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What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is among the first and most important steps of internet marketing. To do a keyword research, you need to have a Keyword Research Tool like the one you see above. A good, strong and easy to use and understand keyword research tool makes the job much easier.

The question is what exactly is the keyword research and what does a keyword research tool do?

Keyword research is the process of finding the most relevant keywords or key phrases for a business, and sorting them based on the popularity, competition and importance.

For example, let’s say you have a driving school in New York. Therefore, your customers are those who (1) want to take a driving course (2) in New York. So, they google for a driving school in New York, and you want them to find either your driving school website, or your driving school information on Google Maps and Google Business. To achieve this, first you have to find the most relevant keywords, and then optimize your website and your business information on Google Maps and Google Business for those keywords.

1. SEO-Optimizing of Your Website

Keyword research is linked to search engine optimization (SEO). It enables you to find the most relevant and popular keywords to use search engine optimization of your business’s website or blog. Additionally, when you want to do paid advertising, you need to know the most relevant keywords to spend your money on, and to avoid wasting your money on unrelated keywords.

In the driving school example, there is no doubt that most of those who want to find a driving school in New York google Driving School New York or Driving School in New York. If you use a keyword research tool (above) to have the list of the related keywords (key phrases), you will be able to find several keywords that work for your business:

Keyword Research Result

2. Fighting Your Competitors:

In most cases, doing a keyword research enables you to find your competitors. Therefore, you can learn about them and know how much attention they receive. This helps you a lot in promoting your business. For example, the keyword research that I just did for the “driving school in New York” example, made me learn that “Ferrari Driving School” is the most popular driving school in New York, simply because it has the highest monthly search volume:

Keyword Research Result

Analyzing the competitors’ websites can give you lots of information about the same business. Also, when you want to do the paid advertising, you have to make sure that people can see your ads when they google for a competitor like “Ferrari Driving School”.

3. Writing SEO-Optimized Quality Articles

You have to do some keyword research when you want to write SEO-Optimized articles for your blog. You have to focus each of your articles on one special keyword, and SEO-Optimize the article for it.

While you write for the readers, and not for the search engines, you should also consider SEO-Optimization and the organic targeted traffic that your blog can receive through it.

You should not start writing an article before doing a proper and complete keyword research and knowing the keyword or key phrase that your article is going to be focused on.

– competition

In addition to SEO-Optimization, you have to consider competition when you want to write quality articles. Why? Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you want to write an article about making money online. Then you do a keyword research and you will find out that there are 3,170,000,000 results about making money online on Google, while there were 12,100 search volume last month according to what the keyword research tool reports. However, making money online fast has about one third of the search results compared to making money online, while the search volume was 4,400 last month.

It means making money online fast is less competitive. Therefore, it is much easier to reach the Google’s first search result page with this key phrase, compared to making money online.

Although the search volume is three times less (4,400), it is still worth it to focus on making money online fast. The reason is that there is a much higher chance to reach the Google’s first page and receive lots of free and organic clicks. However, if you focus on making money online, chances are you will never receive any traffic, because it is really hard to reach the first page with this key phrase.

This is how keyword research helps you analyze the competition and choose the best and most appropriate key phrase that can drive free organic traffic to your blog.

– You Don’t Have to Be on the First Page!

Please note that I am not saying that in order to receive organic traffic, you have to be on the first page for the main key phrase. An article can receive lots of organic traffic with the different derivatives of the main key phrase, even if it is not on the first page for the main key phrase.

However, it is still necessary to choose a less competitive main key phrase. Not only can you receive targeted clicks for the main key phrase derivatives, but also it is easier to reach the first page with the main key phrase and receive even more targeted traffic.

What Is a Keyword Research Tool?

A keyword research tool is an application that gives you some important information about the keywords and key phases.

Some of the most important information that keyword research tools usually provide are the following:

1. Search Volume:

Search volume is maybe the most important data that you expect to get from a keyword research tool. The reason is that search volume tells you how popular and competitive each keyword is.

