Amazon helps you to make money in many different ways apart from selling.

In fact, if you undertake some in-depth research, you can quite easily unearth some innovative ways to make money without selling.

So if you want to understand how to make money on Amazon without selling, be prepared to invest some amount of time and energy in exploring the various options and possibilities that Amazon offers.

We decided to make the task easier for you and show you how to make money on Amazon.

None of the methods that we have highlighted here need you to sell products, but they all help you optimize the opportunities presented by Amazon in a way that is profitable for you.

The way of how to make money on Amazon without selling comprises of combining your marketing skills with some of the basic opportunities presented by Amazon.

The rate of success no doubt depends on your proficiency in converting them into ways to make money efficiently and for a longish period.

The duration for which you make money becomes extremely crucial, especially if you are selling anything.

The idea is to create a passive business model that yields returns over an extended period.

The fact that the initial investment is much lower mean that you can start it off quite simply and continue with it simultaneously alongside another full-time employment opportunity.

Become Amazon Associate to See How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

Become Amazon Associate to See How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

Becoming an Amazon associate is by far one of the easiest options to explore if you want to make money without selling on Amazon.

With Amazon selling close to 500 million products on their website, they provide a wide range of opportunity for those who are keen to make money.

I am sure you would first want to understand what exactly is the Amazon Associate Program?

To put it very simply, this is an adaptation of the core affiliate marketing principles, but you do not need a product to sell.

So then the question would be how do you make money without selling?

Well, you earn the commission every time you refer someone to buy any product on Amazon.

So essentially though you are not selling anything, you are influencing someone else’s judgment and making them buy from Amazon.

As a result, Amazon is paying you a commission to incentivize you and encourage you to continue doing the same.

It is a rather symbiotic arrangement where both parties are at an advantage.

In some simple steps you can understand how to make money on Amazon as an associate:

First and Foremost, You Would Need to Create an Amazon Account.

This is pretty much similar to the process that you would adopt for creating a buyer account.

In exchange of certain private details, you get a permanent identity on Amazon.

Amazon representatives would then call you to make sure that the identity is valid.

Once you are through this verification call, your account becomes functional and you can use it to make money.

Every associate who works with Amazon gets a unique ID.

This is a key detail that allows you access to Associate Central.

This is the key point where all the affiliate information is made available and helps you gain an edge in terms of proficiency and profitability.

The next step is to start searching for suitable options to promote and share the links.

This is a step that enables you to make money without selling as an Amazon associate.

Another key factor that can surely motivate you to be an Amazon associate is that this service is absolutely free.

Amazon Does Not Charge You a Penny for Being an Associate with Them.

Therefore, you should be careful about possible scammers who might try to take advantage of the popularity of this opportunity.

They might offer you the same but charge a certain fee in exchange.

One of the easiest approaches would be to contact the website directly and proceed as they suggest without involving anyone else.

I am sure when you are exploring how to make money on Amazon without selling, you would also be keen to understand if there is a certain eligibility criterion that you must conform to.

While all US citizens automatically become eligible for the associate program, those who aren’t, need to explore the various provisions that enable them to become eligible.

However, if you belong to any of the 5 US States, you cannot sign up for the Amazon associate program. These include:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Missouri
  3. Maine
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Vermont

However, Amazon provides many other opportunities to make money that you could explore comfortably and take advantage of.

How to Decide on the Right Niche to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling?

You must understand that just signing for the Amazon associate program or their affiliate marketing initiatives won’t be sufficient to yield earnings.

You have to position this carefully and undertake some strategic measures to guarantee success.

So the first step, in this case, would be to identify the right set of people to refer.

Remember your earning is dependent on tapping the most appropriate resource base in this context.

So in simple terms, for you to make money on Amazon, you have to look out for the right set of people who are keen to buy the same product online.

That brings you to the key requisite as an Amazon associate, tapping the correct target audience.

So when you look out for a product, think about the people you can refer to.

For example, if you are looking at some Mattel Toys, it would only make sense if you know a lot of parents of young toddlers looking for suitable gifts.

You Must Remember a Cardinal Factor.

A niche is not necessarily a product that is hard to find.

In fact, every product can be a niche, depending on how effectively you can leverage the positioning of the product.

So it becomes very important for you to identify a product about which you have some initial understanding.

Only then, you can successfully market it to many others who are willing to buy it online and help you make money.

A lot of how to make money on Amazon without selling is about pitching your initiative forcefully and in a pointed fashion.

It should cater to the needs and preferences of the target audience as efficiently as it should yours.

Only then, your standing as an associate also becomes credible.

For example, if I have two kids, one a toddler and another in teens, I can refer baby products a lot more credibly to other first time parents.

Also given my experience, they are more likely to take my advice in totality.

It is needless to mention that this also does wonders in terms of boosting the overall ranking and its impact on you.

Hosting the Affiliate Links to Make Money Without Selling

Now, this is the most important factor that can actually help you to make money without selling on Amazon.

How to take the affiliate links to the potential client is your primary challenge because you are not selling any product predominantly.

Your earning is deeply dependent on how efficiently you can sell someone else’s product.

