How to Calculate Your KBC and KCB Coins Value on the Hardfork Day

KBC KCB GSC Hardfork

Are you a KaratBars KBC and KCB coins investor?

I know you are confused and you don’t know how much wealth you will have after the hardfork day which is now changed to December 16th 2019.

Are you a KaratBars affiliate who has referred people to their team, and now your referrals keep asking you what will happen to their KBC/KCB coins and their investments after the Hard Fork or Hardfork day?

I know you don’t have a clear answer for them.

But you are now in the right place to learn how to calculate your investment’s outcome after the hardfork day. You can teach this to your referrals as well.

What you will read on this page has never been explained anywhere else. What others have explained about this so far has done nothing but creating more confusions for the Karatgold Coin (KBC) and KaratCoin Bank (KCB) investors and KaratBars affiliates.

Therefore, please read this article carefully and entirely because there are also some important tips at the end.

Also please note that this is not an investment advice. I am just teaching you how to calculate your KBC and KCB conversions after the hardfork day. You understand that you buy/sell/convert/trade/invest/… at your own risk.

How KBC and KCB Will Be Merged on the Hardfork Day?

That’s the million dollar question. It is one of the most confusing questions of the century too ๐Ÿ˜€

But now everything will be clarified for you.

If you have KBC and KCB in your cryptocurrency wallets (e.g. KaratBit or MyEtherWallet) and you are eager to know how wealthy you will be after the hardfork day, here is the formula:

There are two things you have to consider to become able to do your calculations:

1) After the hardfork day, KBC will retain its value, so one KBC will equal one MAINNET or MAINNET KBC which is the coin that will be created after KBC and KCB get merged on the hardfork day. MAINNET KBC is also called GSC or Gold Standard Coin (most probably they will use a different name later).


Note: Currently, both of the KBC and KCB coins are based on the Ethereum Blockchain. However, on the hardfork day, KaratBars will launch their own Blockchain that will be called MAINNET. Don’t worry if you don’t know what Blockchain is. It doesn’t matter. Please keep reading:

2) The KCB value will be calculated as below on the hardfork day:

1KCB = 14 cents divided by the market price of KBC

This can still look confusing to some of you. So, here is how you can calculate your KBC/KCB wealth after the hardfork day:

Let’s say you have 100 KBC and also 100 KCB coins.

Then, let’s assume that the KBC’s market price will be 2 cents on the hardfork day which is now changed to December 16.

Therefore, this is what you will have after the hardfork day:

1) You will have 100 MAINNET KBC from your current KBC coins, because as I mentioned above, your current KBC coins will retain their value on the harkfork day, so one KBC will turn into one MAINNET KBC or GSC.

2) What will happen to your KCB coins?

As we assumed that KBC’s market value will be $0.02 or 2 cents on the hardfork day, then your KCB will be turned into the MAINNET KBC using the below formula:

1KCB = 0.14/0.02 = 7 MAINNET KBC

It means each of your 100 KCB coins will turn into seven MAINNET KBC coins, IF we assume that the market value of KBC is 2 cents on the hardfork day. Therefore, you will have 700 MAINNET KBC from your KCB coins, because we assumed that you have 100 KCBs on the hardfork day:

100 KCB x 7 = 700 MAINNET KBC

So, how many MAINNET KBC or GSC will you have in total?

That’s right. You will have 800 MAINNET KBC or GSC in total:

100 + 700 = 800 MAINNET KBC (GSC)

Now we’ve reached the most exciting part of the story:

After January 1st 2020, every 75 MAINNET KBC equals one gram of physical gold or KaratBars CashGold.

Before I go ahead, I must explain another thing that confuses people:

Most people don’t know what the difference of physical gold’s price and gold’s spot price is. Physical gold’s price is the price of physical gold, whereas the gold spot price is the virtual gold’s price that can only be traded online and through the brokers. When you buy physical gold, they will send you physical gold. But when you buy gold based on the gold’s spot price, they send you nothing. It just stays in your online account. You can sell or trade it later, but you can’t receive it as physical gold.

The purpose of this explanation was to tell you that: The physical gold’s price is always higher than the gold’s spot price.

For example, as of writing this article (27 Sep 2019 at 6:55pm EST), the gold spot price is โ‚ฌ43.98 per gram, whereas one gram of KaratBars CashGold is โ‚ฌ52 which is of course the lowest price that 24K gold can be bought over the Internet.

I had to explain this because I see that almost everybody uses the gold spot price in their calculations, which is wrong.

