Often the biggest dilemma for new writers is would they be able to make money? Though freelance writing is coming up in striking manner, making money is still a complicated affair. There are many challenges involved like frequency of work orders, the varying rates, lack of standardization and huge availability of manpower.

While I won’t say that you cannot make money with freelance writing, it sure needs patience and strategy. On the whole, you have to understand that it is extremely important to sell yourself aggressively. For the same work, you will always have ten more people available. So you can bag it only when you offer a compelling package of quality, rate and service.

In fact, if you put your mind together, there are many ways to make money consistently. However, you must remember that no one has a magical wand. It is going to improve only in a gradual fashion. As you build your credibility and network, the relative amount of money you earn will also start increasing.

I would say only when you make freelance writing a full-time job, you can start making money in a convincing manner. A one-off writing job will undeniably pay you, but it won’t be sufficient to support you financially. I am sure, most who have made writing a full-time career would agree with me.

Moreover, writing needs the constant exercise of the brain. Unlike a lot of other freelance opportunities, there is nothing mechanical about it. You cannot just sit and assume you will finish page after page in minutes. I write about 3000-4000 words a day and often the challenge is how do I maintain pace? So if you want to make money with freelance writing, remember a balance between speed and quality is most important.

After the above introduction that may look a little disappointing, I have some great news too 🙂

If you are a writer, there is a much better option for you to make money with this skill. Most writers work as a freelance writer and they charge a one-time fee for what they write. For example, they charge $99 for a 2500 words article or sales letter. Maybe you think about doing the same as well, because it is what most other writers do. But there is a smarter way to make money as a freelance writer, which is not that hard. Indeed, it is too easy to do it nowadays. And, it makes a lot more money.


In this method, what you write doesn’t make a one-time payment for you. It makes money for you forever. You don’t sell your writings. You keep them for yourself and they make money for you forever.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand me now. I will explain this in more detail here in this article. Just please make sure to read this article entirely.

First, I will give you some tips that help you to start working and making money as a freelance writer. Then, I will tell you how you can write for yourself and make money with your writings for good, which is the option that is a lot better than all other options I am going to give you here below:

1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is the cardinal rule of freelance writing. If you want to make money on a sustainable basis, it is very important that you diversify. If you want to become a full-time writer and earn on a consistent basis, you will have to spread out your bets. You must understand that all writing projects are time bound assignments. There cannot be endless demand from a particular stream. There would be times when a particular client might not have any fresh orders, and you should expect this if you write for others, not for yourself.

But does it mean that you will not earn in that period? That would be too frustrating and also make the proposition unviable. So to ensure that you are making money irrespective of all uncertainties, you have to reach out to multiple clients at any given point of time. This will make sure that you have a continuous flow of work. You finish one and take up the next. This will maintain the chain in freelance writing. It will ensure that you are able to keep the momentum week after week.

Also, working with different kinds of clients will expose you to the wide range of working experiences. This will help you to add depth to your writing and consistently make money with freelance writing. Working with various clients also gives you a significantly strong work experience. So when clients are hiring, they would often want to go for writers with better experience compared to those who are available at a cheaper rate. While there is no guarantee that all clients would behave in the same manner, this is undeniably the most popular trend.

Additionally, different kind of work experience gives you a rich exposure to the different type of freelance writing opportunities.

2. Pitch Posts

When you are looking at making money through writing, it is very important to keep your options open. The more the number of avenues for you to explore, better are your chances to make money with freelance writing on a sustainable basis. In this context, pitching guest posts can be a great alternative. In many ways, it is also a brilliant way to build your credibility. After all, a guest post screams of expertise and great understanding as well. The core idea is to help you showcase your strength. In this regard, this is a great platform to establish this fact.

Moreover, most blogs that accept guest posts also pay you for these posts. This means that in the absence of adequate projects, these posts will help you make the additional money. Remember when you take up freelance writing as a source of livelihood, it is very important that you get a regular flow of income. However, in most freelance opportunities, it is difficult to guarantee that kind of certainty on a sustained basis.

However, the guest posts offer you a welcome alternative. They make sure that even in the absence of regular projects, you have sufficient alternatives to fall back on. This is particularly important if you not have a blog of your own.

