If you have a business, or you want to have a business, you should create a blog.

Please spend few minutes and read the article below entirely to realize what an opportunity you have been missing so far because of having no blog. If you want to make your business as successful as possible, or if you want to establish a good source of income, the solution is here on this page.

What Is a Blog?

Blogs are the dynamic forms of websites. A blog can be updated very easily and without having to know how to program and code. You can have new pages and posts as easy as 1, 2, 3. Additionally, the visitors can dynamically and easily leave comments, ask their questions and receive answers.

Static websites are obsolete. So, we don’t say “website” anymore. We say blog ūüôā

Create a BlogNowadays, it is a lot more fun to have a dynamic website or blog. The reason is that it is easy to manage and promote. You don’t have to be an internet or computer expert, nor do you have to know anything about web designing or programming.

It wasn’t like this when I started my online business in 2002. HTML was the minimum thing you had to know if you wanted to manage a website and add or remove content. If you wanted to be more professional, then you had to know ASP or PHP, Javascript and MySQL as well, which is what 99% of people couldn’t handle.

Now you can create a blog, manage and add or remove content very easily. It is still a little technical to create and set up a blog. But once we do it for you, you can manage it on our own. It will be as easy as replying to your emails.

Creating blogs is one of the things we do for our clients.

How to Create a Blog

In this article, I don’t want to teach you how to create a blog, because you are here to ask us to do it for you. I am explaining about one of the services that we offer to our clients. Maybe in some later posts, I will explain more on creating a blog, so that you can do it on your own if you want.

However, it is a little technical to create a blog. Therefore, those who don’t have the knowledge and experience will be faced with some technical problems and will give up at the beginning and even before they start blogging. That’s why those without experience ask us to do it for them. We create a blog for you and take care of it technically. Therefore, you won’t have to be worried about the technical aspects of the work.

Once we create your blog, adding content to it will be a piece of cake and you can do it on your own if you want. However, we can help you with that too. One of the other packages that we offer is providing the quality and SEO-Optimized content for your blog, which is so critical in receiving organic and free targeted traffic from search engines.

Here is how we create a blog for you:

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Secure Connection
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Platform Setup
  5. Quality Content

1. Domain Name Registration

Domain NameFirst, you need to give us some information about your business. This is important for us to decide about your blog domain name and design.

Domain name is the name that we will have to register to create your blog address or URL. For example, the URL of my blog is https://www.VahidChaychi.com/

VahidChaychi.com is my blog’s domain name. And, domain registration is the first step of creating your blog. We will choose a domain name for your blog and will let you know about it. Once we come to an agreement about the domain name, we will register it for you.

2. Buying the SSL Certificate

Nowadays, having a secure web address for websites and blogs is necessary because popular browsers, like Google Chrome and FireFox, are sensitive to it. They warn visitors when they visit a website that doesn’t support a secure connection or https. See below:

(Not Secure Connection) Google Chrome Indicating the Connection to This Site Is Not Connection

Adding the SSL Certificate to your blog enables an encrypted connection to support an https address. An https address is secure in transferring the data, compared to an http address which is not secure.

When your blog doesn’t support an https address, you will lose your blog visitors because, as I explained above, the web browsers like Google Chrome warn the visitors when they visit your blog.

Having a SSL Certificate and secure connection, wasn’t used to be an issue for the ordinary sites and blogs that didn’t do more than publishing articles. But now it is an important stage in creating a blog, because of the new ability of the web browsers in warning the visitors, and the attentions that the secure connection has recently started to receive:

Secure Connection Confirmation by FireFox

3. Web Hosting

Web HostingYour blog needs a space in the World Wide Web to have the files and data stored and accessible to internet users. This space is called web hosting.

We host your blog files and data on the strongest servers in different parts of the world (cloud hosting).

Therefore, your blog will have a high speed for all the internet users around the world.

Besides, nobody will be able to locate your blog hosting locations, so hackers can’t hack your blog at all.

Your blog will have a 99.99% uptime. Guaranteed!

Our blogging web hosting package is called Dynamic Blogging. This package is the most exceptional web hosting package on the Internet.

The other companies charge thousands of dollars to create a simple site with few simple pages for you. But we create unlimited pages for free, while your blog/site is hosted on the strongest and fastest servers in the world with so many other free and unlimited services and features.

