If you ever consider ways to make money online, ClickBank and affiliate marketing is one of the most popular options. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that ClickBank and affiliate marketing have almost become synonymous, almost like Xerox and photocopying.

However, most online tutorials and blogs will indicate that you can make money on ClickBank when you have a website.

But the question is can you do the same without a website? What if you do not have any blog and neither have any kind of internet platform to promote? Well, you can still make money through ClickBank. It could throw a bit of challenge, but it is a matter of time before cash registers start filling up.

Here, first I tell you how it is possible to make money with ClickBank without a website. I do this to tell you later that you will make a lot more money with a website. It is not that easy to make money with these kinds of affiliate or digital marketing systems without a website.

Those who think that it is not easy to handle and manage a website, they like to make money with the systems like ClickBank or Amazon without a website. But they are wrong. A professional website is a big help, while it is not that hard to establish it.

So, first let me tell you how to make money with ClickBank without a website, and then I will tell you how you can make more money with a website.

How to Make Money with ClickBank Without a Website

To make money efficiently on ClickBank, you need to first understand how it works. In very simple terms, it is the simplest type of affiliate network system. They have a list of products you can choose from. You earn money when you promote any of these and someone buys it.

It is pretty much like a real estate agent earning commission from the previous landlord and the new buyer once a deal has been inked.

Once you choose the products to promote, you would get an affiliate link, which is called hop link in case of ClickBank. This needs to be sent to people or viewers. Once people buy the product that you promoted, you earn commission on every sale. Normally the vendor who provides the link decides on the exact extent of the commission payment.

Though there are many other affiliate network systems, the advantage with ClickBank is they have a relatively high commission rate. Moreover, they do not have a complicated approval process that makes a website compulsory. For many new entrants in this field who want to make some easy money, ClickBank produces an easy getaway.

You can simply sign up, select products and start promoting them. Well, that brings us back to the key point, how do you go about promoting it without a website?

Here is a step by step guide that will surely make your task relatively simpler. It will not just throw up an alternative way to optimize ClickBank’s potential, but at the same time help you clock in better gains.

How To Optimize ClickBank Earnings?

The first step is invariably creating a ClickBank login ID. This essentially becomes your digital footprint and establishes your identity.

Step 1- Get Started:

Once your login ID is created, you can operate your ClickBank account with ease. Simply sign in and follow the instruction on the home screen. It will guide you on basic operations seamlessly and help you understand how to proceed. You can start getting the affiliate links soon after. But before you start selecting it, create a list of preferences in your mind. Don’t pick links randomly. Create a constructive order in your mind and proceed as per that.

For example, if you are keen on promoting digital mobile products, look out for options in this regard. So even without a website, anyone following the links you promote will know your area of focus. This goes a long way in helping you create a niche. So tomorrow when I am looking for latest mobile apps, I know I can go directly to your ID and get them.

This means even without a website; it is possible to create a reasonable identity for yourself on ClickBank. You need to simply streamline the segments and choose alternatives intelligently. This will pave the way for better gains going forward.

Step 2-Explore Marketplace:

So once you have logged into ClickBank, make a beeline for the Marketplace on the website. This is your first step to make money via affiliate networking. You will see the icon for Marketplace on the top of the menu bar. This is the place that lists all details of products that are available for promoting. Here you can make your selection and finally make the list of products that you would eventually want to promote via this affiliate networking site.

The marketplace as the name suggests is the hub of all promotional activity on ClickBank. Once you log into the marketplace, it opens up a Pandora’s box of opportunities and helps you to completely take advantage of the various features that are on offer. This means if there is a valid opportunity; it is hard to miss it if you are already in the marketplace.

Step 3- Choose a Category:

Once you begin to explore the marketplace, you will come across the categories. This essentially makes your task rather simple. All the available products on ClickBank are listed under various categories. Decide on the products that you would like to promote to make money.

Listing out under categories makes a selection rather simple and quick. If it was not divided into various categories, you would have to look for individual names. But listing it under categories makes it rather simple for you. You do not lose time looking for individual companies. You can quite simply just look out for the relevant names in the related companies.

Step 4- Pick Your Product:

If deciding on a category was difficult, picking a product can be even trickier. There are various parameters to select your product. The essential idea is to sell a product that is not just high selling but can also help you make money at a reasonable pace.

You can check on the basis of popularity, the Gravity scores and average $/sale value. These parameters help determine both the popularity and selling prospect of the brand you choose. On the whole, Gravity is decidedly the most commonly chosen benchmark to determine profit prospects.

