there are moments when the payment gateway freezes soon after you have made a payment but the delivery address has not been fed in.

The result is the company has your money, but they don’t have your address to deliver the product.

As per user feedback, despite making repeated attempt to contact the ClickBank associates and the relevant customer representatives, there was no use.

The money could not be recovered, and neither was the product delivered.

Moreover, even attempts to claim a refund met with disappointment.

Most times the page freezes on refund claim as well.

But other operations continue unhindered.

5) Inaccurate Card Usage

Another common problem that many ClickBank users have complained about is the erratic payment gateways.

A lot of times credit card payment might not get processed on its own, but when the same card is used via Paypal, it goes through smoothly.

The reason why users normally get very hassled is because the relative feedback and response from the customer services team are very limited and hardly helpful.

This further adds to their confusion and concerns about the authenticity of the payment gateway.

It could also drive away viewers from possible websites associated with ClickBank.

6) Irregular Payment & Bank Charges

Think about it; why did you think about joining ClickBank? More often than not it was a means of generating a reliable alternative income source.

It was created with the idea that if this source of income became satisfactorily adequate, you could even look at quitting your day job.

But you would agree that all of this would depend solely on the frequency with which you get paid by ClickBank.

Most reviews maintain that this e-commerce pioneer processes payments even twice a week.

But the point is are you getting them at all.

Well, instances of delays and untimely payment are just too frequent, and the people suffering, as a result, are many.

Overall, you have a significant list of customers who either received no payment or have got it after a rather long wait.

Many of these users consider ClickBank to be a scam or a fake money making body with no real earnings as such.

There is another group of people also feel the company is not really trustworthy to put your money in it and it is best avoided.

Instead, people should look at other possible money earnings sources.

Charges on the Bank Statements

Levy of illegal bank charges is another top grouse of many people using this payment gateway.

Many ClickBank complaints on the internet show record of unaccounted bank charges that have suddenly shown in the user’s account.

This payment suddenly made an appearance, and before that, there was no mention of this charge either.

Most times they only realize much later when they might be analysis the bank statement in details.

This problem takes up an unpleasant form because of the lack of response on ClickBank’s side.

Many times, their customer service representatives have even tried to explain to the user the genuineness of the charges levied.

The user gets cornered and often apart from accepting the so-called charge, there isn’t much to accept.

There are very few examples of alternative recourse.

Even email after email urging ClickBank to refund the balance went completely unresponded most times.

Users tried to contact their customer service representatives, but there was no response regarding these incorrect charges that were asked to be reversed.

It is needless to mention that this leaves a bad aftertaste for those who had to bear the charges.

7) International Transactions

Several international transactions faced a similar fate as well.

When the user tried to cancel the product selection, the payment went through.

One hapless user account mentioned how they tried to keep canceling the payment for close to three days but without any luck whatsoever.

In most of these cases, the silence or the non-cooperation of the customer service representatives worsens the problem for them.

They have nowhere to, turn to and sole representatives of the company suddenly become absolutely quiet.

If at all some respond, it does not help the individual in recovering their payment.

8) Gravity Score

If you have plunged into ClickBank without proper and adequate study, you could be facing this unique problem.

This is one of the most basic pre-conditions that ClickBank works upon and bases its success model upon.

You have to always remember to choose sites with gravity score above 50 to ensure better sales and a more sustainable assurance of getting money from the entire deal.

But there is no explicit information base to get these details.

As a result, people, in general, plunge into the entire ClickBank business forum without being prepared for it adequately.

9) Online Payment Scam

Another common ClickBank complaint that you hear of getting charged for a service that you might not have subscribed for one to which you did not get adequate access.

Think about it; you chose a movie downloads site online.

You like the terms and conditions and also the movie collection, so feed in your card details.

But you would notice soon after you fed in your card details, the page completely froze, but money gets deducted from your credit card.

You try accessing the site after this, but chances are you will not be able to recover the money that they deducted from your account.

10) Inability to Send Complaint Form

In most cases when you face a problem with the ClickBank products or services, chances are that they ask you to fill up the complaint form and upload it for further action.

However, the fact is that you would face a lot of differing opinions about the overall efficacy of the complaint form.

Most ClickBank complaints reveal that most times you can’t even upload the form, forget about seeing action on your complaint.

The page freezes every time you try uploading the complaint page and send it to the officials involved in the entire process.

Even speaking to the customer service representatives about this won’t bear any fruit because they would want to see the complaint form.

Unfortunately for most the complaints, the form is either very hard to upload or even fill it up.

This adds to the woes of the hapless customers.

For ClickBank, this could spell double trouble.

Apart from the loss of credibility, this could also mean that a lot of people might want to switch to other more reliable affiliate network platform with higher dependability.


Therefore, the ClickBank complaints clearly highlight a distinct lacuna of the customer care representatives who work for the firm.

Repeatedly their inaction or slow action highlights the lack of coordinated response system aimed for a comprehensive customer care program.

While the basic concept might not be fake, the execution aspect of ClickBank has a lot of scope for improvement.

From ensuring smooth buys, flawless delivery to uneventful launches, every aspect needs a more thorough inspection and reduction in the room for complaints.

Therefore for it to gain a better reputation in the market and unlock its true potential, ClickBank has to invest significantly more in customer care.