When you see the different derivatives of a keyword, with their search volume, you can decide which one is easier to focus on to receive traffic.

Search Volume

2. CPC or Cost-Per-Click

CPC is also important but not as important as the search volume. It tells you how much the per-per-click advertisers have paid for each keyword during the past month.

CPC is an important indicator of competition in per-per-click advertising. When a keyword is more expensive, it is more competitive too. However, CPC doesn’t mean that an expensive keyword is also more competitive in organic search, and it is harder to reach the organic first search result page to get the organic traffic.

As you can see on the table below, making money online posting ads has the highest CPC among the making money online related key phrases. However, there are many other key phrases that are more competitive to receive organic traffic.


CPC Difficulty is the same as CPC in showing how competitive the keyword is in pay-per-click advertising. Our keyword research tool compares the CPC of 100 keywords. Then it calculates their strength from 100 and show the result as CPC Difficulty.

Why Is the CPC of a Keyword Sometimes Higher Than Others While Its Search Volume Is Lower?

It is because of the competition of the pay-per-click advertisers. For example, they can better compete on a keyword like making money online posting ads because the product/service they are selling is related to this keyword while the other keywords have no importance for them.

Having a higher CPC means there is a stronger competition in pay-per-click advertising but does not necessarily mean getting a better organic search result ranking. Therefore, when you want to focus on organic traffic, you have to forget about CPC and focus on Search Volume and Found Results (the next item).

3. Found Results

“Found Results” is the number of search results related to a keyword. You can easily check Google for each keyword and see the most accurate search result number. What I mean is that you don’t need a keyword research tool to know the search result number for each keyword.

This number is very important because it tells you how competitive each keyword is. For example, you can google make money online now, and see the number of the search results. As shown below, there are 4,510,000,000 results as of the writing of this article:

Google Search Result Number

This number means Google has found 4,510,000,000 web pages that talk about make money online. So, if you write an article about the same topic, it has to compete with 4,510,000,000 web pages to reach the first page.

Now, if you google make money online paypal, you will see that the number of the search results is 203,000,000 which is about 22 times less. Therefore, if you write an article about make money online paypal, your competition will be 22 times less compared to the make money online article.

Please note that the number of search results changes all the time and goes higher because Google indexes more pages every day. Therefore, you may see some different numbers when you google the same key phrases.

Also, the keyword research tool may return different numbers at the time that you make a search.

Lower Search Volume, But Less Competitive

It is true that when you make the key phrase longer (long-tail key phrase), the monthly search volume also goes down. However, it is worth spending your time on a key phrase which has a lower search volume and has a lower competition at the same time.

The reason is that if you focus on a high search volume key phrase which is more competitive, then it will sometimes be impossible to reach Google’s first page. So, you won’t receive any organic traffic at all. But if you focus on a low search volume key phrase which is less competitive, then you will have a much higher chance to reach Google’s first page and receive lots of free/organic targeted clicks. This makes a huge difference, especially for new businesses and blogs.

Therefore, the “Found Results” or the number of search results, plus the monthly search volume are two very important factors. We can use them in analyzing the competition and choosing the best keyword to create SEO-Optimized contents or to advertise.

My Free Keyword Research Tool

Here on this page, you can use my free keyword research tool. The other companies charge a monthly fee, sometimes as high as $99 per month, for their keyword research tool. But I have made it absolutely free and unlimited. You don’t even have to sign up for an account to use my keyword research tool.

Additionally, I have developed my free keyword research tool to be as simple and easy to use as possible. The other tools offer lots of unnecessary data that have no application. They just make the page too complicated and crowded. But as an experienced internet marketer and SEO expert, I have made my keyword research tool extremely easy to use.

It gives you everything you need to choose the best and most relevant keywords. It also enables you to analyze the competition for each keyword, which is very important when focusing on the less competitive phrases. This makes a huge difference. It increases your chance to receive organic targeted traffic from search engines.

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