You don’t have a business, but you always dreamt of having one? Did you know that starting an online business is the best and easiest way of having your own business?

Our online business system is what you need, if:

You ARE expert in something, but you work for others and you don’t have your own business.


You ARE NOT expert in something, but you want to have a business that makes money.

Please read the following article very carefully. I have explained why the online business I am describing is the best way of having your own business and changing your life. There are so many things in this article that you may have never heard before.

In this article, I will explain about one of the packages we offer.

You can order the package at the end of the article if you want. But even if you don’t want to order anything, please just read the article because you will learn lots of new things.

This package starts an online business and affiliate program for you.

We have made it so easy to start and manage, because we do all the steps.

It is also risk-free and affordable.

At the same time, it can make lots of money if you follow my guidelines properly to promote your online business.

How to Start an Online Business

There are two ways to start an online business:

  1. Promoting someone else’s products and services as an affiliate.
  2. Creating your own online business and affiliate program.

1. Affiliate Marketing

When you don’t have a product or service that can be offered online, you can promote someone else’s products and services as an affiliate. For example, you can sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program, promote their products and earn commissions.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is so popular and there are so many around the world who make a living through it. Some of them have even become millionaires.

When a website like Amazon has their own affiliate program, it means you can sign up for an account and have permission to promote their products. After you sign up, you will have a link which is called affiliate or referral link. If a customer follows your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission.

The affiliate link has a special structure that informs the system when you refer someone to the vendor’s site through it. Everything will be recorded and if your referrals make a purchase, the system allocates your commission based on the compensation plan the affiliate program has. For example, Amazon has a 6-10% commission. It means you will earn $6-10 from every $100 purchase that your referrals make.

Selling the others’ products through an affiliate program has some pros and cons:

– Pros:

1. As an affiliate, you make money while you won’t have to develop any product or service on your own. The vendor does it.

2. You won’t have to be worried about handling the transactions, shipping, delivery, support or the guarantee. The vendor takes care of these. You just refer people, generate sales and make your commission.

– Cons:

1. As an affiliate, you have to have enough and a reasonable amount of targeted traffic to drive to your affiliate links, otherwise you won’t make any money. This is not a problem because even when you have your own online business, you need to have targeted traffic to generate sales and make money. However, the problem is you must create lots of targeted traffic just to make a percentage. It is the vendor who will have the customers in long term, not you.

2. Most affiliate systems steal your referrals. It means you will earn a one-time commision from the first purchase that your referrals make. But then the vendor sells lots of other things to your referral without giving you any commissions. Amazon and many of the affiliate systems do this. This is not fair at all, is it?

3. Sometimes you have reasonable income from an affiliate system, but they suddenly shut down and your income becomes zero. Looking for another good affiliate program and recovering the same income you were used to having is not easy.

4. Sometimes the vendor scams the customers or makes some terrible mistakes, and this affects your reputation too. Some people will know you as the responsible person, or one of the people responsible. Of course, this is not correct because you have referred them to the vendor just as an affiliate and the customers get in and spend money with the vendor at their own risk, not your risk. However, sometimes it is not easy to convince a referral who has lost lots of money.

5. As an affiliate, you limit yourself. You can’t do more than selling the other’s products. You block your creativity and turn yourself into a marketer and salesperson when you can be much more than this.

Note: Of course our affiliate system is 100% different and doesn’t have any of the above cons for the affiliates. Click Here to learn why.

Be an Entrepreneur, Not Just a Salesperson:

Creating your own products and services and having your own online business and affiliate program will make you a different person who is head and shoulders above the others.

Be an EntrepreneurWorking as an affiliate will be nothing but wasting your efforts to make the others rich. Some affiliate marketers make hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, they are still affiliates and it is the vendor who tells them what to sell and how much money to earn. They are not entrepreneurs. They are working for someone else.

You deserve much more than this.

You can have your own online business and affiliate system. It is not that easy, but it is what you deserve. Let others sell your products, instead of you selling others’ products.

Maybe you think this is an ambitious idea and point of view. But this is how I have set my mentality. I don’t get happy with anything less than the best. When I can be the best in something, why should I help someone else to become the best?

