Domain registration and web hosting are among the best online business systems that generate thousands of dollars of residual and passive income. The reason is that many of those who register domains, buy web hosting packages and establish a website need to maintain and promote their sites, sometimes for years. Therefore, they will have to pay recurring monthly and yearly fees, and this generates loads of monthly and yearly residual income over time.

Let’s say you generate 10,000 customers who renew their domains and web hosting packages, while you only make $50 from each customer. Then, you will make $500,000 per year by doing nothing. It is the main domain registration and web hosting company that takes care of the customers you refer. I say this, because I do know that most of you are not able to establish and handle a domain registration and web hosting company, and so in this article, I will tell you how to start a domain registration and web hosting online business, while another company is behind the scene and you only refer customers and enjoy the recurring payments. Please make sure to read the article to the end.

Residual Income Is Key

Making money through an online business has no limits. There are so many niches that you can choose and focus your online business on. The good thing is that you don’t even have to have your own product to sell online. You can easily sell others’ products and make lots of money.

Those who follow me know that I don’t recommend a online business that is after receiving a one-time fee or commission. Only online business systems that generate residual and passive income are worth spending time. I have already given you several examples. Here, I have explained how you can make residual income through products that have recurring fees.

Also recently, I have published another article that is related to working as a Forex affiliate or introducing broker (here). In that article, I’ve explained how such an online business can generate thousands of dollars of monthly residual income, by doing nothing, while it is legitimate and has no responsibility for you.

In this article, I am going to introduce another way of making residual income, online. Residual income is so important in running an online business, because we can’t work forever. We have to stop working one day. But we should do it only when we make money while we don’t work. We should find a way to make money, even when we are asleep. Only in this case it is worth to spend time and money on starting an online business.

Domain registration and web hosting is one of the best online businesses that generate residual income, as I explained above.

How to Start a Domain Registration and Web Hosting Online Business

It is too expansive and technical to start your own web hosting company. You need a place to establish your data center and keep the servers. It needs thousands of dollars to start and maintain. You also need to hire several experts to maintain the data center, support the clients, process the orders and administrate everything. You also need several managers for different apartments.

Some people start a web hosting service in their basements. But this is a mistake, because they won’t be able to offer a professional service, although they are expert in server management and the other related things.

Therefore, starting a web hosting and domain registration business is not everybody’d bread and butter, although it is a lucrative business. It is a great business to generate passive income, while 99% of those who read this article can’t do it on their own, because they don’t have the knowledge, experience and the related qualifications.¬†However, we have made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for those who want to have such an online business.

Let us know if you want to do it.