Therefore, let’s see how much gold you will have after January 1st 2020, assuming that you have 800 of MAINNET KBC or GSC after the hardfork day:

800 / 75 = 10.7 gr

So, your 800 of MAINNET KBC or GSC equals 10,667.00 gr or 10.7 kg of CashGold that equals โ‚ฌ554,684 after January 1st 2020:

10.7 gr x โ‚ฌ52 = โ‚ฌ556.40

It is possible that the GSC’s value goes much higher in the future. It is possible, but we never know what will happen. Personally, I am happy that I was on time enough to buy coins.

Bitcoin has created over 23,000 millionaires so far. I hope KaratBars also creates thousands of millionaires or even billionaires in the future.

Important Facts and Tips:

Now that you have enjoyed playing with the above numbers and have imagined yourself a multimillionaire already, let me give you some important tips and inform you about some important facts that you should never ignore:

1. As I explained above, KBC will retain its value on the hardfork day and it will convert into MAINNET KBC or GSC that every 75 of it will equal one gram of CashGold after January 2020. This has nothing to do with the KBC’s market price on the hardfork day.

Therefore, if you have already bought lots of KBC coins, good for you. Keep them. Don’t sell, exchange or trade them, even if you have bought them when the KBC price was at the top and you are now losing money on it.

This is not an investment advice. It is just a recommendation, and it is what I will personally do. It is up to you and you take actions at your own risk.

2. Above, I just gave you an example. How your KCB coins will turn into MAINNET KBC or GSC depends on the KBC’s market value on the hardfork day. Nobody knows what the market’s value of KBC will be on the hardfork day. If the KBC’s market value goes up, then you will have less number of GSC after the hardfork day.

3. The hardfork day was supposed to be on September 20. However, KaratBars postponed it to December 16, maybe because the KBC’s market value didn’t go up as they expected. Therefore, it is still possible that they postpone it again if the KBC’s market value doesn’t go up.

4. You still have time to invest on KCB through buying KaratBars profit packages. If you don’t know how to do it, you can let me know and I will tell you what to do. Once again, I am not advising you to buy KCB or anything else. I am just giving you some news. That is all.

5. You can still buy KBC from the market and through brokers. But it costs so many fees. Therefore, good for those who used the chance to buy KBC tokens last year, also those who bought from the market even if they bought when the price was the maximum. Keep your KBC coins. This time you were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. If your KBC coins are still in your MyEtherWallet account on, it is recommended to transfer them to your KaratBit account as soon as possible, even though I don’t think nothing will happen to them if you leave them there.

7. If you haven’t created a KaratBit account yet, do it and verify it as soon as possible. You will need it badly very soon. It is free to create a KaratBit account.

8. If your KBC coins are still in your MyEtherWallet account, but you have lost your account private key, and so you don’t know how to login to your MyEtherWallet wallet and have access to your KBC coins, then I am sorry. As far as I know, there is nothing you can do, nor there is anybody who can help you out with this problem.

9. If someone, for example a hacker, has stolen your MyEtherWallet account private key and robbed your KBC coins, then I am sorry again, because as far as I know, there is nothing you can do to recover your KBC coins. Click here to learn more about this issue.

10. If you are a hacker or thief and you have stolen some people’s KBC coins and have moved them to some other wallets, and now you are waiting to become a multimillionaire using the others’ coins and investments, then I have to say sorry again, because you are in deep shit already! ๐Ÿ˜€

You are already on the radar screen and your wallets and accounts are either frozen or under investigation. You won’t be able to cash out even one cent of what you have stolen, because everything has already been blocked and frozen.

Soon your mugshot will be published on the sites and newspapers, and you will have to see your family from behind the bars. Just wait and see. You thought you were too smart, but soon you will realize that you are the most stupid person in the world. You can’t steal from people and expect to live in quiet and peace.

11. What I explained and the numbers I talked about are still nothing but some dreams. They are all based on some assumptions. The hardfork day hasn’t arrived and nobody has become a millionaire yet. We hope that what I explained above happens exactly or even better than what I described. But there is absolutely no guarantee and it is possible that nothing works the way we expect. So, don’t go ahead of time and know yourself a millionaire already, even if you have millions of coins in your wallets.

However, I hope to see so many KaratBars millionaires or even billionaires in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

12. The rule of thumb in any investment is that you should invest the money you can afford to lose. I have seen so many who have used a line of credit to buy the KaratBars coins. This is literally insane.