There are no restrictions on the number or kind of products that you choose to promote. On the whole, that is a choice which you would have to make. This can be based on any of these parameters to bring you best value for your efforts. Don’t decide in a hurry. It is very important to make a well-calculated decision.

Step 5- Product Promotion:

The next step is where actual product promotion is initiated. Once you click on the promote button after deciding the product, you get an affiliate link. In case it is a product that does not require any further approval, all you need to do is add a Tracking ID before giving the affiliate link.

This tracking ID can be very useful in tracking the movement of the promotions that you initiate. It will give you a real-time picture of how well or how badly these promotions are working.

Without a website, you can always promote these links on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking platform. In fact, you can even assign separate tracking ID for the links on Facebook and Twitter. This will help you track these even more actively. In case you feel there is a tepid response on a particular medium, you can also decide to change course.

Alternatively, you can get the affiliate link by clicking on the Create button below the tracking ID. Instantly you get a URL that is your affiliate link. So then the promotion happens on these platforms in one go. This is generally for products that do not need further approval.

In case further approval is needed then you can sign up with the vendor. ClickBank provides a link for you to connect directly with the vendor. In this case, then the affiliate link is not generated immediately. On the contrary, it is sent to you via an email.

Essentially, this puts into place possibilities for a variety of situation and offerings that might be available. Ultimately, it provides alternatives that they can use as per their convenience. In many ways, the choice of product also makes a huge difference to the exact type of service that you get.

Step 6- Aggressive Promotion:

Now comes the actual test. You finally have the affiliate link. The challenge is how well and aggressively can you promote these. Remember, more the clicks, better the prospects for you. Some of the most effective means to promote includes:

  • Social Networking Platform:

If you want to make money without a website, you must target the social networking sites first. Additionally, this is also an effective way to promote the ClickBank affiliate links absolutely free. Also, your list of friends on these social networking platforms is generally friends. They would invariably share some of your views.

Therefore, chances of the link getting more hits increase significantly. Hashtags, in this case, can add to the views. For example, if you have a product that helps in baking like a baking mold, you can easily put relevant hashtags. This will ensure that people who are looking for similar products can easily identify these and click on it. Any buys would result in additional earnings for you. You can also use your link in reply to comments.

For example, someone baked a very pretty cake, and somebody else commented with praise. You can reply to these saying that they could use the XXX mold from the link and create even better designs.

  • Emails:

You need to be careful about these. There are some companies that do not encourage affiliate links on email. So if you want to make money, first of all, check for their promotion policy. In case you already have a well-curated email list, this can be a rather effective means of promotion. Otherwise, this can be a rather tedious option and could use up a lot of your time. So you need to curate this option rather carefully for best results.

  • Online Forums:

You need to be very careful about how you manage promotion on these online forums. For you to make money from them, readers need to click on these links. But remember you need to be a dedicated and regular writer for readers to actually click on your links. You need to integrate them intelligently within your text for best response.

At any rate, avoid spamming. This could have rather a negative impact. It could even lead to your expulsion from the group if readers get disturbed. The best bet would still be subtle inserts amidst relevant text. Don’t insert unrelated affiliate links. They are sure to stand out and would put you in a bad light.

  • Offline Communities:

First and foremost, you need to check if ClickBank allows this kind of promotions. There are many affiliate programs that do not allow this type of promotion. Careful analysis of the rules and regulations are very important to optimize your prospects. The biggest risk, in this case, is who you approach for promoting the links. The flipside with absolute strangers is there is as much scope of rejection as there is of acceptance. Especially when you are operating without a website, this is a major area of concern.

Step 7- Collecting Money:

Once you have started circulating the affiliate links in your extended circle, it is time to collect money. Whether you keep a track or not, ClickBank does. Once you log in, the dashboard will clearly list out how much money you have earned. You can choose to get paid the way you want.

In case you are looking for the Dashboard icon, it is in the second menu on the top. The main idea is to make money available at your convenience. So there is no minimum amount or even a cap on the higher side.

I think the simplicity of methodology right from initiating the process to withdrawing the commission adds to its popularity. The entire exercise is so designed that it puts maximum stress on your comfort and overall convenience.

Even if you notice the order of the step by step guidelines, one step seamlessly merges into the next one. This is what creates a perfect harmony. It offers relatively strong chances to make money in a consistent fashion year after year.

You will agree that the relative efficiency of the ClickBank even without a website, you get the decent scope to make money. The success of it is broadly dependent on the strategic positioning of the links through the variety of texts that you incorporate with it.

Latest numbers indicate that there are over 100,000 ClickBank affiliates and 12,000 vendors are associated with it.

