KaratBars Hardfork Day and KaratBars Stock Market Launch

KaratBars Hardfork Day

As you know, KaratBars was supposed to merge their two coins, KBC and KCB on December 16 which was called the Hardfork day.

Now the question is: Was this process done or not yet? And, if it was done, how the KBC and KCB coins were merged?

The other question is: Does the Karatbars Stock Market Launch have anything to do with the Karatbars Hardfork Day?

I will explain everything in this article, so that you will know what is going on now and what you should do.

Please read the below words carefully.

Please note that this article is not an investment advice. You understand that you buy/sell/convert/trade/exchange/invest etc. at your own risk.

KaratBars Hardfork Day

KaratBars was supposed to merge KBC and KCB on December 16 and create the new coin which was expected to be called GSC. They didn’t do it right on December 16. But it seems it is done now with some differences:

1. KBC and KCB Haven’t Been Merged, But…

Indeed, KBC and KCB haven’t been merged to create the new coin. KBC which was in the cryptocurrency market since long time ago is now like the new coin.

Even they haven’t changed the name of the coin, but it is possible that they do it later, which is not that important. It is just a name that doesn’t make any difference if they change it or not.

The interesting thing is that KBC will be changed to the new coin within the next 6 months. It will be done automatically and it doesn’t need you to do anything. All you have to do is transferring your KBC coins to your KaratBit account. If you have KBC coins anywhere else, move them to your KaratBit account as soon as possible.

Indeed, you can consider the current KBC coins you have in your KaratBit account, as the new coin. They may change the name later, but this doesn’t matter.

It means, in fact the Hardfork has happened, but without merging the KBC and KCB coins, which is good. Why do I say it is good?

I say this because now they have given you two options:

  1. You can convert your KCB coins into KBC if you want.
  2. If you don’t want to do this, you can hold your KCB coins with the value of €0.14.

Please keep reading. I will clarify everything 😀

2. You Can Convert Your KCB into KBC

KCB and KBC haven’t become merged. So your KCB coins are still there. But now you have the option to convert your KCB coins into KBC if you want. Each KCB equals 2.54 KBC. It means if you have 100,000 KCB, you can exchange it into 254,000 KBC coins.

How this 2.54 rate has been calculated?

It is based on a calculation which is done based a one year average of the highest (0.126064) and lowest (0.014298) price of KBC on the market (which is 0.070681 or 7 cents); and the average price (open, high, low, close) on the 15th of December:

(0.054594 + 0.060942 + 0.026930 + 0.059149) / 4 = 0.050400 or 5 cents

Now if we get the average of these two numbers:

(0.070681 + 0.050400) / 2 = 0.06054

This 0.06054 is indeed the average of one year of KBC’s price fluctuation (0.070681) and the average of the KBC’s price fluctuation on 15th of December (0.050400).

Now, as each KCB coins has a value of €0.14 that equals 15.38 USD cents, then each KCB is 2.54 of the KBC’s average price we calculated above:

0.1538 / 0.06054 = 2.54

It means:

1. First they’ve calculated the average of one year price fluctuation of KBC from 15th of December of 2018 to 15th of December of 2019 which is $0.070681.

2. Then they calculated the average of the open, high, low, close price of KBC on 15th of December 2019 which is $0.050400.

3. Then, they calculated the average of these two numbers which becomes $0.06054.

4. Finally, they divided the KCB value in USD into $0.06054 and reached the 2.54 rate.

You don’t have to understand the above calculations. All you should know is that now you can convert your KCB coins into KBC until 4th of January 2020 and withe rate of 2.54. You won’t be able to do this after 4th of January 2020.

How to Convert KCB to KBC on KaratBit Dashboard

  1. Login to your KaratBit account.
  2. Refer to your account dashboard.
  3. Click on the “Exchange” button in the KCB row.
  4. Enter the number of your KCB coins.
  5. Click on the “Exchange KCB” button.

KCB to KBC Exchange

3. KBC Coins Will Convert into the New Coin

The current KBC coins will change to the new coin within the next 6 months. If you have KBC coins anywhere else, you must move them to your KaratBit account as soon as possible.

Do it now. They say you can do it until June 2020. But I would do it now.

Indeed, the KBC coins you currently have in your KaratBit account is the new coins we were supposed to have after the Hardfork. Just they haven’t changed the name yet which is not important to us.

So the Hardfork has been done the way I explained above.

4. If You Don’t Convert Your KCB Coins into KBC…

What will happen if you don’t convert your KCB coins into KBC by 4th of January 2020?

