Are you a KaratBars KBC and KCB coins holder?

I know you are confused and you don’t know how much wealth you will have after the hardfork day which is now changed to December 16th 2019.

Are you a KaratBars affiliate who has referred people to their team, and now your referrals keep asking you what will happen to their KBC/KCB coins after the Hard Fork or Hardfork day?

I know you don’t have a clear answer for them. Nobody does, because KaratBars hasn’t officially disclosed the formula of merging KBC and KCB on the hardfork day.

But, in this article I will give you some tips and attract your attention to some facts that help you wait patiently for the hardfork day. It can be your life changing day. So, get ready for it.

Also please note that this article is not an investment advice. You understand that you buy/sell/convert/trade/invest/… at your own risk.

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How KBC and KCB Will Be Merged on the Hardfork Day?

As I mentioned above, KaratBars hasn’t officially released the formula that KBC and KCB will be merged based on it on the hardfork day.

Currently, both of the KBC and KCB coins are based on the Ethereum Blockchain. However, on the hardfork day, KaratBars will launch their own Blockchain that will be called MAINNET. Don’t worry if you don’t know what Blockchain is. It doesn’t matter.

All we know is that KBC and KCB will be merged on the hardfork day and a new coin which is called MAINNET KBC or GSC for now will be created:


GSC stands for Gold Standard Coin. Please note that GSC is not also an official name confirmed by KaratBars, and still we don’t know what the name of the new coin will be after the hardfork day.

KBC has already entered the cryptocurrency market. You can buy it from there. You can buy it through KaratBit platform which is the easiest way.

But KCB is still in an ICO, or initial coin offering (initial currency offering) phase. It hasn’t entered the cryptocurrency market yet, and it isΒ being sold by KaratBars.

It means KBC has a clear value in the market. But KCB price is determined by KaratBars. Therefore, if these two coins are supposed to merge on the hardfork day, the resulted coin has also to be in the cryptocurrency market and its price has to be somewhere between the KBC and KCB prices.

Currently, the KBC price is between 2-3 cents, and the KCB price is 0.14 euros. Therefore, it is expected that the GSC price to be above 2-3 cents and below 0.14 euros.

Does this matter?

I don’t think so, because in January of 2020 and after, KaratBars will give you one gram of CashGold for every 75 GSC coin, no matter what this coin’s value will be on the cryptocurrency market.

Some people says that the KCB value will be calculated based on the market value of KBC on the hardfork day, while KBC will retain its value. However, you should be aware that KaratBars hasn’t confirmed this, nor have they disclosed anything about the way that KBC and KCB coins will be merged on the hardfork day.

The most exciting part of the story is that after 1st of January 2020, every 75 MAINNET KBC equals one gram of physical gold or KaratBars CashGold.

Before I go ahead, I must explain another thing that confuses people:

The Difference of Gold’s Physical and Spot Price

Most people don’t know what the difference of physical gold’s price and gold’s spot price is. Physical gold’s price is the price of physical gold, whereas the gold spot price is the virtual gold’s price that can only be traded online and through the brokers. When you buy physical gold, they will send you physical gold. But when you buy gold based on the gold’s spot price, they send you nothing. It just stays in your online account. You can sell or trade it later, but you can’t receive it as physical gold.

The purpose of this explanation was to tell you that: The physical gold’s price is always higher than the gold’s spot price.

For example, as of writing this article (27 Sep 2019 at 6:55pm EST), the gold spot price is €43.98 per gram, whereas one gram of KaratBars CashGold is €52 which is of course the lowest price that 24K gold can be bought over the Internet.


It is possible that the GSC’s value goes much higher in the future. It is possible, but we never know what will happen. Personally, I am happy that I was on time enough to buy KBC and KCB coins.

Bitcoin has created over 23,000 millionaires so far. I hope KaratBars also creates thousands of millionaires or even billionaires in the future.

Important Facts and Tips:

Now please let me give you some important tips and inform you about some important facts that you should never ignore:

1. As I explained above, every 75 GSC will equal one gram of CashGold after January 2020. This has nothing to do with the KBC’s market price on the hardfork day.

Therefore, if you have already bought lots of KBC coins, good for you. Keep them. Don’t sell, exchange or trade them, even if you have bought them when the KBC price was at the top and you are now losing money on it.

This is not an investment advice. It is just a recommendation, and it is what I will personally do. It is up to you and you take actions at your own risk.

2. The hardfork day was supposed to be on September 20. However, KaratBars postponed it to December 16 for some reason. It is still possible that they postpone it again if the KBC’s market value doesn’t go up.

3. You still have time to invest on KCB through buying KaratBars profit packages. If you don’t know how to do it, you can let me know and I will tell you what to do. Once again, I am not advising you to buy KCB or anything else. I am just giving you some news. That is all.

4. You can still buy KBC from the market and through brokers or on KaratBit which is the easiest way to buy KBC coins. Buying KBC from brokers costs so many fees and has a complicated process. Therefore, good for those who used the chance to buy KBC tokens last year, and also those who bought it from the market even if they bought when the price was the maximum. Keep your KBC coins. This time you were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time πŸ˜‰

5. If your KBC coins are still in your MyEtherWallet account on, it is recommended to transfer them to your KaratBit account as soon as possible, even though I don’t think nothing will happen to them if you leave them there.

6. If you haven’t created a KaratBit account yet, do it and verify it as soon as possible. You will need it badly very soon. It is free to create a KaratBit account.

7. If your KBC coins are still in your MyEtherWallet account, but you have lost your account private key, and so you don’t know how to login to your MyEtherWallet wallet and have access to your KBC coins, then I am sorry. As far as I know, there is nothing you can do, nor there is anybody who can help you out with this problem.

8. If someone, for example a hacker, has stolen your MyEtherWallet account private key and robbed your KBC coins, then I am sorry again, because as far as I know, it is so hard to recover your stolen KBC coins. Click here to learn more about this issue.

9. If you are a hacker or thief and you have stolen some people’s KBC coins and have moved them to some other wallets, and now you are waiting to become a multimillionaire using the others’ coins and investments, then I have to say sorry again, because you are in deep shit already! πŸ˜€

You are already on the radar screen and your wallets and accounts are either frozen or under investigation. You won’t be able to cash out even one cent of what you have stolen, because everything has already been blocked and frozen.

Soon your mugshot will be published on the sites and newspapers, and you will have to see your family from behind the bars. Just wait and see. You thought you were too smart, but soon you will realize that you are the most stupid person in the world. You can’t steal from people and expect to live in quiet and peace.

10. The rule of thumb in any investment is that you invest the money you can afford to lose. I have seen so many who have used a line of credit to buy the KaratBars coins. This is literally insane.

If you are among those who want to buy KBC from the market or buy KCB through buying KaratBars’ profit packages, do it wisely and invest the money you can afford to lose. I have seen so many people who have lost their shirts on these things. Please be extremely careful.

Once again, what I explained above were some news, tips and examples based on some assumptions. They are not investment or trading advice. You are the one who takes risks. You have to be aware of this.

11. If you are among those who think this is all nonsense and scam, please don’t tell me. It is none of my business, because I am not promoting anything here. I just tried to eliminate the confusions of those who have bought KBC and KCB coins and want to know what will happen to their investments. That is all.

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Good luck! πŸ˜€