Some companies charge you $499 per month just to optimize your site for 10 keywords. But we do it for you for free. We offer unlimited search engine optimization, digital marketing consulting/advice, as well as web hosting and free website setup/design for a much much lower price. Here is the list of the features of this package:


  1. Unlimited Sites (Blogs)
  2. Free SSL Installation for All Your Sites
    ($20/year to buy SSL Certificate for each site.)
  3. Free Platform Installation 
  4. Free Cloud Hosting for All Your Sites
  5. Free/Unlimited Web Page Design/Development Based on Your Request 
  6. Free/Unlimited Web Page and Site-Wide Customization 
  7. Free/Unlimited Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  8. Free/Unlimited Digital Marketing Consulting and Advice 
  9. Free/Unlimited Backup  
  10. Free e-Commerce and Payment Processing 
  11. Free Malware Protection 
  12. Free Affiliate System 
  13. Unlimited Database 
  14. Unlimited Bandwidth 
  15. Unlimited Storage 
  16. Unlimited Email Address 
  17. Unlimited Mailbox 
  18. Unlimited Sub Domains 
  19. High Performance 
  20. Hacking Protected 
  21. Applications:
  22. – Blog (WordPress)
    – Analytics (BBClone)
    – Content Management (Concrete5, Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3)
    – E-commerce (Gallery v3, Magento 2, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart)
    РeLearning (Moodle) 
    РForum (phpBB) 
    РGallery (Coppermine Photo Gallery) 
    РEmail (AfterLogic WebMail Lite, AfterLogic WebMail Pro, SquirrelMail) 
    – Portal (MediaWiki)
    – Help Desk (osTicket)
    – Online Marketing (phpList)
    – Customer Relationship Management (SugarCRM)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Full and No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee!

4. Your Blog Platform

WordPressWe install WordPress as the platform of your blog.

A platform is the software that runs your blog. It enables you to manage your blog and post new content on it.

WordPress is the best and strongest platform for blogging. Above all, it is very user-friendly and secure. It supports anything that a professional blog needs to have.

There is no blog platform better than WordPress. Guaranteed!

5. Your Blog Needs Targeted Traffic

No business can make money without customers. And, no blog can make money without traffic, that is to say, ‚Äútargeted traffic‚ÄĚ.

The main goal of creating a blog for a business is receiving targeted traffic. This is because targeted traffic turns into leads and prospects, and then customers and clients. Also, when you don’t have a business and you just want to make money with your blog, again you need targeted traffic to generate sales or have the ads clicked.

Therefore, a blog that doesn’t receive targeted traffic, doesn’t make money for you, nor does it help your business to grow and have more customers.

So, we create a blog to receive targeted traffic. The targeted traffic that our blog receives turns into customers and clients.

How Can a Blog Receive Targeted Traffic?

When your blog contains quality content, it will receive free or organic targeted traffic from search engines like Google. That’s why we don’t just create a blog for our clients. We provide quality content too. Without quality content, a blog will have no advantage. We offer packages of SEO-Optimized quality articles that you can buy.

When it comes to blogging, “quality content” means strong and quality articles or posts. Just like with vlogging,¬†“quality content” means strong and quality videos.

Therefore, we create quality and professional SEO-Optimized articles for your blog.

Of course, you can buy targeted traffic too, and this is one of the other packages we offer HERE. However, while you buy targeted traffic to promote your business faster (because paid targeted traffic is instant), you must improve your blog content to receive organic targeted traffic too. Organic targeted traffic is free, but it takes time and effort to generate. Despite this, targeted traffic is a big help for your business. A steady stream of free targeted traffic is what all businesses need.

6. Your Blog Needs a Strong Follow-up System

Your blog receives targeted traffic from search engines. Targeted visitors will like your blog content and love to come back and read your new posts. They also like to know more about your products and services to place orders.

The targeted visitors can submit their email addresses on your blog. Their emails will be added to a fully-automated follow-up system, so that they will receive follow-up emails from you and your blog automatically. Therefore, they will come back to your blog from time to time, and the continuous follow-up makes them place orders eventually.

Our follow-up system helps them know you better and trust you easier, because continuous contacts creates trust. Our follow-up system establishes a line of trust between you and your blog followers. This is a big help to increase your income over time.

How much does our strong and fully-automated follow-up system cost?

It is 100% FREE. It comes as a free bonus when you order a blog.

How Much Does It Cost?


1. Blog Setup

Creating blogs is covered under our Fully-Automated Online Business System membership which is only $19 per month. It covers all the features we listed above.

We won’t charge you any extra fees for updating your website and adding the content that you want us to add to your site. However, if you request an update that needs programming or buying some special stuff, then we will have to charge you for it.

2. Blog Setup + Quality Content

If you want us to create your blog with Ten SEO-Optimized 2300+ Word Articles that are specifically related to your business, then you must pay for the articles separately: Free Organic Targeted Traffic with the Quality SEO-Optimized Content

Our SEO-Optimized 2300+ Word Articles will be the source of free organic targeted traffic for your blog. They are necessary for your blog and business success.