They will stay in your account with the value of €0.14 for each coin.

For example, if you have 100,000 KCB coins in your account, their total value will be €14,000. They have this value even now. However, you won’t be able to exchange them into KBC after 4th of January 2020.

If you don’t exchange them into KBC by 4th of January 2020, you can use them to buy the KaratBars’ shares on the stock market.

Maybe you will be able to withdraw them too. But I am not sure about this.

KaratBars Stock Market Launch

Another good news we have received these days is about the KaratBars Stock Market Launch.

It is a good news for the KaratBars’ affiliates and coin holders, because entering the stock market for a company equals growing faster and having more value on their assets, products, services, etc.

The most important thing that all of us care about is the value of the KaratBars’ cryptocurrency which is currently called KBC. Many of us are holding thousands or even millions of KBC coins. We expect the KBC’s value to go as high as possible. Entering the stock market can boost the KBC’s value for several reasons.

What I Am Going to Do:

I will exchange my KCB coins into KBC because I am not interested in buying the KaratBars’ stocks. I am more interested in having their cryptocurrency, because I think it will make more profit in future and it will have less risk. It is even possible that I buy and hold more KBC coins in future.

This is not an investment advice. You have to think and make your own decisions at your own risk. I just talked about my preferences.

When Bitcoin became accessible to the public, nobody could imagine that it could reach $19,459.50, but it really did it.

Nobody can predict the future of a market. But we can analyze a market and calculate the risk and profit probabilities. When you are in the right place at the right time, there is a higher chance to make profit.

In case of KBC, there are some important factors that the other cryptocurrencies have never had:

  1. There is a company behind it.
  2. It is backed by gold.

And, we are in the right place at the right time, because the KBC’s price is still very low. You can buy hundreds or even thousands with a small amount of money that you can easily forget about. Then, you can hold and wait. When a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that had no company behind, and was backed by nothing, went that high, it is highly possible that KBC goes even higher.

Again, this is a not an investment or trading advice. It is not a prediction as well. It is just my personal opinion.

Always invest the money that you can afford to lose. If you do so, you will never be in trouble.

This is how the Bitcoin market behaved during the past several years. It has lots of things to teach you:

Bitcoin Value

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    1. Nothing as far as I know. They remain in the blackchain. But it is better to move them to your KaratBit account and activate the 2FA, so that your coins will be safe and secure.

  1. Thank you, Vahid, for your explanation. I believe the new mainnet coin will be the coin that we have when our KCB is converted by 4 January. We obviously don’t have it yet because the coin lies pending in the KCB conversions. More comment to follow.

    1. You’re welcome.
      > I believe the new mainnet coin will be the coin that we have when our KCB is converted by 4 January.

  2. One important immediate concern many have and nobody seems to know or is prepared to answer: Value of Mainnet KBC: On 5 January will Mainnet KBC coin have a price per token that preserves the €0.14 value per KCB in the 2.54KBC. (Yes/No) Or Will 2.54KBC be worth approximately €0.05 in value representing an immediate loss of 64% in value at launch of mainnet KBC? (Yes/No Thank you for what you’re doing for the community.

    1. Thank you for reading my posts 🙂

      > On 5 January will Mainnet KBC coin have a price per token that preserves the €0.14 value per KCB in the 2.54KBC. (Yes/No)
      1) No. But it has never been supposed to have the same value right at the day of hardfork or conversion of the current coin to the new one.
      2) It is not necessarily on Jan 5th. We don’t know when it is exactly. But it doesn’t matter, because when we convert our KCB coins to the current KBC, they will be in the market and will convert to the new coin automatically anyway. Indeed, we can consider the current KBC as the new coin. It doesn’t make any differences for us. We can buy more KBC coins, or trade what we have, even before they convert to the new coin.

      > Will 2.54KBC be worth approximately €0.05 in value representing an immediate loss of 64% in value at launch of mainnet KBC?
      No. According to the above calculations, the 2.54 rate has come from the average of one year KBC average price and the average price of 15th of December. What the KBC price will be from now on, has nothing to do with this calculation and depends on the market supply/demand or fear/greed, like all the other markets.
      Besides, when people were buying KCB, nobody guaranteed any special exchange rate for KBC or the new coin. Each KCB had a €0.14 value from the first day, and it still has this value. It is up to us whether we want to convert our KCB coins into KBC with a 2.54 rate, or use them to buy the KaratBars shares or withdraw them with a €0.14 value for each.