If you are among those who want to buy KBC from the market or buy KCB through buying KaratBars’ profit packages, do it wisely and invest the money you can afford to lose. I have seen so many people who have lost their shirts on these things. Please be extremely careful.

I could buy even millions of coins so far. But I didn’t do it, because I know the investment rules and I let my brain, not my emotions and dreams, take decisions for me.

I never dive in the water that I don’t know how deep it is ๐Ÿ˜‰

13. Once again, what I explained above were some news, tips and examples based on some assumptions. They are not investment or trading advice. You are the one who takes risks. You have to be aware of this.

14. If you are among those who think this is all nonsense and scam, please don’t tell me. It is none of my business, because I am not promoting anything here. I just tried to eliminate the confusions of those who have bought KBC and KCB coins and want to know what will happen to their investments. That is all.

15. Last but not the least… If you are a KaratBars affiliate and you want to make a fortune with it, you must follow me and my system. Why?

Because we have been able to refer close to 7000 people to our KaratBars team within a very short time, which is something that many others haven’t been able to achieve even 10% of it within several years. This is something nobody else has done so far. We have achieved this using my fully-automated system. If you want to repeat my success, submit your email using the below form to subscribe to my newsletter and then wait for me to let you know what to do.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

Please subscribe to my newsletter and let me keep in touch with you. I won't spam you. I will keep you updated about my programs and plans. You need me if you really want to change your life:

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69 thoughts on “How to Calculate Your KBC and KCB Coins Value on the Hardfork Day”

  1. Good article. I would like to see you do something on the value of gold verus dollar. A lot of people post about buy Classic Gold at a premium price but the spot price is much lower specifically from a customer perspective not from an affiliate perspective.

    1. As I have explained in my article, gold spot price is not the real gold price and is always much lower. That is not the price that you can receive physical gold with.

  2. Good explanation thank you but as a Karatbars affiliate you are not allowed to call it an “investment” or to project monaraty values…just something to be mindful of

  3. Thank you Vahid. So the way I understand your calculations for KCB (and as you say in point 2), if the value of KBC/KCB goes UP on the market (after hardfork day), we LOSE money. Is this correct?

    1. Thank you too Richard ๐Ÿ™‚

      No, we won’t lose if we hold our GSC and then exchange it for CashGold later. We are buying one KCB for 0.14 euro now. Even if one KBC equals one KCB on the hardfork day, then each KCB will turn into one GSC. Then, if each GSC equals one gram of CashGold (currently 52 euros) in 2023, I don’t think we are going to lose anything.

      1. Thank you again Vahid. Sorry but Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™m expressing my question correctly…
        You said that “If the KBCโ€™s market value goes up, then you will have less number of GSC after the hardfork day.”
        Maybe we donโ€™t lose money, but less number of GSC means less money, no?

        1. You’re welcome Richard.
          Yes, this is true that if the KBCโ€™s market value goes up, then it will result in having less number of GSC after the hardfork day.
          And yes… less number of GSC means less money, but it doesn’t necessarily equal losing money, because even in January 2020, we can exchange each 75 GSC for one gram of CashGold which is currently 52 euros. To lose money on this, the KBC’s market value has to go much much higher than what it currently is, which is so unlikely. But even if this happens, just holding the GSC coins for a longer time can turn our loss to profit. This is something we can figure out for now. We have to wait and see.

  4. Hi Vahid, Thanks a lot for this summary including your thoughts. I still believe in karatbars even if my downline did not. Can I use this for my affiliates as well? Have a nice day. Regards, Wolf

    1. Hi Wolf,
      Thank you too ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes, you can refer your affiliates to this page. We can set up our fully automated system for them to help them grow their KaratBars team. This is what we did for our own affiliates as well.

  5. Hi Vahid, Is there any pressure to merge the coins? My concern is if KBC price stays low – hardfork day will never come? Or will it definitely happen before Jan 2020?

    1. Hi Ernst,
      Yes, they have to do it finally.
      But you are right. If the KBC price doesn’t go up, they will have to postpone the hardfork day again.

  6. We should not counting 1g of gold is 52โ‚ฌ ect. Because we actually not receive a 1g of gold we receive 10×0.10g which makes price 50-60% down. So 10 cash gold x 0.1g 24 karat gold is worth no more that 20ยฃ. So the value of the gold is not only the quality karat and brand but also weight which cash gold is the lowest weight ever for bullion

    1. A 0.1 gr of KaratBars CashGold which is 999,9 finest quality gold, is currently worth โ‚ฌ5.22.
      Therefore, ten 0.1 gr CashGold is worth โ‚ฌ52.20.
      In Jan 2020 and after, you can exchange 75 GSC for one gram of CashGold which is currently โ‚ฌ52.20.