This is the entrepreneurship mindset. This is how successful people who change the world think. You can be one of them if you want, and I help you achieve this.

2. Starting Your Own Online Business and Affiliate Program

Starting your own online business is not too hard anymore, because I have made it as easy as possible.

You can establish your own online business and affiliate program while you don’t have any product, service, blog, sales letter, mailing list or follow-up system. Above all, you have never had your own business and you don’t know how to start and manage an online business.

Yes, you are here to start your own online business and become an entrepreneur.

Please keep reading 😀

We Build an Online Business for You

As you can see on my blog, I have my own online business. I have worked and am still working as an affiliate too, but I have my own online business at the same time.

Some affiliate programs are worth joining because they offer some very special and unique products that I can’t offer on my own. So, I join those affiliate programs to become able to sell their unique products whenever I need to. However, I don’t limit myself to selling other people’s products as I explained why above.

This is what you should do too. While you join good and strong affiliate programs that offer unique and outstanding products and compensation plans, you have to have your own online business if you want to make more money, become an entrepreneur and an online business celebrity.

An Unignorable Advantage

When you have a product or service and then start and promote your online business to sell your product or service, you will become an internet entrepreneur. You will be known as an expert after a while. This will make you more and more money, without having to work more. The reason is that your name and fame drive more customers to you, and your customers bring more customers.

However, when you make money as an affiliate and through promoting others’ products and services, your income can hardly increase, unless you work much harder and generate more sources of targeted traffic. Nobody refers any customers to the one who sells others’ products. There is no point in doing it.

But when you establish some strong products and services, and then a strong blog that sells your products and services, you will attract lots of attention. Your income goes higher without having to work harder. That’s why those who have their own products, online business and affiliate program can get rich. But those who promote others’ products can hardly increase their income.


Yes, the question is: how you can start your own product, online business and affiliate program?

It is not that easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it now. However, we have made it so easy for you, even if you don’t have any experience at all.

These are the things you need to have your online business and affiliate program started:

  1. Digital product (eBook)
  2. Professional blog for this digital product
  3. Sales letter
  4. Landing page
  5. Fully-automated follow-up system
  6. Fully-automated affiliate system

1. Digital Product (eBook)

A digital product like an eBook can easily be sold online. Unlike the hard-copies that have to be republished, millions of copies of an eBook can be sold and delivered online without any extra expenses. They don’t have to be republished, because they can be unlimitedly copied electronically.

So, an eBook can be a good product to sell online. However, your online business won’t be limited to just selling an eBook. Your eBook will be the first product of a big business:

When people buy your eBook, they enter Your Sales Funnel. This is the beginning of building a line of trust with them. If they enter your sales letter, you can sell more products to them, because they are your customers and you can easily keep in touch with them. They will be in your mailing list.

Your Sales Funnel

Almost all businesses have at least one sales funnel. Having a sales funnel is very important in an online business.

When someone buys your eBook, it means (1) he is interested in your eBook topic, and (2) he trusts you. It means if you offer him more products or services, he will most probably not refuse. This is exactly how big entrepreneurs make lots of money. Let’s take a look at the Tony Robbins’ Sales Funnel as an example:

Sales Funnel

– Your Free Stuff (The Lead Magnet)

As you can see in the above chart, the funnel starts with some freebies (the Lead Magnet section at right). In your case, the freebies will be the free information (quality articles) that we will publish on your blog. Our articles teach lots of invaluable things to readers for free. This is the first step in building a line of trust.

The freebies we offer on your blog are not tricks. They really are there to teach people something useful. There will be so many who will read your articles but never turn into customers. This is normal, and it is still a great result because we don’t offer free articles just to take money out of people’s pockets.

Robert KiyosakiKeep in mind that you won’t succeed in a business if you care about nothing but making money. People can preserve this very easily, and they will never trust you.

Your first and most important goal MUST ALWAYS BE the people’s satisfaction and happiness.

