So far, you’ve learned how to use your affiliate links. You can also explore the affiliate area to see how you can track your visitors, referrals, commissions, etc.

Welcome to our affiliate program 🙂

I am not exaggerating when I say that our affiliate program is the best affiliate program over the Internet ever. Do you know why?

Because I have worked with so many different affiliate programs since 2002. I have already launched some affiliate programs too. I know what makes the affiliates happy and satisfied: They want to work less and make more!

Who doesn’t?

Everybody likes to work less and make more money. However, most other affiliate programs steal from you. They don’t want you to make money with them. They want to make money out of your efforts.

But I follow a different philosophy. I have changed my focus, from making money, to serving people, because I do believe that serving people brings the money too:

“Change your focus, from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.”
– Robert Kiyosaki

When it comes to our affiliate program, serving more people means helping our affiliates to make the maximum amount of income and profit, both active and passive.

And now you are one of our affiliates. We do care about you and we want you to make lots of money. We have developed our affiliate program that makes the maximum possible passive and active income for you. There is no other affiliate program that can compete with us. Guaranteed!

So let’s get started!

Here is the first and most important point we want you to know about our affiliate program and packages:

Our “Fully-Automated Online Business System” is the main package we are currently offering on our site. You can make a fortune with it as an affiliate. It starts with a $19/month membership fee. However, members will have the option to buy so many other things on the members area that can make you thousands of dollars of commissions every month.

For example, they can order targeted clicks, or Quality SEO-Optimized Articles. Or they can buy our premium domains/sites that some of them cost over $30,000. Each of their purchases make a 30% commissions for you, while your commission percentage goes higher, if you refer more customers (read this). If you refer 1,000 customers for example, you will have $5,700 per month, just through their $19 monthly membership fee. If your referrals buy only one $30,000 premium domain/site per month, you will make a $9,000 commission through this purchase too. But they buy a lot more than this. Therefore, you can make thousands of dollars per month, through promoting our “Fully-Automated Online Business System“.

Please Click Here to read the related article to learn what our “Fully-Automated Online Business System” is.

Promote our “Fully-Automated Online Business System” and earn $1,000s every month.

It is also strongly recommended that you join this program, because it is what you need to make a fortune through the Internet and your personal computer. There is no risk to sign up for this program, because it only has a $19/month membership fee, which can be returned to you within 30-day without asking any questions.

Now it is time to talk about a more important topic:

How to Promote Our Products Online

I have to repeat again that our affiliate system is the best and highest paying on the Internet. There is no other affiliate system that can compete with us in generating passive and active income for the affiliates. If you don’t agree with this, please post a comment and let us know. We are always ready to make the changes that keep us ahead of all other affiliate systems.

Now the question is: how can you start making money with our affiliate program?

You have to refer customers to us to start earning commissions (active and passive). And, this is the hardest part of the work for most people, specially those who don’t know about digital marketing.

So here I teach you step by step to refer customers.

Here Is the Introduction:

There are two ways to generate customers and sales:

  1. Free methods
  2. Paid methods

The free methods are for those who have time but don’t have money; or they have money, but don’t want to spend it on marketing and just want to make money by spending time.

The paid methods are for those who have money but don’t have time.

There is nothing wrong with using both methods, if you have time and money. I use both methods too. I will tell you how.

The Difference of the Paid and Free Methods:

It takes time to start making money with the free methods. But you can start making money with the paid methods almost instantly.

The free methods are also strong and effective. It takes a little longer for them to generate results, but once they start doing it, they will make a fortune for you.

The free methods are not obsolete and useless just because they are free. Conversely, they are so effective, strong and professional.

I know a family who are making over a million euros a year with an affiliate system. The interesting thing about them is that all they use are the free digital marketing methods. They have never spent a single cent on the paid digital marketing methods.

I had to explain that to give a message to those who don’t have money to spend on the paid methods:

If you spend some time and work hard (I will tell you what to do), you will make a fortune. Don’t get disappointed just because you don’t have any money to spend on the paid methods.

