Forex and stock trading are becoming more and more popular every day, because it looks easy to make money with them. People like to sit at the computer and make money from the comfort of their homes and by selling currencies against each other, or buying and selling stocks.

Yes, there are so many who are making money through Forex and stock trading. But everybody knows that it is not easy to become a consistently profitable trader.

A “Consistently Profitable Trader” is someone who makes profit, even as low as 0.5% per month, consistently. If you have been able to do this for the past 2 years, each and every month, then you are a consistently profitable trader.

Statistics show that less than 5% or even 1% of traders can do this. Unfortunately, 99% of traders lose, and many of them give up after losing for a while and having their accounts wiped out for a few times.

Yes, it is not easy. Trading is not everybody’s bread and butter. Even many of those, who are so smart and talented lose, sometimes even more than others. The reason is that trading is more psychological, not technical.


Maybe you are among those who are still learning to become consistently profitable. I hope you reach that level one day. But nobody knows how long it takes. It is different from person to person.

The good news is you can make money with your trading passion, expertise and knowledge, even before you become a consistently profitable trader.

Make Money with Your Forex and Stock Trading Passion

You can start your trading-related online business to start making money, even before you become a consistently profitable trader. Most of those who are making money through trading are not traders themselves, or if they trade, they haven’t become profitable yet. But they make money through their trading-related online business. You can do it too.

This Is How It Works:

We create a trading-related site/blog for you that works on autopilot based on our Fully-Automated Online Business System.

You don’t have to know anything about running a site/blog. Our system takes care of everything.

There are so many ways that your site/blog can make money for you:

1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense enables you to make money through your blog visitors’ clicks.

You sign up for a Google Adsense account for free. Then, Google allows you to install some codes on your site/blog (we do it for you), so that some ads will be displayed on it. You can choose the place and also the number of the ads that will be displayed on your site/blog. You will have full control on everything.

Google Adsense is the easiest way to make money with your site/blog, because you make money when your site/blog’s visitors click on the ads. So, you make money while you don’t have to sell anything.

2. Selling Trading-Related eBooks:

We will create eBook(s) for you (if you want), and will establish your own affiliate system to enable you to sell your eBook(s) on your site/blog. Other digital markers can promote your eBook(s) and earn commissions through the affiliate system we will set up for you.

We can also set up everything that selling your eBook(s) needs, including the sales letter, mailing list manager and email follow-up system, online payment and even affiliate program (that enables other marketers to promote your eBook(s) and make commissions), and etc.

3. Selling Membership:

Creating online training courses, or daily market analysis programs is one of the other ways you can make money through your trading-related site/blog. If you are able to teach people online, or analyze the markets and publish market analysis reports on your site/blog, we can create membership systems that make money for you. We can even create an affiliate system that enables digital marketers to promote your membership programs to earn commissions. This will generate more sales for you.

4. Brokers’ Affiliate Program

This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money through your trading-related site/blog. Almost all brokers compensate you, if you refer traders to open live accounts with them. You can join their affiliate program, which is free, to become eligible to earn commission through referring traders to them.

As your site/blog will be related to trading, some of your visitors are always interested in having a live account with a broker. Some brokers pay up to $1,100 per each trader who applies to open a live account with them, and this means a lot of money for you every month.

It is not only that. Brokers pay you for each lot that your referrals trade. Some of them pay you up to 60% of the spread revenue they make through your referrals. This means lots of residual income for you.

You will make more money the more your site/blog becomes popular. Your online business will always be scalable. It means there are always so many ways to increase your online business income.

5. All of the Above Methods

You can make money with all of the above methods at the same time.

How Much Does It Cost to Start?

This is all it will cost you:

  • Less than $20/year for a domain name
  • $20/year for an SSL Certificate
  • $19/month for web hosting and web developing, technical support and training (your last $19 payment will always have a 30-day money-back guarantee)

We offer some cheaper web hosting packages as well. They also support site/blog setup, but they don’t cover training and consultation. Therefore, if you don’t want to receive our training and consultation, and you only want a site/blog setup with a web hosting package, you can choose one of the below packages:

  • If you like to have more than one site/blog, our $9.95/month package that supports unlimited sites.
  • If you like to have only one site/blog, then our $4.95/package is suitable for you.

All of our web hosting package have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are You Ready to Start?

You can start now, and have your site/blog established and launched today:

  1. Click Here to register your domain name. If you don’t know what a domain name is and how you can register one, please read the instructions and also watch the video on the same page.
  2. Click Here to sign up for our Fully-Automated Online Business System for $19/month (30-day money-back guarantee).
    – If you don’t like to receive our training and support (which is extremely necessary for your online business success), you can sign up for our $9.95/month package that supports unlimited sites.
    – If you don’t like to receive our training and support (which is extremely necessary for your online business success), and you want to have only one site/blog, you can sign up for our $4.95/month package that supports only one site/blog.

If you have any questions or problems, please click here to contact us.