If you are a focused and hardworking person who has achieved something important in your life, then there is one question in your mind that shows up every now and then, when someone attacks you or tries to sabotage you: How to Deal With Haters

Maybe you are one of those strong, hard-working and serious people who enjoys working and wants to make a difference to stand out from the crowd. Many of these people don’t work to get famous. Fame is the last thing they think about when they start working. But they become famous eventually, because they focus, work hard, and create something different and outstanding.

Fame is the byproduct of the great jobs that great people do, but it is not the true indicator of their priceless efforts and their success. Their haters are the ones who determine whether they are really successful or not. “Hate” and “Jealousy” are the other byproducts of what great people do. Your success creates fame for you, while it creates hate and jealousy in some other people who have problems.

Whatever you do, you will have some fans, no matter if you are doing great or not. But, you will have some serious haters, when you really start standing out from the crowd. Your fans support you, and your haters harass you. Maybe you never receive any good comments from most of your fans. But your haters can even take you to the court, and accuse you of the things that you have never done.

Surely you will make some mistakes while you are passing the success stages, but people usually don’t care about these mistakes as long as you are not known as a successful person yet. Your haters’ attacks will start, once you stand out from the crowd.

What Does Standing Out From the Crowd Mean?

Standing Out from the Crowd

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you become a Hollywood celebrity, the richest person in the world, the world champion, etc.

When you…

  • create something new and outstanding (for example a new software with some new features and abilities),
  • become too wealthy through your business or product, create a website that becomes successful and popular,
  • become more famous than your other competitors, etc.,

it means you are somehow standing out from the crowd.

Standing out from the crowd means people see you more than your competitors. They buy your products more. They visit your websites more. They buy your books more…

You have to be prepared for this, if you are serious to be ahead of others.

But is it worth to be ahead of others and attract so much attention, and receive hostilities, hates and accusations at the same time as well?

No successful person plans to reach this level. I mean reaching this level is not their goal. They just plan to be focused on their jobs as much as possible. They don’t work to attract attention. They are just focused and dedicated on what they do. But, as what they do makes a big difference, it attracts others’ attention eventually. If you work just to attract attention, you will attract everything but attention.

It is not worth to have too many haters and enemies, but it is worth to work hard and make a big difference. To be focused and dedicated and doing something great is a big goal that anybody has to go for, no matter if it creates some haters. The number of your haters is a good indicator of your success. The more you stand out from the crowd, the more some people will hate you and create problems for you.

That is the price you will have to pay, if you want to follow your passion and make a change.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

If you are not brave enough to be faced with this, you say nothing, do nothing, be nothing:

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristotle

How to Deal With Haters

Yes, you will have some haters, if you do something special that makes you stand out from the crowd. But the important questions are:

How can you deal with your haters?
How do successful people deal with their haters?

Haters can easily stop you, if you don’t know what to deal with them. You may have thousands or millions of fans and followers who support you emotionally, and even financially. But just few haters can take you down, if you don’t know how to deal with them.

Successful people have different strategies in dealing with their haters. What is more common among them is that most of them ignore their haters. They just focus on their goals. This is what they have been doing the whole life, otherwise they wouldn’t have become successful enough to have so many haters. Ignoring is what most of them prefer to do.

By “ignoring” I mean they don’t react to the nasty emails, comments, letters, phone calls, etc. But there is something they care about: the number of their haters!

They know it as the indicator of their success.

It is not pleasant to deal with haters and receive nasty emails and comments from them, but what is even more unpleasant is having no haters! 😀

A product, service, website, etc. that has no hater is doomed because it means it has not been able to compete with similar products, services and websites, and it has not been able to stand out from the crowd. It means, it has not been able to stimulate the competitors jealousy. When your competitors don’t care about you, don’t talk against you, and don’t even know that you exit, it means you are still far behind them.

Who Are Haters and Internet Trolls?

