Your business needs customers to survive. It is not only that. It needs more customers every month to be ahead of the competitors. Your business has to be where the potential customers can see it every day. Facebook is the best place to do this nowadays, and Facebook marketing is one of the best and most potent marketing methods for small businesses.

If you have a business, you must have a strong presence on Facebook. Having a Facebook page is good, but is not enough. Facebook marketing is a lot more than that. Anybody can create a Facebook page for their business. But when no reasonable number of fans follow their page every day; nobody refers to the related business’s website; and no new customer finds them through their Facebook page to refer to their store or office, then what is the advantage of having a Facebook page?

Your business must grow every month, otherwise it can’t last. More than 80% of small businesses can’t survive the second year. Many of the 20% that can will shut down the business within the next a few years. Why?

Because (1) they don’t have enough customers, and (2) the number of their customers doesn’t go up on a regular and constant basis.

Leave your Facebook marketing to us, and watch how your business will grow month after month and year after year.

Our Facebook Marketing System

Facebook MarketingHow does our Facebook marketing system work for small, middle and large businesses?

We also create Facebook pages and groups for your business, but the difference is that we promote them on Facebook and they attract real fans, followers and members.

This means more customers for your business every month.

Our Facebook marketing techniques will drive more targeted clicks to your website too, if you have a website for your business, but you don’t have to have a website to have more customers through our Facebook marketing techniques.

Does Facebook Paid Advertising Work?

Facebook paid advertising can be absolute wasting of time and money, when you don’t know how to use it.

You can place a Facebook ad within a few minutes, but whether you get any results is something that matters.

Facebook advertising can return great results when you know enough about digital marketing and the way you should set up and optimize the ads.

Driving some clicks to your website, or having your Facebook page’s posts seen by some Facebook users doesn’t mean that you will have new customers and will make more profit.

If you don’t believe this, just try it and you will see: you will have to stop your ad after a short while that you have spent money on it without getting any results.

Our System Works for Any Type of Business

Our Facebook marketing system works for you whether you have a regular brick and mortar business, or an online business.

–  If You Have a Brick and Mortar Business:

Brick and Mortar Small Business

You need Facebook to make more profit, even if you have a local brick and mortar business.

Facebook has billions of users that thousands of them are from the same area that your business covers.

How many of them know you and your business there?

Maybe none of them.

Your business must be in front of the people who live in the same area, whenever they refer to Facebook. And this has to repeat over and over for a long time. Many of these people will become your customers one day. It is just the matter of time.

When we start our Facebook marketing project for your business, we place your business in front of your potential customers on Facebook.

People of the same area will see your business, and will know the activities, products, services, promotions, special offers, events, announcements, etc. that it offers.

They start following your business on Facebook and you will become part of their lives. Many of them will eventually call you, or will refer to your business place one day.

Our system works for all kinds of businesses, like real estate agents and brokers, dentists, physicians, hair and beauty saloons, entertainment services, grocery and convenience stores, photographers, malls, gyms, personal trainers, tutors, teachers, accountants, consultants, lawyers, restaurants, repairers, construction companies, plumbers, painters, gardeners, moving companies, etc.

If your business is suffering from having no enough number of customers, and if it is not making reasonable profit every month, then it desperately needs our system.

We turn the losing and struggling businesses into scalable and growing ones, if their problem is having no enough customers.

Our system drivers prospects to your business. But it is you and your business that have to turn them into customers. Therefore, first you must be confident about the quality of the products/services you are offering, and then apply for our system to have your business in front of the Facebook users who may become your customers.

– If You Have an Online Business:

Online Business

Our system can promote online businesses the same way, with this difference that usually online businesses are worldwide and can have customers from all over the world.

In spite of this, Americans make more qualified traffic for the websites, because many of them are able to make payments online, and can afford to make purchases as well.

Therefore, to promote your online business more effectively to enable you to generate more profit, our Facebook marketing system generates US-originated targeted traffic to your online business.

If you have a legitimate online business, you can grow it much faster by using our system.

You will receive a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website, and you will have more subscribers and customers.

When Will You Start Getting Results?

Getting ResultsOur Facebook marketing system doesn’t explode your business overnight.

It builds a community of Facebook users around your business.

This community grows, and you will have more customers over time.

It never stops growing, so that you will have more customers gradually.

It grows your business slowly but surely.

What else do you expect from a strong business marketing system?

You want it to survive, make more profit every month and grow steadily.

This is what our system does for you and your business, while you don’t have to do anything extra.

You will only need to take care of your customers and their orders properly to keep them happy and satisfied.

You will start seeing some results after 1-2 months from running your campaign on our system.

But you will get more results over time, because your business’s community will grow on Facebook constantly.

If you want to receive more results within a shorter time, you will need to pick bigger packages. I will explain this more here on this page.

Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees

1. We guarantee that your business will be known and seen by the real people who are your potential customers.

They will refer to your business, be it through your business physical place (in case of a brick and mortar business), or your business website (in case of an online business, or when you want us to drive your prospects to your business website), or through phone calls (in case you want us to make your prospects call you).

It depends on the a nature of your business and your preferences. For example, you may be interested in receiving phone calls from your potential customers, while another client may want us to refer people to their store or office.

2. We guarantee that you will have more prospects over time. But it is you who has to turn your prospects into customers by giving them proper and on time services. We don’t guarantees more sales, because it doesn’t depend on us. It depends on you and your business system. But we guarantee more and more real prospects over time.

3. We guarantee that the prospects we will drive to your business are 100% real, and from the same area, country, region and city that your business covers, or you want them to be.

4. We guarantee that you can stop paying us at any time.

5. Once we receive your business information, we will do our analysis, and if we come to this conclusion that we cannot promote your business on Facebook, we will refund your payment.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to Higher Levels?

You can’t handle everything on your own. Someone must promote your business for you. Our Facebook marketing system is all you need. We promote your business, and you take care of the customers. It is as easy as this.

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic package is $985 per month. However, if you want to receive more prospects and boost your business faster and within a shorter time, you can let us know to increase the size of your project. For example if you pay $1,970 per month, your Facebook community grows twice faster, compared to when you pay $985 per month.

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