3. More Quality Content

After your blog’s setup which will be done under our Fully-Automated Online Business System membership, you can order more sets of SEO-Optimized 2300+ Word Articles. This will help your blog have more content and receive more free targeted traffic from search engines. Each extra set of Ten SEO-Optimized 2300+ Word Articles costs $990. The extra sets of articles can be ordered HERE.

We strongly recommend that you order at least one set of Ten SEO-Optimized 2300+ Word Articles every month. This is very important because:

(1)¬†It keeps your blog fresh and updated, which is important in improving your blog ranking on search engines (abandoned blogs that don’t publish any new posts will lose their ranking); and (2) more quality posts means more gateways of free targeted traffic from search engines (please see the below examples), and this is extremely important for your blog and business success.

4. Yearly Blog Maintenance

You will have unlimited blogs plus a lot more, under our Fully-Automated Online Business System membership, which is $19/month only. However, if you merely want web hosting, you can check these packages as well:

Our Guarantee:

Everything we offer here has the highest quality, and this is what we guarantee 100%. Your blog will be uploaded on the strongest servers around the world, and it will have almost a 100% uptime. Your blog can’t be hacked and will be accessible without any problems and delays from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, our SEO-Optimized articles are 100% unique and original. We create them for you when you place your order. Therefore, they are fresh and original which means they have never been published anywhere else, nor will they be sold to another client in future.

Our articles are professionally SEO-Optimized, and they will receive free targeted traffic from search engines. However, when they will start receiving traffic and how much traffic they will get, is what nobody can have any guesses about. Please continue reading to see some examples.

The blogs that we set up are 100% compatible with search engines systems and algorithms, especially Google’s. Therefore, they are eligible to have the highest rankings and the best positions on the search engines.

Your Blog Ranking on Google

Above, I have explained how we create a professional blog for you. I have also explained how important the quality content is in your blog and business success. Now, I want to show you some case studies and examples of our articles’ rankings on Google.

Google is the main source of free targeted traffic. Over 95% of our blogs’ targeted traffic comes from Google.

It is not that hard to¬†create a blog. However, a blog that doesn’t have quality contents will have no advantage because it receives no targeted traffic. It is like a luxury car with the best and strongest engine that has no fuel. It can’t move at all. That is why quality content is the most important thing we have to do after creating a blog.

We not only create professional blogs, but we are also experts in creating quality content for our blogs.

SEO-Optimized Posts

We SEO-Optimize each of the articles we write. This means, for each article, we choose at least one special key phrase that is specifically related to your business. Then we write an article and optimize it for that key phrase. After the article is published on the blog, Google indexes and ranks it, and so, the article starts receiving free targeted traffic from Google.

Blog Posts Search Engine OptimizationI can’t talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) here in this article, because it is a different and complicated story that has to be explained in several different articles. This article is focused on creating a blog. However, SEO-Optimized posts or articles are the most important part of a blog because they are the sources of free targeted traffic.

And, I repeat again: without targeted traffic, a blog will have no value and advantage.

SEO-Optimization of the articles is not easy. It requires lots of knowledge and experience. Besides, you always have to keep yourself updated because Google changes the algorithm all the time. That’s why most novice and inexperienced bloggers always complain about having no traffic from Google. They have some content, but they receive no traffic.

The reason is that they don’t know how to write and optimize posts. They even sometimes they make some mistakes that cause their blogs to get penalized by Google. Eventually, 99% of them will give up and lose the chance of making money or growing their business through blogging. However, blogging is such an incredibly strong method to make money or promote any kind of business.

Ranked on Google’s First Page

Let me show you some examples to help you understand what I mean by SEO-Optimized articles and their ranking on Google.

My team and I manage several blogs. LuckScout.com is one of them. This blog contains so many quality articles and receives a large number of free targeted traffic from Google every day.

For example, if you google most volatile penny stocks, which is an important and popular key phrase, you will see that LuckScout is not only ranked #1 on Google, but it is also displayed as the featured site, because of the quality of the article and site:

#1 and Featured Site on Google

I am not saying that all the articles we write, will be ranked #1 and displayed as the featured content. However, many of our articles will reach Google’s first page and will receive loads of free targeted traffic. For example,¬†if you google¬†make money online with google, you will see that one of the other LuckScout articles is currently on the first page and ranked #5 among 3,640,000,000 web pages or sites that Google currently lists for that key phrase. Sometimes it gets the 3rd position and it is possible that it could become #1 in future:

Ranked #5 on Google

With data technology as the search term, one of the other LuckScout pages is currently ranked #1 on Google, among 7,590,000,000 other data technology related sites and web pages that Google has indexed so far:

Ranked #1 Among 7,590,000,000 Other Pages on Google

Please note that article ranking change on Google from time to time. It means they can go higher or lower. Also, some search results are location and IP address dependent. It means you may not see exactly the same search result if you do the same search from different locations.