    1. You can convert your cashgold to unival, and use the unival to buy KCB. Then you must convert your KCB coins into KBC before 4th of January if you want to enter your new KCB coins to the cryptocurrency market.

      Yes, you can continue referring people to your KaratBars team. Growing your KaratBars team has nothing to do with the coins.

    2. hy, so if i want to exchange them to gold, then i need kbc like before? do you know how many coins do i have to change into 1g gold?

  3. Hi Vahid, Thanks for the explanation, I have BUNV in my karatbit dashboard how/what can I do with them? I had vaulted some, but still have some left on my dashboard.

    1. Hi Doris,
      You’re welcome.
      Every 10 BUNV equals one gram of cashgold. You can get the QR code and refer to a CEM machine to get your cashgold.

  4. Hi Vahid, I still have KCB sitting in my Karatbars account … how do I get them into Karatbit? Does the company push them over automatically? my Karatbit is set up and I have exchanged the KCB that were there for the KBC. thank you, Lorie

    1. Hi Lorie,

      Have you connected your KaratBit account to your KaratBars account? If yes, then your KCB coins should be already in your KaratBit account. You can connect your KaratBit and KaratBars account here:

      You can check your KaratBit account history to see whether all of your KCB coins have been settled in your KaratBit account or not:

      If the total number of the KCB coins you see in your KaratBit account equals the total number of the KCB coins in your KaratGold.sg account dashboard, then all your KCB coins are in your KaratBit account.

  5. Hard fork was suppose to be today at midnight but it looks like it has been postponed to Tuesday January 13 at midnight again… The way is killing us all, I just hope they will not push it again for later cause we’re already late on the k1 phone and hard fork was suppose to be done on madrdi event. Do you have any idea or inside info for us please. Thanks

    1. They did it because of the affiliates, not because they couldn’t make it on time. There are so many partners (affiliates) who haven’t been able to link their KaratBars and KaratBit accounts. There are so many others who have different problems that have to be resolved not to lose any of their coins. Besides, postponing the KCB to KBC exchange process has no harm for anybody, nor does it cause anybody to lose anything. It just helps some affiliates to sort their problems out before the Hard Fork.

      You can refer to the “latest news” on your KaratBars account to read about this in detail.

    2. Ok I see, thank you you are being so helpful. They will need much more employee it’s getting ridiculous the waiting time before we get any response from the help team… Its been more then a month I’ve been waiting for an email reply… I’m unable to exchange my BUNV from my karat pay to my karatbit platform. Anyways I know we’re good on the long term. Again thank you for your help

    3. Thank you too Bruno…
      Yes, I am not happy with the long waiting time they have in responding to our support requests. I hope they think about it soon.

  6. I bought a VIP package and a bronze one, not using Karatbars as a business, but as an investment, initial sales pitch from an affiliate was just promise, do this and get this etc etc. Now it was coming December 15, your coin could be worth this and worth that, now, the story changes, I have Bonus univals, KBC, KCB, and still have to get 1c back on my return. by the looks of it, I dont know what will happen.

    1. Hi Riaan,

      I am an affiliate like you. But as far as I know, KaratBars has done whatever they have promised so far. I have no profit or interest to promote them for nothing, because it won’t have any benefits for me. However, this is what I know so far:
      – They had promised to give one gram of gold for every 100 KBC coins after 4th of July last year; and they did it.
      – They had promised to give one gram of gold for every 75 KBC coins from the beginning of 2020; and they are doing it.
      – They have never guaranteed any price for their coins, or any income or anything like that…
      – To make money as an affiliate, (1) you have to maximize your commission rates by getting a VIP package, and (2) refer people to build your KaratBars team.

      The other promises are all made by people who are not responsible. They are not made by KaratBars.

      KaratBars hasn’t been perfect. But they have been doing relatively good so far.

  7. Hi Vahid,
    Your explanations are very helpful indeed. Thanks for your effort. I have one point to clarify: As from this month 75 KBC = 1 g of gold right? Say someone has 100,000 KBC then he can exchange with 100000/75 = 1333 g gold – am I still right? Now 1 g gold = 50 USD approx. Then his gold value = 1333 x 50 = 66,650 USD !!! Am I still right???

    1. Hi Toshanand,
      Thank you too.
      Yes, you are totally right.
      However, please note that for now you can withdraw only one gram of gold per day.

