Do you have a company or business? If the answer is yes, you should hire digital marketing specialists.

If your company and business is big, then you need a digital marketing department with several digital marketing specialists.


“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be OUT of business.” – Bill Gates

The internet is growing extremely fast. You can’t ignore this anymore if you have a business. The above quote is by a man who has been the richest in the world for so many years. If you have ignored the importance of the internet for your business so far, you should not do it anymore because it will cost you a lot.

Why You Must Hire Digital Marketing Specialists for Your Business

Digital marketing is a specialty. You can’t do it on your own if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience with it.

Digital marketing has several different aspects. If you want your business to have a strong online presence, your digital marketing expert has to work on all the different aspects properly:

1. A Professional Blog for Your Business

Most business people think that having a website the covers information like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, and has some pictures and information about the products and services is enough for a business. They think that having such a website is all they have to do to have an online presence for their business.


Such a website does almost nothing for your business. If you track the traffic of websites like this, you will see that usually the number of the visitors is not more than a few per day, even after the website has been online for several years.

Having such a website doesn’t equal a proper online presence. It is just a website that has almost no visitors.

What you need for your business is a professional blog that not only covers all the information about your business, company, products and services, but also drives lots of free targeted traffic to your business through the Quality SEO-Optimized Content.

There is no doubt that creating such a blog can’t be done by someone who is not experienced enough in blogging, writing, search engine optimization (SEO) and many of the other related technical skills.

You can’t achieve this on your own, even if you are a good businessperson. You need a digital marketer who is experienced enough in blogging.

Our Digital Marketing Specialists

You can use our blogging package. We will create a professional blog for you. However, if you have a business that deserves having at least one digital marketing specialist, you can hire us.

Through our blogging package, we will create and host a professional blog for you. Then you can order our content packages to have Quality SEO-Optimized Content on your blog and receive free targeted traffic from the search engines through them. However, through one contract, you can hire us as your digital marketing specialists, so that we will create and take care of your blog and also all the other things I will explain below.

Please keep reading to learn what our digital marketing specialists will do for you 🙂

2. Quality SEO-Optimized Content for Your Blog

We create a blog to publish Quality SEO-Optimized Content on it. Why?

Quality SEO-Optimized Content drives free targeted traffic to your business through search engines.

No matter what kind of business you have, our digital marketing specialists and professional writers and bloggers can create unlimited quality content for your blog. After a while, you will have a steady stream of free targeted traffic from search engines like Google.

When you have strong and good products, the free targeted traffic your blog receives from search engines means MONEY and PROFIT. How?

A high percentage of targeted traffic will convert to leads, prospects and customers.

Having a professional blog that supports lots of quality content is the most important part of the strong marketing strategies that experienced and professional digital marketing specialists always follow:

Strong Marketing Strategies + Good Products = MONEY

3. Paid Targeted Traffic for Your Business

Your blog can receive free targeted traffic from search engines when it supports reasonably strong and quality content. However, professional businesses always consider a monthly budget for paid advertising, whether they also receive free targeted traffic or not.

There are millions of businesses around the world that can’t survive without paid targeted traffic. Your business is not an exception. If you would like to make more money and grow your business faster and easier, you need to spend money on targeted traffic while your digital marketing specialists work on developing more sources of free targeted traffic.

Paid advertising can’t be done by everybody. It is sometimes even more complicated than developing sources of organic traffic. Those who think paid advertising is just a matter of paying some money to search engines, social media and popular websites, and buying clicks from them, will eventually lose lots of money without making any profit.

You can Click Here to buy quality targeted clicks from us. However, you can hire digital marketing specialists (at least one) to develop and manage your paid advertising campaigns, if you can afford to. This is what you have to do.

Paid Advertising Skills

Paid advertising needs several different skills that only professional digital marketing specialists have:

1. Market and keyword Analysis

Analyzing the market and finding the best keywords relevant to the business is a very important step, and sometimes needs lots of time and work.

Sometimes it is not worth to spend money on advertising for a business. Other times it is worth every cent to do it. It depends on the nature of the company, business, location, products/services, and so many other factors. However, there is no doubt that it needs experienced digital marketing specialists to decide and take the appropriate steps.

2. Building Professional Landing Pages and Sales Letters

Paid advertising needs professional landing pages and sales letters that convert the traffic into leads with the highest possible conversion rate.

This is so important to make the most of the money you spend on advertising. The higher the conversion, the more customers and the more money you will make by spending the same advertising budget.

The digital marketing specialists you hire will have to take care of this very carefully, otherwise you can’t make any profit through your paid advertising campaigns.

3. Creating the Ads

Creating the most optimal ads and having the best wording, images, videos etc… to attract more quality clicks and visitors is another important step.

Everybody can sign up for an account with a search engine or popular website that sells traffic and start paid advertising campaigns. But, creating professional ads that convert strongly is something that only digital marketing specialists can achieve.