Create Your Blog Today

You should create a blog,¬†(1) if you have a business and you want to promote and grow it, or (2) you don’t have a business, but you want to make money online:

1. If You Have a Business and You Want to Promote and Grow It…

Your business needs a blog if you want to promote and grow it.


Your blog drives lots of free targeted traffic to your business. And, targeted traffic equals money.¬†Your business needs customers. It can’t survive without customers. And a professional blog, the kind that we set up and manage, is the best tool to generate customers for your business (please see the below examples).

Your Blog Promotes Your Business

Therefore, do yourself and your business a big favor and create a blog as soon as possible.

As you saw above, we have made it extremely easy to create and promote a blog. You will be faced with lots of technical difficulties if you want to do it yourself. However, as I explained above, we take care of everything for you: not only the blog setup, but also the quality content and creating the sources of free targeted traffic. It is an extremely important step for your business success.

See What a Great Tool a Blog Can Be!

To see what I mean when I say a blog is a great tool to promote and grow your business, please look at the graphs below that are plotted based on the data that Google has shared with us. LuckScout is one of the blogs that we manage.

According to the first graph, the value of the free targeted traffic that LuckScout.com receives from American users, through desk and laptop computers is currently about $76,000 every month:

The Value of the Free Targeted Traffic that LuckScout ReceivesAccording to the second graph, the value of the free targeted traffic that LuckScout receives from American users, and through mobile devices is currently about $69,900 every month:

The Value of the Free Targeted Traffic that LuckScout Receives

Therefore, the total value of the free targeted traffic that LuckScout receives from Google is $145,900 per month. Keep in mind that this value changes every month, but it has been going higher over the past few years.

This means if LuckScout wanted to receive this traffic through paid advertising (for example Pay-Per-Click advertising), they would have to pay $145,900 per month or $1,750,800 per year. But they are receiving this traffic absolutely for free. And, this is only 35.55% of LuckScout traffic that is from the American internet users, while LuckScout receives traffic from every other country too. If we add the other 64.45% of LuckScout traffic that it receives from other countries, then the total value of the free targeted traffic that LuckScout receives will be much more than $145,900 per month:

Luckscout Traffic from Different Countries

How Is This Possible?

This is because of nothing but the power of our SEO-Optimized articles or blog posts.

Do you know what a big difference such a free targeted traffic makes for a business?

This free targeted traffic skyrockets your business success. Every day, you are leaving lots of money on the table if you have a business but haven’t created a blog for it yet.

So, create a blog today.

2. If You Don’t Have a Business, But You Want to Make Money Online…

Even if you don’t have a business yet, a blog can be a great business itself, because it makes money online. It means, not only can a blog promote a business in the best possible way, but it can also be a lucrative business itself.

There are so many who make a living through blogging. Some of them have even become millionaires through blogging.

You may ask how it is possible to make money with a blog when you don’t have a business. Once a blog starts attracting targeted traffic from the search engines, you can monetize it and start making money even though you don’t already have a business, product or service.

Blog Monetization

It is so easy to monetize a blog. For example, you can easily post Google AdSense on your blog and make money through the visitors’ clicks on the ads.

What is not easy, however, is creating the strong and professional posts that drive free targeted traffic to your blog. This is what we are experts in. I already showed you some examples. There are many more similar examples of our successful blog posts.

Residual or Passive Income

Your Blog Is Great Tool to Make Residual IncomeOnce your blog reaches a level that receives reasonable targeted traffic from search engines, it keeps making money even if you stop working for a while. The reason is that your posts are still in place, and so your blog will keep on receiving traffic from the search engines through the posts that you have already published.

Different kinds of online businesses, especially blogging, are the best opportunities to establish residual income. They are not like other businesses that stop making money once you stop working.

Therefore, if you are looking to make money online and from the comfort of your home, then creating a blog is one of the best ways to achieve this.

So… Create a Blog Today…

Are You Ready?

1. Click Here to sign up for our Fully-Automated Online Business System membership, if you like to have your blog(s) under that system.

2. If you don’t like to follow our Fully-Automated Online Business System, you can have your blog(s) under the below packages too:

3. If you have already ordered your blog, but you want to order SEO-Optimized 2300+ Word Articles, please refer to this post.