  8. Hi Vahid, greetings from Spain. First of all, thank you very much for your contributions; they are very useful. Could you give us your opinion of the evolution of the KBC? It appears in Coin-market with more capitalization, but the value is lower. I don´t care but I would like to understand it better. Very thankful.

    1. Hi Miguel,
      Thank you too 🙂
      Yes, the KBC’s value has been going down in the past several weeks. As far as I can see, the reason is the low volume of money that has to flood to this market. As you know, the value of a commodity depends on supply/demand. If people stop buying a commodity, its value goes down, which is something that is happening to KBC now. The reason people have stopped buying KBC is that (1) they have already bought as much as they wanted to, and (2) now they are waiting for the hardfork to happen. I believe that once hardfork happens, some people will start buying again, and so the price will start going up. If this happens and people see that the price is going up, then more people will buy and the price will go higher and higher. It is like a chain reaction. “Greed” has to take the control of this market and make it “bullish”. I believe this is going to happen to the new KBC, because there are some reasons for it. Let’s wait and see.

    2. Hello, Could you explain more about the reason while this market will go bullish as you said there are some reason for it? I’m a believer but I really don’t like the price action since we were left with a 2.54 time instead of the real price of 0.14 and now we will surely see a 0.01 value IMO.

    3. Hi Bruno,
      There is a company behind this coin which is serious to promote it. Besides, there is gold behind this coin. These are some important reasons that make me expect this market to become a strong bullish market. But we have to wait and see. Nobody is right but the market. It is the market that has to show us the way.

    4. KBC is NOT backed by Gold. It is only linked to gold. At the moment, the only people coining it are the top affiliates. Also, withdrawing is limited to 1 gram per day.The sooner I can get out the better…but the value of kbc has tanked so much…the market is realizing this is one huge scam. I agree. The value of the coin will keep going down. Since the 1st hardcore, the value of the coin never really went up. Investors saw it and dump the coins. They will continue to do so.

    5. > KBC is NOT backed by Gold. It is only linked to gold.
      How? Please kindly explain.

      > At the moment, the only people coining it are the top affiliates.
      I don’t know what you mean by “coining”. But if you mean making money with KBC, then I have to say that nobody has made any money/profit with it yet. But nobody was supposed to make any profit now.
      If you mean buying the KBC coins, then it is not only the top affiliates who are buying it. There are so many who are buying while they are not even the KaratBars affiliates and members. It is just a coin and when they see it is so cheap now, they buy and hope it goes up.

      > Withdrawing is limited to 1 gram per day.
      Yes. But there are two things regarding this:
      1) KaratBars says that this limit will change in future. I hope so.
      2) Exchanging coins into gold is just an opportunity that KaratBars offers with their coins. When people bought KBC, they wouldn’t do it to exchange their coins into gold later. They were doing it to hold the coins, have the value go higher and then exchange it to something else to withdraw their profit.

      > The market is realizing this is one huge scam.
      I can’t say this is scam, as if I can’t say Bitcoin is scam. On the other hand, all cryptocurrencies look scam from a different angle. Even FIAT currencies are scam somehow and in a different way, because they are constantly losing their value.

      > The value of the coin will keep going down.
      Yes. As long as the process of exchanging KCB to KBC is in progress, the value of KBC goes down, although some people are buying KBC on the market. This is normal and makes sense, because when the number of KBC coins goes up like crazy, their value should go down. However, once the process of exchanging KCB into KBC is completed, I expect the KBC value to start going up gradually.

      It is just the beginning of the story of this coin. It is still too early to make any judgement. We have to wait for now.

  9. Hi Vahid, Where I live we do not have CEM machine to withdraw cashgold. What is the maximum g of gold allowable to withdraw from CEM machine at one go? Say I go to South Africa after some months after daily 1 g of gold withdrawals.

    1. Hi Toshanand,
      Each CEM machine has the maximum capacity of 400 pieces of 0.1 gram of CashGold which is 40 grams of gold in total. They will have to reload the machine once it runs out of CashGold.

  10. Hello, I would like your opinion on what’s going on with kbc and karatbars. There’s so many new videos claiming karatbars is a scam… No news from the CEO and the price keeps dropping… Do you think we can go back to 0.00 in value?
    I just want you opinion nothing more please thank you in advance for your time.

    1. Hi Bruno,
      I don’t know what is going on behind the scene. But I expected to see the KBC price goes down when the process of exchanging KCB into KBC is in progress. Once this process is finished, the price should go up. If it doesn’t, then we can say that there is something wrong.

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