So if you want to maximize the money that you earn through affiliate networking sites, ClickBank is undeniably the best bet forward. It promises both value and genuineness. Moreover, the wide range and variety of options ensure that there is some option available for everyone. Whatever be the kind of offerings that you might be looking for, you are sure to find an alternative.

Additionally, the policy for those without websites is fairly simple. This encourages a lot more people with an even basic digital footprint to come and try a hand. It is a unique mix of value and variety, and this is what totally enhances the appeal of this affiliate networking platform. The fundamental idea is to optimize the returns on your effort and bag the best possible deals in town.

ClickBank is not a get rich quick kind of opportunity. You can sure make money without a website, but it will be slow and steady. You have to create an identity even without a website and then hold on to it loyally. Only then people who frequent your social networking pages would be able to identify you and the brands you promote.

Once that is established, it is very important to maintain consistency. As the overall profit potential is deeply linked to this factor. Another factor that you must remember is that ClickBank provides the best rate of commission. This means if affiliate marketing can be profitable, it has to be through the ClickBank way for best possible gains.

Well, there are some not so good products, but there are many others which are simply fabulous. The choice is in your hands. Therefore, choose with caution and care for the best return prospects.

How to Make Money with ClickBank With a Website

The method I described above works, and you can make some money with it. However, it is a lot of work, while it doesn’t make the money you deserve. Why?

You must use the social media networks to promote your hop links for each product you promote. But there are thousands of even millions who are doing the same on Twitter or Facebook pages and groups, and chances are you can never be seen.

As a result, you have to spend lots of time and expect small returns.

In spite of this, many affiliate marketers prefer to promote ClickBank products without a website, mainly because they think it is too technical to have and manage a website. They think it is much easier to make money with ClickBank without a website, but this is a big mistake.

It was like that, when I started working online about 18 years ago. If you wanted to start a website, you had to be good in HTML at least, otherwise you couldn’t do it. Even if you were so good in HTML, you could only create static sites, and you would have lots of problems if you wanted to have forms to make your site a little dynamic. If you wanted to ask a web developer to do it for you, then you would have to pay lots of money.

But not anymore!

Now I know so many who don’t even know what HTML is, while they have the most professional sites and blogs, that work with advanced PHP and MySQL systems. Most of my students are like that. We develop the most professional blogs for them, while they know nothing about web developing and HTML, let alone PHP and MySQL.

And, this is all it costs them:

  • $19/month fee for our web developing and unlimited hosting services, plus the training and technical support they receive from us
  • Less than $20/year fee for a domain name
  • Less than $20/year for an SSL Certificate

So, you will have a professional site/blog for about $22/month, while you don’t have to know anything about web developing. Your site/blog will have a user-friendly control panel that enables you to manage, publish posts and pages, reply comments, modify the design, etc.

But the question is:

How Will Your Site/Blog Help You to Make More Money With ClickBank?

There are an unlimited number of ways that your site/blog can make money for you. I have to write maybe hundreds of articles if I want to cover all of these ways.

The good thing with having a site/blog is that once you succeed to build sources of free targeted traffic toward its pages, it will keep making money for you forever, even if you slow down or even stop working. But when you try to make money on the Internet without a site/blog, your income stops as soon as you stop working.

Here, I just describe a way that relates to making money with ClickBank which is the title and subject of this post:

You can write an article for each of the ClickBank products you want to promote. You need to know how to do this properly. You review each product in one article. Your reviews must help people to understand the products better, so that they decided to buy them when they reach the end of your review, where you have placed your hop link. Readers will click on your hop link and place their order.

If you write strong reviews, each of them will turn into a cash machine for you, while you won’t have to do anything with them once they are published on your site/blog. They receive targeted traffic from Google and will make money for you.

Imagine if you review 500 strong products in 500 posts, and each of them make only $20 for you every month, you will make $10,000 per month by doing nothing.

I must emphasize once again that you must know how to write strong and quality reviews that receive traffic from search engines, otherwise you won’t make any money. Maybe I will talk about writing reviews in some other posts. If you don’t know how to write reviews and you are not a good writer like me, still there is a good solution: You can outsource it and pay others to write reviews for you. They do it for a one-time fee for each review, but then they will make money for you forever and as long as you have the reviews on your site.

Just compare this method (making money with ClickBank with a website), with doing it without a website, and you will see the difference. When you try to make money with ClickBank without a website, you have to work several hours per day to generate a sales on Twitter, Facebook, forums and other sites, if you really can generate sales at all.  But when you have a site, you just write and publish reviews and forget them.

You can start your site/blog today. We can take care of the reviews too, in case you can’t do it on your own. Just let us know.