One of the easiest ways to optimize affiliate marketing on Amazon would be via creating a website.

Your own website means you do not have to depend on anyone else and gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of deciding the exact product type that you would like to capitalize on.

These days, you have the option to take advantage of many affordable sites offering catchy domain names and inexpensive rates to help you further your online initiatives.

To better your prospects and make money without selling, you can also choose to get the website hosted by professionals and undergo training.

This will also help you optimize your prospect a lot more efficiently.

You must understand that making an affiliate business run successfully a lot more than mere sharing links or referring a potential buyer.

You need to learn how to make money on Amazon without selling on a sustainable business and for that, you have to take up a potential strategy.

The question is how do you create the strategy?

That takes us to the next step in how to make money on Amazon.

It is all about careful analysis and calculated implementation.

Analyze Tracking Data to Make Money Effectively

Most online veterans will tell you that the answer to how to make money on Amazon without selling is often in the tracking data.

As they say in stock markets, make the trend your friend.

You must understand that your success is totally based on how effectively you grasp the pulse of your site visitors and then how efficiently can you serve their interest.

While it is understood that you can share Amazon affiliate links and make money, the tracking data is that one great key that can easily unleash long-term earning prospect.

You can use the tracking data to understand

  1. Which page/post gets the maximum hits
  2. The average traffic that you are able to generate over a week/month
  3. The number of clicks that get converted into buys

All of these details help you to better assess the products that you might have selected from Amazon’s close to 500 million offerings.

This, therefore, will determine the extent of money you are earnings and the possible avenue that can help you multiply that.

Also when you are armed with this kind of specific data, you can apply for Amazon Associate program with a lot more confidence.

The chances of your getting accepted also increases significantly.

After all, just like you, Amazon is also interested in tying up with potential players who can help them further their business.

It Is, After All, a Mutually Convenient Arrangement.

You are earning money and so is Amazon as well.

While creating your Amazon associate account, you would also need to give details of the website, and this would include numbers like

  1. Target audience
  2. Average traffic
  3. Ways to attract traffic
  4. Range of promotional offers

So when you submit this kind of specific information, it sure enhances your prospect of getting accepted in the Associate Program and make money from it.

Though the process of how to make money on Amazon does not end at this juncture, it is true that this helps you reach a crucial juncture in the overall process and surely helps you move forward on a firm footing.

Whether you are a first-time online entrepreneur or a veteran, Amazon today is one of the most trustworthy websites, and any plans to make money online will always include a key role by this e-commerce behemoth.

Amazon Gift Cards to Help You Make Money Without Selling

But don’t think that your prospects of earning money via Amazon begin and end with affiliate and associate programs.

There are many other avenues too that you could explore to learn how to make money on Amazon without selling.

One of them would be undoubtedly capitalizing the opportunities provided by the Amazon Gift Card.

There are many ways in which you can procure these Amazon gift cards and make money as result.

1. Trading In

One of the easiest ways to make money on Amazon without selling would include procuring the gift card in exchange for something.

You can trade either your old goods or unused products and get this card.

The items that you can trade in are a range from books to electronic devices and a lot more products.

The Amazon Trade-in page will give you a complete lowdown on the potential opportunities.

You can then go to exchange these gift cards for cash on websites like Cardpool.

Apart from that, you can also pay for your expenses by buying on Amazon and using the gift card to pay for the products.

2. Reward Points

It is possible to earn the Amazon gift cards as reward points and then exchange for cash as well.

So whether you buy from an affiliate or take up surveys or simply watch videos to earn reward points, you could also end up getting an Amazon gift card in exchange.

Most times, you earn the reward points for zero expense and can then go on to convert the card and use it to make money as well.

The good news is that you have a series of genuine sites that will provide this type of opportunity for you.

Online Survey Companies

You also have very specific survey companies that undertake market research on behalf of their clients.

These researches can be on a range of products from software to business and sometimes could even be surveys about specific services.

Most times, they offer a cash prize and Amazon gift card too.

So you then make money without selling on Amazon.

Cashback Programs

There are some cash-back programs too that help you make money without selling on Amazon.

You can earn Amazon gift cards through their cash back programs and then monetise it for further gains.

Of course, the promotional offers from Amazon can help you gain from these best.

There are several websites on which you can register your site and gain these gift cards in returns.

Amazon Visa Card

The Amazon powered credit card is another option to explore to get these gift cards and make money without selling.

Most times when you buy on Amazon using their credit card, you get as much as 3% back on most of their buys.

This can be a rather beneficial deal for Amazon regulars and will help you make money with ease.

Make Money Without Selling Via Amazon Mturk

When you are exploring how to make money on Amazon without selling, it is hard not to consider Amazon Mechanical Turk.

As the site brands itself as an online marketplace for work, it gives businesses access to an ever-ready on demand and absolutely scalable platform for workers.

Workers have the option to choose from a wide range of task and work offers from across the world at convenient hours.

You can choose any kind of task work from the range of services on offer and complete it to make money from it rather easily.

The range of work is also rather expansive.

It can range from writing, transcription work, evaluating search to even data entry.