If you succeed to achieve this, money will come as the by-product of your efforts and free services. However, you won’t make money when making money is your first and most important concern:

“Change your focus, from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.” – Robert Kiyosaki

– Your Paid Products and Services

When (1) you are nice to people, (2) helpful and supportive, and (3) you provide invaluable information and services for FREE, then you are welcome to offer some paid products and services too. Why? Because there is nothing wrong with having an online business and making money through it.

Some people think that everything has to be free on the Internet, maybe because everything used to be free at the beginning when the Internet was introduced to public. People only had to buy computers and pay to have access to the Internet from their homes. But everything else was free on the Internet. Therefore, some of them still think that the Internet is free and everything that is offered on it has to be free too.

This is a bad mentality. There is no difference between an online business and other types of businesses. The only difference is that an online business is online and operated on the Internet. So, you can offer paid products and services including paid digital products like eBooks, webinars, courses, memberships and things like that.

As you can see in the Tony Robbins sales funnel, the second, forth, and fifth sections of his sales funnel are paid products: Tripwire, Core Product, Profit Multiplier

The eBook we will create for you will be the first paid product you sell on your blog. You can have several more products too. Your eBook filters out the noise and collects the followers who trust you and are ready to pay you. Then you can offer more paid products.

– Real, Strong, Useful and Invaluable Products Only

Some scams cheat people with the fake products, or the products that we call “Thin Air”. For example, useless Mastermind courses, eBooks, seminars and webinars that teach people nothing and have nothing new to say.

Those who sell these kinds of scam products/services usually have no money back guarantee. However, the online business and affiliate system we will set up for you offers a 60-day full and no questions asked money back guarantee to your customers.

This means we are 100% sure about the quality of the eBook we will create for you. Above all, people will buy your eBook with peace of mind because there is NO RISK at all. To receive their money back, they won’t even have to contact you. Our affiliate system will take care of it.

Don’t worry! Most of your customers won’t request a refund. Indeed, you will have more sales when you offer full and no questions asked money back guarantee. Most people won’t buy anything when they see there is no money back guarantee.

Your online business income starts with the eBook that we will create for you. But it doesn’t have to stop there. As I explained above, your eBook will be your first paid product. You can have several more products and services. We can create more products and services if you want.

What Will Your eBook Be About?

It depends. After ordering the package, we will contact and ask you some questions to know you better.

You will have a short interview with us via email. This interview enables us to know what you know about.

– When You Are Expert in Something

Maybe you are an expert in something. But you have never created an online business for this expertise. If so, we will focus your eBook, blog and online business on what you are an expert in.

Of course, we will have to do some analysis to make sure that there is a strong market for your expertise. For example, maybe you are an accountant and know a lot about tax and the legal ways of saving money on taxes. Or you know how to get a higher credit. You can help people to improve their financial situation.

Therefore, we will focus your eBook and online business on this topic in case we find out that there is a reasonable and demanding market for this. If not, we will look for another alternative.

When you are an expert in something, you have a higher chance to make more money with your online business. The reason is that you can be productive and creative on your own. You can offer more ideas and products with our help.

– When You Are Not Expert in Anything

If you are not expert in anything, you can still start your online business. We will choose a good and strong topic for you.

You won’t have to be an expert to start an online business. We will choose a good topic for you that you also agree with. Then we will create your eBook, blog and… We will run your online business. Later, you will have the chance to learn more about the online business we will create for you.

However, the online business that we create for you doesn’t need you to be expert in something. We design and develop it such a way that it can be promoted by us and our systems. You can learn about the topic and educate yourself on how to promote your online business. It will cost you less if you do so. However, you don’t need to, because our packages and systems are always here to support you and your online business.

We have made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you.

2. Professional Blog

A professional blog is the most important part of our online business. You know what I mean because you are now on my blog, reading this article. My blog is the best way to communicate with you and informing you about what I know and what I have to offer for you.

We will create a blog that will do the same for your online business. Creating professional blogs is one of the programs we offer. You can learn more about it HERE. However, when you order our Online Business and Affiliate Program package here on this page, a professional blog will be included.

Your blog will support everything that is necessary to start and promote your online business. It sells the eBook as your digital and first paid product. It will also have all the necessary pages and tools that a professional blog must have.

3. Sales Letter

Your blog will be equipped with a professional and a strong sales letter which is to be focused on your eBook.

