To make money with an affiliate program, you have to promote their products/services through your affiliate link(s).

If you have already joined our affiliate program, the question is: where is your affiliate link?

1. Your Main Affiliate Link

To have access to your main affiliate link, you should first login to your account here. You will be redirected to the affiliates’ area home page where there are several tabs at the top. The first tab that you see by default, is the “Affiliate URLs” tab that you will be redirected to once you login.

An “Affiliate URLs” is the same as your affiliate link or referral link. On this tab, you will see your main affiliate link. You also see your affiliate ID on the same page.

Please note that these are all the same:

  • Affiliate Link
  • Affiliate URL
  • Referral Link
  • Referral URL

Your main affiliate link, affiliate URL or referral link has such a format:

YourAffiliateID is a number. So, if your YourAffiliateID is for example 145, then your main affiliate link will be:

Now, if you send the above link to someone, or post it on your website, and someone clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to our website’s home page. There we have listed all of our products/services that your referrals can buy, and you earn commissions from their purchases.

So, your main affiliate link redirects people to our website’s home page. However, there are also minor affiliate links which redirect your referrals to our products’ sales letters.

2. Your Minor Affiliate Link

To have access to your minor affiliate links, you click on the “Creatives” tab at the top. So, from now on, we will call the minor affiliate links “Creatives”.

There are several creatives on that page. You choose them based on the marketing campaign that you want to run.

For example, let’s say you’ve written an article about the importance of running an online business for those who want to generate a source of income. Then, you can refer the readers to our “Fully-Automated Online Business System” program which is our main package and the strongest system that enables anybody, including those who have a business, and those who have no business, to start a fully-automated online business system.

To do that, you just need to find our “Fully-Automated Online Business System” creative on the Creatives page. It is currently #1 on that page.

Then, you can find your “Fully-Automated Online Business System” affiliate link which has the following format if we assume that YourAffiliateID is 145: 

Now I’d like to tell you something very interesting:

3. You Can Link to Any of Our Website’s Pages

Other affiliate programs have over-complicated affiliate links, and so their affiliates miss lots of traffic, referrals and commissions because of the mistakes they make when using the complicated affiliate links. But our affiliate system provides the simplest possible affiliate links. This prevents you from making mistakes in using your affiliate links.

This is the general format of our affiliate links:

YourAffiliateID is a number. So, if your YourAffiliateID is for example 145, then your main affiliate link will be:

I had already explained that. But I repeated it again to tell you something that you didn’t know so far:

You can link to any of our website pages using the above format. If you do so and you refer people to any of our pages and articles, they will be recorded as your referrals, whether or not there is anything to buy on that page or article. If they return to our site again and buy something (which is what many of them will do because we follow up with them), you will earn your commission.

For example, let’s say you have written an article about us and our products and you decide to link to our about page to let your readers know about us better.

There is nothing to buy on our about page. But if your readers visit our about page, our system will record them as your referrals, and so, if they make any purchases in the future (which is what many of them will do because we follow up with them), you will earn commissions. This is how you can link to our about page, if we assume that Your Affiliate ID is 145:

Therefore, if we assume that your affiliate ID is instead 8547, then your affiliate link to our about page will be:

Similarly, you can link to our contact page if we assume that your affiliate ID is for example 145:

Therefore, if you add this to the end of any of our pages URLs, you will have an affiliate link for that page: ?ref=YourAffiliateID

Note: You should replace “YourAffiliateID” with your affiliate ID that you can see here after you login to your affiliate account.

So, you can link to any of our pages and articles from your ads, articles, videos, social media posts and… using the above method. This a big help when you promote our different products, want to let your followers know how to contact us (so that you link to our contact page) or want to help them know about us (so that you link to our about page). It is the same with all of our other pages and articles.

But, this is not all. We have made it even simpler.

4. Direct Linking

It is time to talk about one of the other exceptional features of our affiliate system which is Direct Linking.

Direct Linking allows you to link to our website home page or any of the other pages, directly from your site/blog and without having to use your affiliate link. Direct linking makes life much easier for you.

To see what Direct Linking is, please login to your account here and then click on the “Direct Links” tab.

Then click on the “Add new domain” link.

Now you can enter your website domain name.

For example, if your website address is

then you should enter:

Once we approve your submission, you can directly link to any of our website’s pages from anywhere on your site, without having to use your affiliate link format. If so, our affiliate system will track your referrals who visit our site through your links, and if any of them make any purchases at any time, you will earn commissions.

You will get rid of using different affiliate links if you use the Direct Linking feature. You won’t have to be worried about having a correct format of your affiliate links on your ads.

Please note that Direct Linking works only for the domains that have been submitted by you and approved by us. For example, you can’t use it on your social media ads like Facebook. When you advertise on the other sites, like social media sites, you must use your affiliate links, otherwise your referrals can’t be tracked.

5. Referral URL Generator

Once you login to your account here, you will see this tool on the first page you will be redirected to.

It is a strong tool to generate affiliate links (affiliate URLs). It also helps you track the referrals you get from each of your advertising campaigns or links you place in different places on your website or anywhere on the Internet.

There are two fields there. In the first one, just enter the URL of the page you want to link to. For example, when you want to link to our “Economy Web Hosting” package, you should enter this URL:

The Second field is the “Campaign Name”. You don’t have to enter anything there. If you enter nothing and then click on the “GENERATE URL” button, it will create the affiliate link without any campaign tracking code:

(In this example, I’ve assumed that Your affiliate ID is 145.)

If you enter a Campaign Name and then click on the “GENERATE URL” button, it will create the affiliate link that tracks the campaign as well.

For example, let’ say I want to use an affiliate link on one of my Facebook ads. If I enter FB-1 as the campaign name, after clicking on the “GENERATE URL” button, I will have this affiliate link:

Now let’s say you post this link on one of your Facebook ads, and people click on it. You can see the related stats on the “Statistics” page.

Those who have referred to our site through the above affiliate URL that has a campaign name FB-1, will be listed under the “Campaign” column on the “Statistics” page.

Please note that you can enter anything you want as the Campaign Name. For example, you can enter a word that describes a special advertising campaign on a special site or marks a link on an article on your blog. It is up to you. “FB-1” was just an example.

What Is the Advantages of the Referral URL Generator and the Campaign Name?

1. It enables you to link to any pages on our website.
2. It enables you to track your ads’ performance. This is very important because you will know which ad converts better, so that you focus on it more.

Use this strong yet easy-to-use tool to keep the track of every ad and link. It is very important in optimizing your ads and maximizing your profit.

If you have any questions, please post a comment using the form below, or click here to email us.

We answer 🙂