In short, it is a unique platform that provides work to potential job seekers and helps them make money on Amazon without selling.

The relatively large number of hits on the website also makes it possible to get a realistically reasonable pay in exchange of these short-term work opportunities on this site.

You Can Easily Choose an Opportunity That Is Comfortable and Convenient for You and Take It Forward.

In short, Mturk provides you with the same kind of opportunity as you can expect from any other online job site.

These help you choose a job as per your convenience and make money reasonably easily from it.

Also, it is a completely online platform and involves just three steps.

You have to just find work that is interesting enough and doable, complete it and then go on to earn money.

Some of the most popular opportunities include

  1. Describing an image in 10 words or even less than that and earning 10 cents in return
  2. Putting together a product review for under $5

In short, these job opportunities range from what a front office clerk does to what a suave customer service representative does.

You need to, of course, have patience and be able to glean through all the ordinary alternatives and look for the really good paying alternatives.

You need to be also sharp and alert in grabbing an opportunity before anyone.

However, if you do not reside in United States, you have to probe a little further.

You must understand if Amazon has a bank transfer facility and how you can use it.

Make Money on Amazon Without Selling by Writing an eBook

If you are keen to understand how to make money on Amazon without selling, one option could be writing an eBook.

Kindle is one of Amazon’s most novel offerings.

These eBooks have completely revolutionized the way we read books and market them as well.

Now it is your chance to capitalize the unique opportunity provided by them.

You can easily make money by writing a quality content, and technically you are not selling anything on Amazon.

All you need to do is register with Kindle Direct Publishing.

This is completely free, and you can get your book published in a matter of hours.

Given the advancement in technology and the extent of reach that Amazon has, your e-book can easily reach a global audience in a matter of days.

This is one unique arrangement that helps you earn as much as 70% royalty in some cases.

So while on the one hand, you do not have a deal with unwilling publishers, on the other hand, you can easily get your eBook to a wide reader base and get the advantage of global reach.

There Are Several Special Offers for Regular Amazon Members like Prime Members.

All of these would help you improve reach for your eBook, and at the same time, you can make money without too much of a hassle.

The eBooks enable you to learn how to make money on Amazon successfully and don’t always have to sell some ware to make money from it.

An eBook is not just about exploring online opportunities to make money but also capitalizes on your individual expertise.

Moreover, when you liaison with Amazon, you get the opportunity to take advantage of their wide reach and undeniable market leadership.

Amazon is not just a successful global e-commerce giant; they are also able to help you successfully take advantage of their global presence.

Kindle too has a leadership position in terms of taking charge of the entire eBook revolution globally.

So when you choose that platform for publishing, profits are pretty much guaranteed for you.

Moreover, you are also able to get unprecedented benefit of being an Amazon partner in your search for a sustainable growth path with decided gain prospects.

Most importantly, your profits are not dependent on anyone else but you. You make money without selling any product on Amazon.

Make Money on Amazon by Posting Reviews

This is undeniably another interesting option that we can show you how to make money on Amazon without selling.

Essentially, in this case, Amazon will pay you for posting reviews for them. All you have to do is post honest reviews of the discounted products that you are buying and get paid in exchange of the perspective that you post on the website.

This is particularly relevant on widely discounted items.

So while on the one hand, you earn through the huge discount that you are getting the product at but also make money for posting your feedback about them.

The reviews can be on any range and type of product.

All you have to do is undertake an appropriate search for them and then go ahead and post your reviews on the related products.

The best part is that there is no need to put up any artificial viewpoint.

You have just to put up honest feedback and review of the product that you are buying.

This further incentivizes your initiative in buying products from Amazon.

Moreover, you do not have to use any extra initiative to make money in this respect.

So, It Is Possible to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling, But…

Therefore, when you are going to explore how to make money on Amazon without selling, one of the most important criteria is choosing the right platform for it.

You can only look at boosting the amount of money you earn through making a proper choice in identifying a profitable niche.

Whether you look at being an Amazon associate or you are keen to write an e-book, these opportunities to make money on Amazon highlight the fact that you do not need to just sell products on Amazon to earn money from this global e-commerce giant with a worldwide presence.

Of course, apart from these, most astute buyers on Amazon can also regularly take advantage of the numerous deals that Amazon offers for its visitors or members.

Your shopping list can include anything from apparels to books to electronic products to even grocery items.

Just Make Sure That You Can Get the Advantage of the Best Deals and the Most Profitable Proposition.

Additionally, you can also look at buying all these Amazon products using credit or debit cards that give you maximum cashback.

Not only does it help you understand how to make money on Amazon but that too without selling a single product online.

One of the most basic principles to make money without selling on Amazon is to take advantage of the available deals in a profitable manner.

The only factor that you must take into consideration while exploring how to make money on Amazon without selling, is the kind of money you want to make and the effort and time that you are ready to put in for it.

Therefore, it is possible to make money with Amazon without selling anything.

However, the question is whether Amazon is a good way to make money.

Can you make a living through this? I don’t know so.

You need more tools and resources. You can make a fortune with Amazon if you follow a strong digital marketing system. Please take a look here: A Fully-Automated Online Business System to Make a Fortune