The paid methods are also strong and effective.

Let’s Start with the Free Methods First


I didn’t say “social media”. I said “FaceBook”.

The reason is that FaceBook is the only social media site that is worth spending time on. Other social media sites are harder to work with. They are limited and are not as effective and strong as FaceBook.

FaceBook is a great media to get connected to the potential customers.

The easiest way to reach the potential customers is through the FaceBook Groups:

Each FaceBook Group is an online community of people who are interested in a specific topic. There are so many groups around any topic.

Each FaceBook group sits in a special category. For example, the BUSINESS category.

If you click on the categories link, FaceBook first checks your location and then lists the groups that can be related to the local businesses and communities. But there are also so many groups that are not limited to any special location.

To have access to each group, first you should join the group. To do that, you should click the “Join” button. Once your request is approved, you will receive a notification on FaceBook, and so you can visit the group and see the members list.

Now you are ready to communicate with the members of the group(s) you have joined.

But the question is: What groups you should join to promote our products?

Each of our products fits several different groups. Let’s start from our Dynamic Blogging package that makes you from $178.5 to $238 per purchase every year.

It means for example if you refer 1000 customers and then stop working, you will make from $178,500 to $238,000 per year. However, you can always refer more customers actively to increase your active and passive income over and over. Referring 1000 or even more customers is not too hard. You should not be afraid of these numbers. Just start working and the numbers will go higher as long as you keep working.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Chinese proverb

Our Fully-Automated Online Business System package creates a fully-automated online system to promote all businesses. Therefore, any person and company who has a business needs this package:

– Real estate agents and brokers
– Lawyers
– Dentists and doctors
– Accountants
– Photographers
– Artists
– Coaches and personal trainers
– Gyms and sport centers
– and…

So, here is what you should do:

1. Choose a product and grab the related affiliate link (here). The below example is for our Fully-Automated Online Business System package.

2. Join some FaceBook Groups. For example, you can start from the real estate agents and brokers groups.

3. Once your request is approved and you have joined the groups, refer to each group and click on the “Members” link at left.

4. Refer to each of the members profiles and send them a private message. For example you can use the below message to promote our Fully-Automated Online Business System package:

Hi John,

This is Peter. As a realtor, a professional blog/site is vital for your success. There are so many companies that charge thousands of dollars for an ordinary site that has no more than few pages. They also charge a lot when you want to make a change.

However, we offer something exceptional with unlimited pages, customization, and everything unlimited…, but with an exceptional price.

If you already have a site, we move it to our cloud servers for free without losing any data and visitor. If you don’t have a website yet, we will create a professional and dynamic one for you. Here is our exceptional package:

If you like to know why having a site/blog is a must for your business, please read this:

Should you have any questions, please reply to this message and let me know.

Best regards,


  • Replace YourAffiliateID with your affiliate ID that can be found here after you login to your account. Please make sure to use a correct format of your affiliate link in your messages and ads, otherwise your referrals won’t be tracked.
  • If you repeat the same text in all of your messages, then most probably Facebook will limit your account. So, don’t start the conversation by copying/pasting the same message over and over. You should start a conversation first, and if you received a reply indicating that they want more information or want to continue the conversation, you can promote your referral link and talk about business.

5. Repeat the above process for as many members and as many groups as you can.

6. Repeat the above process for our other products too.

7. If any of the members replied and asked any questions, make sure to answer as soon as possible. Many of them communicate with you for such a long time and then they will make a purchase. Please don’t think that they will trust and start spending money once you send them a message. Be patient with them and don’t push them to buy something. They will buy only when you convince them that you are honest and you want to help them improve their business.

8. You can have public posts on the FaceBook groups too. But many of them don’t allow this. So the best way to reach the potential customer is sending private messages to them.

9. Almost all of those who receive your message will check your FaceBook profile before they reply or take any actions. So, please make to have a good looking profile with a profile and cover photo. Profiles that have no photo or have strange names that look fake will never receive any answer. Nobody trusts and pays any attention to someone who doesn’t look decent and trustworthy.