In comparison, writing a guest post can be a rather simple. You do not have to undertake the hassle of maintaining a regular blog, but at the same time, it guarantees the same kind of assistance that you can expect from an independent blog. This, therefore, helps you to maintain a steady channel of income as a freelance writer. It is a very important consideration if you want to make money on a sustainable basis.

3. Publish Your Own Book

We already mentioned that if you want to make money with freelance writing, a multi-pronged approach is very important. Basically, these will help offset the uncertainty that is associated with freelance writing. Given the advancement in technology and the plethora of opportunities, publishing your own book can be one of the best options to explore.

Given the self-publishing platforms like Amazon, you can easily publish your own book and put it up for sale. This also makes sure that you do not have to depend on anyone in terms of the topics you can cover or you can’t. This is perfectly your call and dependent on your convenience.

However, once the book is published, you will have the perfect opportunity to cash in on the insurance that it provides. The royalty from the book sales will continue to trickle in at regular intervals. This means that you do not have to worry about a continuous source of income any further. It kind of goes into an autopilot mode where a certain minimum income is guaranteed every month irrespective of the kind of work orders that you get.

In case you do not have a finished book ready, you can even look at serializing the book. This means you keep uploading and publishing it in tranches. You can keep your readers hooked on by promoting the next part in the current edition. Also serializing the book would mean, you can start earning from it even when it is still being completed. In this way, you will be able to create an alternative revenue source irrespective of the frequency in which you get your regular freelance work orders.

If you are lucky, this can even translate into fresh opportunities to scale up your abilities as well.

4. Associate with Content Sites

When you are into freelance writing, almost inevitably you need at least a few sources of writings that are constant. These are the ones that you can fall back on every time. The good news is not only they help you make money, but also in many ways, are the best bet to help you get a certain amount of stability and job security in your endeavors.

So for many who are not sure of how to make money with freelance writing on a sustainable basis, this is the best forward. Most times, there are content sites that are facilitators for content on a wide range of topics from finances to fiancées. As a freelance writer, these can work like fillers for you. Additionally, they come with the guarantee that irrespective of different situations, you will still be able to make money. This is a very important consideration.

After all, freelance writing is never just about passion. It also has to make business sense to you. Without the right degree of profitability in place, you can often be in a fix in terms of the exact kind of direction to your profession. The money element brings a certain amount of stability to it.

Getting in touch with these freelance content sites is never difficult. Most times, they are advertised to make sure a number of people are aware of them. These content sites effectively have a very extensive range of topics. This means, even in terms of choice of topics that you want to write about, the possibilities are quite huge.

Moreover, the content sites are also good avenues to scour for long-term associations. A lot of your prospective clients could also be associated with these content sites. So in some ways, they also encourage effective networking.

5. Appearing For Writing Contest

When you want to make money with freelance writing, you must remember, credibility is a crucial factor. In many ways, clients looking for good writers look for credible candidates as much as affordable ones. So the question then is how you maintain this chain of credibility.

One simple solution is appearing for regular writing contests. Most times, you can apply for them online. The internet is full of opportunities where you can easily apply, and given your writing mettle, even win them. You can make money from them in two ways. First and foremost, you are able to earn the prize money if you win. Secondly, once you win, you can leverage that to bag fresh assignments and projects.

Almost inevitably, someone looking for experts in freelance writing would contact candidates who can showcase contest wins. It projects a completely different type of competency that is quite difficult to beat.

6. Copywriting

This is perhaps one of the most popular avenues to explore if you are interested in making money through freelance writing. Essentially more than your writing skills, this is a test of your language skills. As a copywriter, you could be undertaking a variety of role. You could be cleaning the quality of content, adding suitable titles and sub headers and also deciding on topics in certain cases. Overall, you become a kind of content manager who keeps various types of content related mistakes at bay.

This is quite a convenient alternative to make money as this can be easily balanced with your writing assignments. Additionally, this isn’t very time consuming either. Most importantly, a copywriter can look for opportunities across a wide cross-section of the medium. It could be print, audio-visual like TV and the internet as well. This means there is no dearth of opportunities.

In case of freelance writing, where continuity can be an issue, this, therefore, provides one of the best kinds of back-up. If you have a low supply of new writing assignments, you can easily concentrate on copywriting and the vice versa. Switching platforms is rather simple in case of copywriting. So it allows you to be more flexible. This also means greater opportunities to make money.