You can easily lose lots of money on paid advertising if you don’t understand it in detail. So, make sure to spend some money on hiring professional digital marketing specialists instead of doing the paid ads on your own. This saves you lots of time and money and helps get much better results and make more profit.

4. Mailing Lists Management and Follow-up System

This step is even more complicated. It is extremely important, even more important than the other steps.

Without the strong follow-up systems, targeted traffic can’t do anything at all and will be a waste of money. It is a strong follow-up program that converts the leads into prospects and customers.

If you just spend money on paid advertising, but you don’t properly follow up with the generated leads, you won’t make any money. Without a proper follow-up program, no paid advertising campaign results in making profit.

Writing strong follow-up emails that hit the leads’ inboxes is one of the other things that our digital marketing specialists will do for your paid advertising campaigns. They help you get the maximum possible profit through your advertising.

They are “digital marketing specialists” after all 🙂

4. Social Media

Your business has to be present on social media too. There are so many social media websites. Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram are unignorable social media sites for businesses.

There are so many businesses that survive because of their strong presence on Facebook. All the while most people think that Facebook is just to find friends and share photos, videos and stories. No! Facebook can be such a big support for any kind of business.

The question is how your business can benefit from Facebook and other social media sites like Instagram.

There are two things that our digital marketing specialists do for the businesses on the social media:

First, they create and manage the things that can be done for free and Facebook doesn’t charge any money for them. There are lots of things that a digital marketing specialist can do on FaceBook and drive lots of targeted to a business without spending a single cent.

FaceBook free traffic can convert into leads and customers very strongly when there are some digital marketing specialists who know how to promote a business on Facebook.

Second, it is possible to start and promote paid advertising campaigns on popular social media like Facebook. This traffic also converts into leads and customers very strongly.

So, you need professional digital marketing specialists who promote your business on social media. You can’t afford to ignore the customers that you can get from social media sites like Facebook, if you are serious about growing your business and making more profit through it every year.

5. Webinars

Live webinars are becoming more popular in promoting businesses online.


People can sit at their computers at home, and learn what your business, products and services are. They learn who you are and what you offer them. It is so comfortable for them. They will have enough time and freedom to listen to you through your webinars. Then they can think and decide whether they want to place an order or not.

Therefore, when your potential customers see that you offer webinars on a regular basis, they trust you more easily. Webinars help you build a line of trust much faster.

The good thing is that webinars can be managed and performed by our digital marketing specialists without extra costs. Some businesses spend thousands of dollars per month to have live events and also webinars. However, our digital marketing specialists can facilitate this for you and your business without making you spend lots of money on it.

And the result is literally amazing and unbelievable.

6. Mailing Lists, Email Marketing and Follow-Up System

This is the most important part of digital marketing. Anything that your hired digital marketing specialists do has to end up to producing a proper follow-up system. Without a strong follow-up system, no digital marketing campaign, paid or free, will return any results.

Creating and managing a strong follow-up system is something that experienced digital marketing specialists can do, whether you like it or not. It is not just software or app that you can install on your computer or blog, and it takes care of the follow-up for all kinds of businesses.

It has to be done specifically for each business. Skilled and experienced writers and copywriters have to work with each other to create strong follow-up emails that not only hit the leads’ inboxes, but also make them trust you and place orders.

All targeted clicks, whether through organic clicks from search engines or through paid advertising, result in having the visitors’ email addresses saved in a mailing list manager. Sometimes we collect the phone numbers or mailing addresses of the visitors as well. It depends on the business.


We have to follow up with them. They have to know the business, products and services we offer. If we don’t follow up, they will forget us very easily. Many of them receive emails and phone calls from the others too. They can easily forget us if we don’t keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

Email is the best and easiest way. But, email marketing is not everybody’s bread and butter. Like all the other digital marketing skills, email marketing is also the digital marketing specialists’ task.


They write professional emails ads and announcements. Their emails won’t be blocked by the spam filters. Our digital marketing specialists know how to write spam free emails.

Additionally, they know how to talk to the leads based on their interests. They know how to introduce different products and services. Their emails don’t make the subscribers bored and tired, so most of them will never unsubscribe from the list.

And… there are so many other skills that an email marketer has to have in order to promote products and services properly and efficiently.

That is why you should hire at least one digital marketing specialist who is skilled and experienced enough in all of the above specialities. If your business is big and more complicated, you have to hire a team of digital marketing specialists.

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We have limited time and capacity. You’d better take affirmative actions soon.

We sign yearly contracts with our clients. This is because digital marketing and doing everything I outlined above can’t be done within a month. It takes time and effort and needs constant work and supervision.

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Keep in mind that if you don’t hire digital marketing specialists who establish and improve your business’s online presence, your business will have a hard time surviving, let alone growing and making more profit every month and year.