The above method is the easiest and fastest way to make money through FaceBook. It is free, effective and efficient. Below, I will introduce some groups, share more messages for sending to the members to promote our different products.

You should always set a goal and then work hard toward achieving it. For example, work hard to refer 1000 customers, and then keep working only to sustain this number.

How to Promote Each Product

So far, you have learned how to use your affiliate links to drive people to our different products.

Also you have learned how to promote our products on Facebook.

Now we will specifically focus on each product and will probably introduce some groups where you can find lots of potential customers for each product.

Just a Quick Tip:

It is time to tell you something before I go ahead and give you the next tip in promoting our products:

I see that some people join our affiliate program just to find out what I teach my affiliates, maybe to use what they learn from me to promote the other affiliate system(s).

There is nothing wrong with this. You can learn our digital marketing techniques, even if you don’t want to promote our products. However, promote products/services that are worth spending your time.

If an affiliate system doesn’t generate both active and passive income for you, and if you earn just a one-time commission per sale, it will be wasting of time to spend any time on it.

You should promote products/services that have recurring fees while the fixed and recurring commissions they pay you are also high.

If the products/services of an affiliate system don’t have recurring fees, or if they do but they don’t pay you any recurring commissions, you should forget about them.

At the same time, the fixed and recurring commissions have to be reasonably high:

1. We pay 30% commission both on the initial and recurring sales.

2. Your commission percentage goes higher and can reach 40% if you refer more customers (read this to learn how).

3. You will earn recurring commissions as long as your referrals keep renewing their packages and spending money with us.

4. You earn the same commissions (30-40%) from all the other products your referrals buy later, not only the product you initially refer them to. We always follow up with our customers and generate more sales. You earn commissions on all purchases your referrals make.

Now you know why I say our affiliate system is the best and highest paying ever. There are several other unique and exceptional features too. You can refer to this post to learn about them.

So, if you’d like to make money through affiliate marketing, you should work with an affiliate system like us. Only in this case, the time, money and effort you spend will have a substantial return.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

I just remembered something else that is important to tell you before I go ahead.

There are so many groups created by internet marketers. Members of these groups are also internet marketers. They are there to promote an offer or sell something, not to buy anything.

So don’t join those groups. You can’t sell anything to them. You should join the groups that their members need what you sell. For example refer to the real estate related groups and:

1) Find the realtors who don’t have a site/blog yet (you can find this out if you check their Facebook profiles. When they don’t have a website on their profiles, it means most probably they don’t have a site yet). Then offer them our Fully-Automated Online Business System package and tell them how important and vital our blogging system is in promoting and growing their real estate business.

2) Find those who already have a site. Most of them are paying thousands of dollars for a site that has no more than a few pages. Any page they want to add to their sites, they have to pay lots of money to web developing companies. Also they always suffer from the speed problems of their sites that also go down all the time (weak web hosting services). So, tell them that they can have a Fully-Automated Online Business System with everything unlimited, including unlimited page design, support, SEO, digital marketing, etc., only for $19/month while they can receive their money back if they are not happy.

Don’t overload them with long messages and too much information. Just send them a short and intriguing message.

To those who don’t have a site/blog yet:

Hi John,

This is Peter.

I know that your business is so important to you.

Did you know that a Fully-Automated Online Business System can take your business a head and shoulders above your competitors?

You are leaving lots of money on the table if you don’t have a professional dynamic site yet.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I will give you more information.

There is no rush, nor am I trying to push you to buy something from us.

You will realize that what we do for you is priceless. So, please reply to this message and let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

To those who already have a site/blog:

Hi John,

This is Peter.

You already have a website. But I am sure it doesn’t do many of the things that a Fully-Automated Online Business System can do for you and your business.

Did you know that a professional Fully-Automated Online Business System can take your business a head and shoulders above your competitors?

An old-fashion site, although it may look good, is nothing but wasting of money.

If you are interested, please reply and let me know. I will explain more.

There is nothing to lose, nor is there any risks. You just take your business to a higher level with my help.