Haters are a group of people who love to hate. They cannot see others’ success and prosperity. They always look for a chance to hate something or someone. If you compete with these people in something, then it is even worse. Being their competitor is a good reason for them to hate you. They don’t bother to hate you that much as long as you are behind them. But if you become a winner, you are on their radar screen. The more you succeed, the higher number of haters you will have. You don’t believe me? Then let me give you some examples.

You know Microsoft and Bill Gates. I am one of their fans. I love him and his company a lot. What he has done has created jobs for millions around the world. You cannot imagine how many families are getting fed by the jobs that Bill Gates and his company have created. How many went to university and became doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, nurses, etc. because of Bill Gates and the income he generated for families through his products and activities. Everything that Bill Gates, his company and products have done for people of the world look great and positive. He has directly or indirectly changed everybody’s life in the world.

Even after doing such a great job through his company (Microsoft), and after he thought that he had done enough with Microsoft, he decided to spend his wealth for the humanity as much as he could, and so he and his wife, Melinda Gates, established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help poor people in poor countries to have better and healthier lives.

Therefore, Bill Gates should not have any haters as such a philanthropist and nice person, right?


Bill Gates has a love-to-hate ratio of 3:1 according to SocialMention.com statistics. It means 25% of those who live in the world hate Bill Gates, his company and products. The other statistics show a 63% hate rate against Windows, 69% against the company, and 89% against Internet Explorer.

So, it really seems that there is a direct relationship between success level and number of haters.

In spite of all these haters, Microsoft still makes billions of dollars every year. They made $125.8 billion in revenue only in 2019.

It is almost the same with the other successful companies like Apple. 44% hate Apple and 68% hate the iPhone. In spite of this, Apple has $245 billion cash on hand.

So, you should be happy when you have haters and their number is going up every day. It is your success indicator.

On the other hand, you should look at haters as opportunities, not obstacles. They make you grow even more. They make you stronger and they develop more self-confidence in you. The only person who gets hurt by a hater is the hater himself. Someone who has hates in his heart, is torturing himself, while those who are hated by him are focused on their jobs and advance more every day and they don’t care about him because haters focus on people, but successful people like Bill Gates focus on goals.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein

While haters waste their time to sabotage Bill Gates, he is focused on doing the right things and working on his ideas:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

You have to know how to deal with your haters, if you want to focus on your goals and ideas and stand out from the crowd, otherwise haters can stop you and make you discuss people also.

You really have to know how to deal with your haters. They are opportunities for you to grow, but they can take you down, if you don’t know how to deal with them.

How Do I Deal With My Haters?

I look at my haters as opportunities to make more money 😀

In spite of this, I don’t allow them to leave nasty comments on my blogs’ posts and YouTube videos. Although some people criticize that this is against freedom of speech, but it is not because you don’t stop and prevent people from talking freely by removing their nasty comments and posts from your site. They will keep talking against you anyway. By removing their negative words from your site, you just keep your followers and yourself focused on your goals.

There are several right things that you must do consistently and for a long time. If you waste your time arguing with your haters, you won’t be focused on the right things you have to do:

“Do the right things long enough, consistently.” – Bill Gates

Haters and small-brain people started attacking me almost from the first day I started my sites and started writing on my blogs. As soon as I publish a controversial article like this one or this one that talks about one of the ways to make money online, or they describe my success and achievements, some nasty and sick people start posting nasty comments. No doubt that these people are sick, and there are huge pressure and complexes inside them. They see me as a chance to vomit on me some of the things they carry inside.

In most cases, they don’t even read the whole article to see what I have talked about exactly. They don’t watch the videos to the end. They just leave nasty comments when they see the titles.

Internet Trolls and HatersSome of these internet trolls publish articles against me, send threatening messages to me, and even create websites against me 😀

Yes, you heard right. They create websites against me. Just imagine how sick some people are.

Some of these trolls make money through sabotaging others. They publish articles against people who have fans and followers and people google their names. So they receive traffic through those articles, and this traffic makes money for them.

One must be really sick to choose to make money through hatred, instead of positivity. Maybe they are not smart enough to understand that positivity makes more money. That’s one of their problems. Their other problem is that it is impossible for them to carry all the shit and hate they have inside, so that they will have to vomit them on someone, just to feel a little better until the next time.