OK! I am done with the general tips I wanted to give you. Now, it is time to talk about the ultimate way you can make money as a freelance write:

What Is the Best Way to Make Money With Freelance Writing?

This is what you must do: Start your own blog!


It helps you in two ways to make more money as a writer. First, it helps more potential clients to find you, if you still want to make money through writing for others too.

Second, your blog can make a lot more money for you compared to writing for others as a freelance writer. If you like to make easy money through writing, and stay away from all the headaches I outlined and described above, you must launch your own blog and write for yourself.

How Will Your Blog Help You to Have More Clients?

For you to make money with freelance writing, it is extremely important that you maintain a steady flow of write-ups. In this context, it becomes extremely important that clients are able to refer to your volume of work at any point of time. In fact, this is one of the best ways to develop the quality of work and the kind of audience that you get. For many successful writers, these blogs have provided them with the much-needed exposure and credibility they need to attract clients.

Think about the different kinds of demands for freelance writing. Almost inevitably, no other medium will give you the kind of freedom to choose the topics that you like. But when you keep posting on a consistent basis, you will always be able to generate a reasonably strong line of followers. Moreover, you can showcase your strength in the most favorable light through your blogs.

Those on the lookout for quality writers can always make a better decision about the type of your writing through these blogs. Overall, in many ways, these blogs give you a much better negotiation capability. When your clients approach you and check the quality of write-ups you post, they will be more prone to agree to your rate.

Moreover, when you want to make money with freelance writing, it provides you with a dependable source of income. Monetizing the blog will help you to generate a regular channel of income. You can make money through placing ads and also offering subscriptions for your blogs. In this way, you can manage to keep a sustainable chain of income even at times when you might not have adequate client order. So in many ways, it is also an insurance to guarantee a continuous flow of income.

Additionally, your blog posts will receive organic traffic from Google, and this drives more customers to you who want your writing service. Your blog will enable you to have a much stronger online presence that helps to find more customers, in case you still want to make money through writing for others as well.

However, if you start your own blog, you will forget about writing for others, because you will see that your writings will make a lot more money for you, when you publish them on your own blog.

It is not too complicated at all. You are a writer. So write and publish your writings on your own blog as your articles. Exactly like what I am doing here. You are currently reading one of my articles, while most probably you have found it on Google. Now you can know me, my blog and the products/services I offer. You will do the same on your own blog, while there are several different ways to monetize your blog to make money with it, when it starts receiving traffic from Google.

The difference is you won’t receive just a one-time fee for what you write. You keep them for yourself and they will make money for you forever, because each of them will drive free organic targeted traffic to your blog on a daily basis.

You don’t know how to launch a blog?

Don’t go for the free blogs like blogger.com or blogspot.com, if you don’t know how to launch your dot com professional blog, because it will be wasting of time.

First of all, your posts won’t receive any organic traffic from search engines, especially Google. It is a long time that free blogs don’t receive any traffic from search engines, and so, you won’t be seen by 99.99% of the potential clients definitely, nor will you make money through the other ways when you have a free blog.

Second, just a change in their terms of service can shut down the blog that you have been working on it for years. All your efforts will go down the drain. Besides, they may decide to stop their service at anytime. They have this in their terms of use, and they are free to shut down their service at anytime.

If you haven’t seen this so far, I have been faced with it a lot, since 18 years ago that I have been in this business. One of the good examples is “Yahoo! GeoCities” that they shut it down in 2009 after several years of offering free services to millions of writers and webmasters. They just did it without any notifications. Believe it or not, but there were some people who were used to make over $25,000 per month with their GeoCities sites at that time, and their income stopped once Yahoo decided to close the service.

Nowadays, it costs you about $20 per month to launch a blog like what I have here. If you don’t know how to do it, we can do it for you, while you don’t have to know anything about the technical aspects of the work. You just register your domain, sign up for a web hosting package, and we will set up your blog without any extra charges. We offer you so many other free services and training. You can start writing on your blog then.


If you want to spend your time to make money as a freelance writer, writing for yourself is the best and the wisest way. What you write is a never-ending treasure that can make money for you forever. Don’t give it away for a cheap one-time fee. Let us know to launch your blog today. It will be a lot easier than what you think.