Best regards,

Still the above messages look like some ads that many people don’t like to read to the end. So you can send them such a message and then follow up with them after few days:

Hi John,

I work with a professional team.
We help people grow their businesses much faster.
You can talk to me about your business.
It is free. I am not going to charge you 🙂

Take care 🙂

(And you are not lying because you really don’t charge them. They can consult with you for free. But they will have to pay for the packages and services they need.)

The short message enables you to start a friendly conversation which is great.

Give them more information if they replied and asked for more info. Don’t make them think that you are trying to convince them to buy something. They won’t buy anything if you look like a marketer who is just after their money. You should work as a person who is there to help them improve and grow their businesses. You should give them solutions. Nobody pays any attention to someone who thinks about nothing but making money.

ALWAYS Keep this in your mind:

“Change your focus, from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.”
– Robert Kiyosaki

If someone doesn’t answer, try to send him/her another message after one week or so (the short message is more preferred).

There are zillions of businesses out there. Many of them won’t even read your messages. But it is OK. There are some who will read, reply and apply. Those are the ones who will build your clientele and passive income in long term.

If they replied, you can send them such a message:

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply 🙂

We create a new generation of the sites that are so professional and dynamic. They are the search engines’ favorite sites, and so they receive lots of free organic traffic from them. Besides, all the services and features will be unlimited. You will have unlimited customization, pages, etc., at no extra cost.

We move your website to our system for free, without losing any traffic.

You will have unlimited digital marketing and SEO expert consultation.

If you like to learn how the site we will develop for you will grow your business and why it is vital for it, please read this article:

If you have any questions, please do let me know 🙂

Best regards,

Note: Replace YouraffiliateID with your affiliate ID that can be found here after login. Make sure to use the correct format of your affiliate links in your messages, otherwise your referrals can’t be tracked by our system.

Feel free to customize the above messages in a way that makes them better. But don’t make your messages too long.

Some Examples

Now, please let me introduce some groups. I start with the real estate related groups because realtors are usually more serious about promoting their business, and they spend lots of money on it, which is good.

They need professional websites/blogs to promote their business in their area. However, many of them already have a website, but they are not happy with it. They spend thousands of dollars every year, but they receive nothing: no traffic, no leads, no clients, no sales, etc.

In spite of this, they still spend money on their sites, because they don’t want to fall behind their competitors.

What if you tell them that by spending a much smaller budget, they will achieve a lot more with their sites?

We can do a lot both for those who already have a site, and also those who have no website yet:

1. If they already have a site, we will migrate it to our servers and make it much faster and stronger. Besides, we turn their sites into the professional dynamic ones (blog) without losing any content or traffic. We will add high quality and SEO-optimized content for their sites to attract free organic traffic from search engines. This is something that takes them a head and shoulders above their competitors, because:

Free/Organic Traffic = MONEY

2. If they don’t have a website yet, we will create the same professional and dynamic blog with the high quality and SEO-optimized content as well. This is what any businesses need desperately.

Tip #1) If they ask you about the difference of a website and blog, you can tell them that a blog is the dynamic form of a website which is much stronger and better. It is what search engines love. While it is such a long time that the traditional form of websites (static websites) are dead, still there are so many businesses, including realtors, who spend thousands of dollars on these useless sites every year. It is nothing but wasting of time and money.

Tip #2) If they already have a site and want us to move it to our servers and turn it into a blog, but they are worried whether they will have to register a new domain or not, please tell them that they don’t have to. We will turn the same old-fashion useless sites into the dynamic, professional and super advanced traffic machines (blogs).

If you tell them about the value of free organic traffic that comes through a professional blog, and if you really make them understand how valuable having a professional blog is, they will sign up.

For example, there is a small real estate group here. It is related to the Montreal’s real estate market, but it doesn’t matter. You can refer to the real estate groups of different cities and contact each member directly. If you click on the “Members” link at the left menu, you will have access to the members list.

You don’t even have to join many of these groups to become able to see the members list (like the above example).