What Is a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is a detailed article that explains a product or service. It explains what the product or service is and what you will receive if you place an order.

It also explains about the limits, guaranties, customer services and everything you will receive after placing your order.

For example, the current article you are reading is indeed the sales letter of our “Online Business and Affiliate Program” package. Yes, a sales letter has to be as detailed as this. It doesn’t matter if it becomes a lengthy article, because it has to cover everything. It should answer the important and frequently asked questions about the article.

When a blog has only one product to sell, the sale letter can be placed on the home page. This is what we do for some of the blogs. On my own blog, the home page is in fact my “About Me” page, because I have several products to sell and each of them need a sales letter. I opted to talk about myself on the homepage to help people know me easier.

Each product has to come with a sales letter. Therefore, if we create more products for you, we will have a sales letter for each.

4. Landing Page

A landing page is where the first-time visitors will be redirected.

We usually use a landing page for paid advertising. For example, if you order our targeted traffic packages (HERE), we may create a landing page first and will then drive targeted traffic to it.

In most cases, the sales letter is the same as the landing page. But sometimes we prefer to have a small landing page, redirect the visitors to it and then redirect them to the sales letter. It depends on some special conditions. We usually do this if we come to this conclusion that it increases the conversion rate.

Unlike the sales letter, some landing pages are very short and squeezed. They have a much lower amount of information. That’s why we also call them “Squeeze Pages”.

Professional landing pages and sales letters can’t be built by just anybody. It needs lots of knowledge and experience. Your online business success is strongly dependent on these elements. Fortunately, you won’t have any problems because we will take care of all of these.

5. Fully-Automated Follow-Up System

No online business can get anywhere without a strong and professional follow-up system. Those who visit your blog’s articles or sales letters can easily forget about you. Many of them will just be one-time visitors who will never come back.

However, you can ask them to share their email addresses with you, so you can keep in touch with them. You can send them a notification whenever you have a new post. You can send them a daily or weekly newsletter and explain your different products, services, plans and programs.

Many of those who visit your website won’t buy anything. But many of them will turn into customers in the long term, if you keep in touch and don’t let them forget about you. Many of those who don’t turn into customers, and who remain free followers, will refer so many others who can turn into customers. This is if you keep in touch with them constantly.

Building a Line of Trust

As I explained earlier in this article, you have to build a line of trust between yourself and your blog followers. Most of them won’t spend any money on any of your products before you succeed to make them trust you.

The question is how you can make your followers trust you?

Surely you can’t do it if you let them forget you. You have to stay in touch with them and show them that you are in business and you keep releasing solid information, products and services. Many of them will turn into customers, sometimes after several years.

This is how it works. I have so many followers who have been following me since 2002. Many of them haven’t spent any money on any of my products so far. But they have referred so many clients to me.

I keep in touch with them and will answer their questions whenever they contact me. I don’t care whether they will make me any money. For me, their trust is much more valuable than their money. Money will always come when there is a strong line of trust between you and your followers.

I told you that you shouldn’t care about money. Instead, you should care about serving more people. Money will come if you succeed in achieving this. This is the foundation of an online business.

Our Strong and Fully-Automated Follow-Up System

You can’t attract your followers’ trust without a strong and professional follow-up system. This is something that we offer to our clients for free. We develop a strong and automated follow-up system for your online business. It will be free of charge for as long as you use it.

We will set up a strong autoresponder and mailing list manager for your online business and digital product (eBook). Then we will equip it with the follow-up emails that will be sent automatically as per the special settings we will apply to them. Also, your followers will be informed automatically whenever you publish a new post on your blog or you release a new product/service.

You will have a fully-automated online business and affiliate program.

6. Fully-Automated Affiliate Program

Fully-Automated Affiliate ProgramWe enable you to offer your own affiliate program that allows other online marketers to sell your product (eBook) and make commissions.

So, instead of selling others’ products, you will have an online business that makes others sell your product(s).

Please note that it is not a must to offer an affiliate program when you have an online business and sell your own products and services through it. As you can see, I am not offering any affiliate program here on this blog. I just want to keep everything simple for now.