These are all good for people like me because as I said the higher the number of the nasty comments, emails, posts, threads, sites, etc., the more successful I am in what I am doing.

When I receive such comments on my blogs or videos, I remove them and ban the submitter permanently, so that they won’t be able to comment anymore. Also, nasty emails and phone calls never receive any answer.

They Hide Their Identity

The interesting thing about these people is that 99.99% of them are not even man enough to disclose their real names, and they anonymously do most of the things they do against me. Even those who create website against me are not man enough to mention who is behind their sites, while my identity and place are always clear on my blogs.

So, if I am scam, cheater, fraud, criminal, etc. as they say, then why my identity and physical location are always disclosed on my sites, but my haters are always hidden and behind the curtains?

Are they brave enough to come to Canada and talk to me face to face? Definitely not.

Some of them disclose their identity only when they are at the other side of the world 🙂

I do a lot of things…

I do a lot of things. I have been in this business since 2002.

I develop, promote and sell websites and online businesses. They are mine as long as I haven’t sold them. But I don’t care what the new owners do after they buy them from me, nor is it my legal and moral responsibility. What a website or online business does after it is bought from me is none of my business. I will have no responsibility, whether they perform very well or they do something that hurts their users.

It is like when you sell your car to someone. Police won’t arrest you, if the new owner kills someone and runs away with the car. It is not your car anymore. Maybe some of the sites and online businesses I have sold have made some mistakes. But I have no legal and moral responsibility.

That’s why I am still here, doing what I have been doing since 2002, but my haters are still behind the curtains 😀

The bad news for them is that I will keep up the good work. I will keep on doing what I have been doing so far. I have already built businesses and sources of income for thousands of people. Only in one of the affiliate programs that I joined back in 2003, I referred and trained over 25,000 people. I created sites for many of them, and trained and supported them to promote their online businesses to make money online.

I have been doing and repeating this since 2002. I have created, developed, promoted and sold hundreds or even thousands of online businesses and websites. Many of them are doing great and make lots of money. Sometimes I have over 4,000 domains in my domain registration account. I sell 99% of the domains that I register, sometimes thousands of times higher than they cost me. Not everybody is able to achieve all of these. Therefore, it is not strange that I have some haters. When some people see my web pages on Google’s first page, or my articles that some of them receive hundreds of comments, they will hate me.

But I am not doing these to make some people hate me. I am following my goals and plans. I am not trying to hurt people. I have always been trying to help people to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Therefore, I choose to ignore my haters, because I want to have enough time to focus on my fans.

This is how you must deal with your haters too…

First of all, if you don’t have any haters yet, it means you haven’t done anything important yet:

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

Although it doesn’t make you feel good to be hated by some nasty people, it is the indicator of your success, whether you like it or not. When they attack you, it means you are doing good, otherwise why should they care about you? You don’t exist for them, as long as you are unknown and you haven’t achieved anything. You don’t believe me? Just create a website that has no traffic, product, and not even any good and informative article. Then, nobody cares about it. But once it starts receiving traffic, and you start getting attention, then some nasty comments will also show up. And that is just the beginning.

I call them nasty because they usually don’t use a proper language. They insult and sabotage. Even sometimes they threaten you. They are dummy and small-brain people, otherwise they would focus on something positive like what you do, rather than spending their time on hostility and hate. But, their stupidity don’t allow them to go beyond what they are. They are limited to their small brains and big mouths. Just keep up the good work.

Although the increasing number of your haters should make you happy, you have to be careful not to spend your time following their posts, comments and articles. If you do so, you will be deviated from your right course, which is what your haters want. They want to make you lose your concentration. They enjoy if you answer them with nasty words as well. But they feel defeated when you don’t answer. So they leave and will try to find someone else who probably answers. Keep in mind that they are sick. They are not normal.

It is as easy as this to deal with your haters. Just ignore them and focus on your business. This is what I do too 🙂