Once you send a private message to the members, they will be recorded and listed on the message section of your FaceBook account here. Don’t delete the massages from this section, because you can refer to them from time to time and send follow-up messages to those who haven’t answered yet or those who have to be followed up. You should keep the track of your conversations with everybody.

There are zillions of groups with millions of members who need our packages. You just need to contact them and make them understand that our packages are vital for their businesses.

Keep in mind that if you refer for example 1000 customers who spend $600 per year with us, you will make $180,000 per year, without having to do anything at all:

$600 x 1000 = $600,000
$600,000 x 30% = $180,000

You can make a lot more than this because many of our customers spend a lot more money with us. You just need to take actions. I don’t know how long it takes to refer 1000 customers. But you should set such goals and work hard toward achieving them. Only those who set big goals and then work hard to achieve them will make a change in their lives. We won’t get anywhere just by dreaming or talking about big goals. We must take actions and work so hard.

As an example, I sent the below message to some of the members of the Facebook real estate group that I talked about in my last email:

Hi Grace,
Hope you are doing well 🙂
I have a professional digital marketing company.
I can help you grow your real estate business dramatically.
Please get back to me. I can explain how our strategies work.
Take care 🙂

And below is the screenshot of the message section of my Facebook account. At the left, you can see the list of the messages I have sent. If you click on them, you will see the massage at the middle:

Facebook Messages

There are millions of potential customers on Facebook that you can connect to for free. It is 100% free. You just need to spend time. You are done once they become customers. They can generate commissions for you for years, without you having to do anything anymore.

Send Them a Friend Request:

You can even send them a friend request. When they get added to your friends list, and you share good and informative posts on your Facebook account timeline, your Facebook friends start knowing and trusting you, and so they will follow your offers.

Tip: Don’t give up so easy. It is hard to make money. But if you work hard and build a reasonable team of referrals, you can enjoy your life, because money will come by itself.

Here is another technique that you can follow on Facebook:

1) Refer to the groups that suit the product(s) you want to promote.

2) Refer to the members section.

3) Click on each member’s profile and send them friend requests.

If you don’t want to do this with your main Facebook personal account, you can create another account for this purpose. However, please note that your other account should also look like a personal account with your real name and photo, otherwise nobody will accept your friend request. If you create an account that look like a fake or a business account, everybody knows that you want to sell something. People are tired of these tricks.

4) Share good, impressive, inspiring and informative posts about business and success on your Facebook timeline with your Facebook friends, so that all of those who have accepted your friend request and are added to your friends list, can enjoy your posts. This makes them know and trust you. You have to build a line of trust between yourself and them, because they didn’t know you. It is your posts that introduces you to them.

Avoid sharing jokes or silly posts.

If you are a woman, avoid using your face or body to impress your Facebook friends and followers, if you want to use your Facebook account to promote your business. Using your face, body and beauty only attracts gadflies who want to flirt with you in the private messaging section. If impressing and attracting the flirters is what you are looking for, then you should forget about promoting your business. You can’t do both at the same time with the same identity on Facebook.

If you want people to trust you and follow your offers, you must look trustworthy and professional.

5) When you have a reasonable number of Facebook friends who actively follow you, you can invite them to like your Facebook page too (if you have one).

6) Go live and talk to your Facebook friends lively. Give them some tips about life, business and success.

7) Share your own videos with them.

8) Explain about the products/services you promote.

9) Never look like someone who is always after selling something. Just talk about the values of a product and the advantages it can have for the buyers.

10) Post honest reviews for the products you promote and recommend them to your friends.

11) Be nice and kind to anybody who leaves a comment and asks a question.

12) Impress your friends and make them believe that you have something to teach. Make them follow you religiously.

13) Promote real products with real values that make a difference in your Facebook friends’ and followers’ lives and businesses.

14) Avoid promoting useless and scam products.

15) Avoid promoting the products that you don’t know very well. To know what you promote, first you’d better to buy and use it yourself.

16) Keep in mind that our products are the best, both for you as an affiliate (to make active and passive income), and for those who buy them.

[To be continued…]