However, our package supports an affiliate system too. There is no risk to offer an affiliate program, especially when the affiliate program we set up for you is 100% automatic and risk-free.

The affiliate system we will set up for you will take care of everything automatically. It…

  1. Handles the transactions, charges the buyers and sends them the product they buy.
  2. Pays the affiliates’ commissions without you having to do anything at all.
  3. Takes care of the refunds.
  4. Sends your income to you every two weeks through checks or bank wire.
  5. Supports different kinds of online payment methods, including different credit or bank cards, online checks and PayPal.
  6. Informs a big network of affiliates about your product and invites them to promote it.
  7. Is 100% safe, secure and risk-free.
  8. Gives you the buyers contact info.
  9. Prevents the buyers from cheating you and doing fraudulent transactions.
  10. Offers different stats and graphs to help you analyze your sales and market.
  11. Doesn’t charge any monthly membership fees.
  12. Is 100% legitimate and legal.

Our affiliate system has much more than what a professional online business and affiliate program needs.

Your Online Business Will Be SCALABLE

A business which is not SCALABLE is not worth spending time and money on. An online business has to be scalable too.

What Does Scalable Mean?

The income of a scalable business can be increased without any limits.

For example, the income of a restaurant that has a limited number of tables can’t go over a special level. But our online business is scalable. How?

1. Unlimited Targeted Traffic

The traffic of our blogs can go higher and higher. We add quality content to our blog on a regular basis (read this). As such, they will have more sources of organic targeted traffic and they will receive more targeted traffic from search engines. When targeted traffic goes higher, your income goes higher too.

There is no limit for adding quality content to a blog. Therefore, there is no limit for the targeted traffic that a blog can receive. So, the income of a blog can be increased unlimitedly too.

2. Unlimited Products and Services

You can always add more products and services. There is no limit to this either. Your online business can be expanded as much as possible. You can outsource the jobs and leverage your expertise and abilities by hiring experts.

There is no limit for the income of an online business at all. Google, Amazon, eBay are online businesses too. Look at what wealthy companies they have become within the past 15 years.

I am not saying that the online business we will set up for you is in the same league as those companies. However, if you want to expand your online business and make more money, the sky is the limit.

A 100% Risk-Free Online Business

Your online business will be 100% risk-free. By spending a small budget, you will have an online business which is lucrative and scalable.

To start a small business, you must spend thousands of dollars: You have to rent and set up a place; buy equipment, tools and products; hire employees; advertise; etc.

After spending lots of money, you never know when your small business will start making profit. The bad news is that over 90% of small businesses can’t even reach the second year (read this).

What will happen if you can’t make your small business profitable after several months or even years of struggling? You will have to shut it down.

What will happen to the time and money you have spent to set up and promote the small business? They will go down the drain.

This is something that happens to 80% of small businesses. They will have to file bankruptcy.

8 out of 10 Small Businesses Fail.

However, your online business won’t be like this. The first and most important reason is that compared to brick and mortar businesses, your online business is almost free to start. It is not 100% free. But the money you will spend to have it fully set up is almost nothing, compared to other small businesses (Later in this article, I will explain how much your online business and affiliate program cost you).

Thus, you are not risking too much money.

Besides, you won’t have to rent and set up a place. You won’t need to buy equipment and tools. You can easily work from home through the internet.

Therefore, your online business won’t have the risks that other businesses have. But it can be such a lucrative business that can make even you a millionaire if you follow our guidelines properly.

A 100% Legitimate Online Business

The online business we will set up for you will be 100% legitimate. Indeed, there is no business more legitimate than this. It is 100% compliant with all countries rules, especially The United States and FTC.

There will be no suspicious activities like MLM or Pyramid Schemes in your online business. Your affiliate program will be 100% legitimate. It supports a 60-day full and no questions asked money back guarantee which is the best and safest for your customers and you.

Of course, we won’t be responsible for what you will do on your blog in the future. You will have full control. However, if you maintain what we set up for you and promote it through our guidelines, you will never have any problems.

Your Online Business Was Set Up. What Next?

As I explained above, when it comes to promoting your online business and making money, the sky is the limit.