    1. Do you have funds in your Karatbit account?
      By the say, if you are talking about your coins, this is what you can do:
      You can’t transfer them to your MasterCard or bank account.
      You can withdraw them to your other wallets and then exchange, trade or sell them.

  7. Are you able to create a tool or something like a spreadsheet that allows me to input my current number of KBC and KCB to see what my value could be based on the example that you layer out in your example?

    1. Hi Kendrick,

      Great idea… Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Here is the spreadsheet:

      You just need to (1) enter the number of your KBC and KCB coins, (2) the KBC Market Price in USD cents on the Hardfork day (for example 2 which means 2 cents), and also (3) the KaratBars market price of a one gram CashGold according to this screenshot:

    1. You don’t have to have both. IF you only have KCB, then it will be converted into GSC through the same formula. You divide 14 into the KBC market price on the hardfork day, and then multiply it to the number of your KCB. For example, let’s say you have 100,000 KCB and the KBC market price is 2 cents on the hardfork day. Then you will have 700,000 GSC:
      14 / 2 = 7
      100,000 x 7 = 700,000 GSC

      1. KCB: Master Nodes & Full Nodes Vahid, Would you kindly explain how these are used to earn a subsidy income. What are the pay outs to the holders, how often, how are payments made and in what form. When would the first payment be. I am a bit confused.Thank you.

  8. Vahid, We don’t have to have both coins. However, I am a bit confused because there is a situation where it is best when KBC are low because when converting we have more GSC or mainnet KBC, but I see that they wait for the KBC to go up before the Hardfork will happen. So if the KBC are going up this will impact the amount of GSC/mainnet KBC if we do have KCBs, no?

    1. Yes, you are right.
      The higher the KBC’s market price on the hardfork day, the lower number of GSC you will have.

    1. KBC is not under the KaratBars control anymore. It is being bought/sold on the free market. But KaratBars still can sell KCB because it hasn’t been entered to the free market yet.

  9. I’ve linked the accounts, but in KaratBit – Wallet &Balance my KCB’s still don’t appear. Maybe it takes some more time?

  10. Vahid, on my understanding i do think we get a win-win scenario here. because if the market price goes up during the hard fork we make a good profit, only if we sell it on the market price. But if the market price maintained low, i.e. 2 cents, we also make a good profit. Correct me if i’m wrong. Thanks,

    1. Thank you too.
      For you, we will launch the same system we used to refer people to KaratBars and grow our team dramatically.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      Yes. You can buy KCB through buying Profit Packages at
      You can buy KBC from the cryptocurrency market which is a little harder and is more expensive and have some extra expenses.

  11. Hi there.
    In January after the hardfork day, lets say you want to sell half of your mainnet Coins, how will we go about in doing that?
    Will we be able to get paid into our karatbars matercard account?
    And can we sell it all at once? what fees will there be?
    Lets say, the market price in January goes higher than 2 cents, will you sell some coins bases on the 100 kbc to the 1 gram rule at a 2 cents conversation or will you sell at 75 kbc to a gram let say at 10cents market share?

    1. Hi there,

      > In January after the hardfork day, lets say you want to sell half of your mainnet Coins, how will we go about in doing that?
      You can do it the way that you can sell your kBC coins now.

      > Will we be able to get paid into our karatbars matercard account?
      No. MasterCard has nothing to do with your coins. Only your KaratBars commissions as an affiliate will be deposited in your MasterCard.

      > And can we sell it all at once?
      Yes, you can. It depends where you want to sell them.

      > what fees will there be?
      You should ask the platform where you want to sell your coins.

      > Lets say, the market price in January goes higher than 2 cents, will you sell some coins bases on the 100 kbc to the 1 gram rule…
      In Jan of 2020 and after, you can exchange each 75 coins for 1gr cashgold, no matter what the market price is.

  12. Vahid, for now we can’t on Karabit exchange unival for KBC. It is mention currently unavailable, try again.
    Does Karatbar want to give the KBCs? Is the low value of KBCs is part of the why we can’t exchange them? for now anyway.

    1. I don’t know. Maybe it is a technical issue.
      If you want to buy KBC on KaratBit, you can use many other ways. For example, you can buy ETH on MyEtherWallet, send it to your KaratBit wallet and then use it to buy KBC.

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