You can promote it and increase your income every month and year, and we always support you to do this. We take care of your blog in the best possible way. You can add products and services and promote your blog to have more targeted traffic and income.

You can ask for our help to add more products if you want. However, you can use our marketing packages to grow your online business more and more:

1. Keep Your Blog Fresh and Up-To-Date

You can buy Quality and SEO-Optimized Articles from us to generate more sources of free targeted traffic.

There is no limit to the number of quality articles you can publish on your blog. If you would like to get higher credit from Google and receive more free targeted traffic, then you need to add Quality and SEO-Optimized Articles on a regular basis. Free targeted traffic equals money.

Abandoned blogs that publish no fresh quality posts lose their ranking gradually. But blogs that publish quality posts on a regular basis get higher rankings and their traffic goes higher. A blog is dead when it doesn’t publish fresh posts. Google doesn’t like dead or abandoned blogs.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you buy at least Ten 2300+ Word Quality and SEO-Optimized Articles every month. Click Here to learn more.

2. Buy Targeted Traffic (Clicks)

No business can make money and survive without customers. And an online business can’t generate any customers without targeted traffic.

While you generate sources of free targeted traffic for your blog, you should buy targeted traffic too. Professionals always spend some money to buy targeted traffic on a regular basis because it helps them grow their business much faster. The money you spend on buying traffic will be recovered with loads more profit. This doesn’t happen overnight. But it makes you rich over time.

Happy customers always refer more customers. This is what your online business needs. You must generate some sources of new customers all the time otherwise your business won’t get off the ground and grow.

Paid targeted traffic is such a strong source of customers for professional business owners and entrepreneurs. If you want to achieve financial freedom with your online business, you need to take my words seriously.

There are millions of small businesses in the world that can’t survive without paid targeted traffic. Our targeted traffic converts into leads and customers very strongly. Your online business income will be boosted with the power of our targeted traffic which has a very high conversion rate.

Click Here to learn about the reasons and see my numbers and stats.

How Much Money Will You Make with Your Online Business?

This is the question that many of you ask.

There is a clear answer for this question: From Zero to Hundreds of Thousands or Even Millions of Dollars!

We will set up the best and most professional online business system and affiliate program for you. I have already explained above what potential this business has. It is a 100% scalable business.

While I don’t guarantee any income because I am not legally allowed to do, your online business can make you a millionaire if you promote it as per our guidelines, programs, plans and supports. I have already explained how to do it. You will receive some more tips once you place your order.

Our “Online Business and Affiliate Program” package is not a useless training course or eBook. It is a real business. It BUILDS a real online business for you, exactly like what you see here on my blog. You will have a professional online business like this. It can potentially make lots of money and we help you achieve this if you want.

Residual Income

There is no other business that can generate residual income for you besides an online business.

Your online business does.

Residual IncomeResidual or passive income means you keep making money even if you stop working.

How is this possible?

When you have a restaurant, hair salon, McDonald’s outlet, gas station, etc., your income stops the moment you shut down the business. If you don’t open your McDonald’s outlet one day, you won’t have any income that day.

But your online business is completely different:

Once your blog starts receiving targeted traffic from the search engines, which is possible when you have a reasonable number of quality posts on it, it keeps on receiving targeted traffic even if you stop posting new articles for several days, weeks or even months.

Of course, if you don’t publish fresh content on your blog, it will be known as an abandoned blog, and it will lose its ranking gradually and the targeted traffic it receives from the search engines will go down. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. And you will make money as long as your blog receives targeted traffic from the search engines, even when you stop working for a while.

So, unlike the other businesses, you won’t have problems with your expenses, rents, salaries and… once you stop working for a while and for example you go to vacations.

Not only that, you make money even when you are asleep because your blog still receives traffic from search engines while you are in bed.

It is amazing, isn’t it?

Having a professional online business is joyful 😀

 How Much Does Your Online Business and Affiliate Program Cost?

1. Indeed, the package I explained above is part of our Fully-Automated Online Business System, which has a $19/month subscription fee. This fee covers all of your blog’s hosting expenses, maintenance, support, installation, alteration, updating, sales letter, landing page, mailing list managers, SSL certificate, etc. and anything else related to blog/site your online business needs.

This $19/month fee even covers the expenses of the affiliate system set-up.

Above all, this $19/month fee also covers an unlimited web hosting package for an unlimited number of sites/blogs you will have. The features of this web hosting package are listed here.

2. Your eBook will have a separate one-time fee. The amount of this fee will be calculated based on the topic, volume and some other parameters and factors. It is usually around $985, but it can go a little higher or lower based on the topic and volume of the eBook.

3. In case your mailing list(s) become(s) so big, which is what we eagerly hope, we will have to charge you a very small monthly fee for every 1,000 emails that will be added to your mailing list(s), if your mailing list(s) become(s) larger than 1,000 email addresses.

4. More options for those who want to have a stronger start:

  • Premium Blogs/Sites: We offer some already developed and up and running blogs/sites to our Fully-Automated Online Business System members. These blogs/sites have valuable domains and strong content. Those who’d like to have a stronger start and be ahead of others can buy any of these blogs/sites with the related domains. These blogs/sites have different prices based on different factors like the domain value, content, design, applications/plugins, traffic, search engine ranking, etc. We explain everything you need to know about each of these blogs/sites to help you decide and choose.
  • Premium Facebook Pages: We offer some already developed Facebook pages for some of the blogs/sites that we sell. These Facebook pages have real followers who are qualified. It means the followers are 100% targeted for the business that the blog/site and the related Facebook page offers. For example, when a blog/site is focused on Snowboarding Training in Toronto, its Facebook page is 100% focused on Snowboarding Training in Toronto, and the Facebook page followers are all real people who are interested in Snowboarding Training and are from the city of Toronto. Guaranteed!
    These Facebook pages are strong supplement for each blog/site. As you can see, my own blog also has a Facebook page which is relatively popular. While you don’t have to buy the Facebook page when you buy a blog/site, it is strongly recommended that you do so because it is a big booster that will enhance your online business growth. In case a blog/site that you want to buy doesn’t have a Facebook page, then you can order one from us, and we will build and develop one and will provide it once it is ready.
    These Facebook pages have to be bought separately and can cost from a few to several hundred or even thousands of dollars, based on the topic and number of followers and other factors that will be explained to you.

Therefore, in addition to the $19/month monthly membership fee, the eBook fee and the monthly over-1,000-email-address-mailing list fee, you will have the option of buying a premium blog/site and Facebook page. But this is just a great option that enables your online business to grow faster. However, you don’t have to go for this option, and you can a brand-new domain, and we will set up your blog/site on it at no extra cost. Later, you can order a Facebook page for your blog. We will create and develop the Facebook page and will give it to you.

4. If you want to add your own content to your blog or make some changes, we will do it for you without any extra charges you should not know how to do it on your own. While other companies either offer no customization services, or they charge as high as $150 per hour, we do this for you at no extra charge. Of course, if the changes you want to make are more complicated and bigger than what can be done for free (for example they need programming and creating plugins and apps), we will have to charge you for that.

Our Guarantees:

We guarantee that:

1. Your eBook will be 100% original, professionally written and unique. It has never been and never will be given or sold to anybody else. It is the same as your blog sales letter, landing page and content. Your blog/site will be high quality, unique and original content. Also, we guarantee that your blog will be hosted on the strongest servers in the world and will have a 99.99% uptime. Your blog will be 100% protected against hacking and any kind of malicious activity.

3. Our premium Facebook pages will have real, quality, qualified and targeted followers based on the related business niche and location.

4. The affiliate system we will set up will be perfect and fully-automated.

5. The mailing list manager we will set up for your online business will be the best and the most professional with the best and highest quality follow-up emails. It will be fully-automated, so that you won’t need to do anything at all.

As I explained above, we can’t guarantee any income. However, your online business potential income is unlimited, and you can make lots of money if you follow our guidelines properly.

Money Back Guarantee:

Your last monthly membership fee payment ($19) always has a 30-day money back guarantee. But we can’t offer any money back guarantee for the eBook, premium blog/site and Facebook page.

It is time to start your own online business like I described above.

Do it now; tomorrow it may be too late.

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