Without targeted traffic, a blog or website will have absolutely no value.

A blog that has no targeted traffic, is like a good car that has the best and strongest engine while the fuel tank is empty. No doubt that this car won’t move, no matter how good and beautiful it is.

If you have already created a blog, whether we have done it for you (visit this page if you want us to create a blog for you), or you have done it on your own, you have to promote it to receive targeted traffic. Otherwise your blog won’t make any money for you, nor can it help your business to grow.

Please read the below article very carefully and make sure to see the examples.

1. What Is Targeted Traffic?

Free Organic Targeted TrafficWhen your blog visitors are interested in the products and services that you sell or promote through your blog, they are called targeted traffic.

For example, let’s say your blog has an article that is focused on how to choose a snowboard.

Then, an internet user googles choosing a snowboard, finds your article on the Google’s search result page, clicks on it and visits the article page on your blog. This visit is a targeted traffic because the visitor is looking for exactly what your article is talking about.

Now, if you also sell some snowboards through your article and blog, then there is a higher chance that this visitor makes a purchase (because he is looking to buy a snowboard), compared to a visitor who visits your blog accidentally and is not looking for buying a snowboard, or a visitor who wants to learn how to repair his snowboard but doesn’t want to buy a new one. This is the difference of the targeted, semi-targeted and random or non-targeted traffic.

It is only targeted traffic that makes money for you. Targeted traffic is vital for your blog and business success.

Different Kinds of Targeted Traffic

There are two kinds of targeted traffic:

  1. Free or Organic
  2. Paid

Free or organic targeted traffic comes from organic search results of the search engines, not from paid ads. Conversely, paid targeted traffic comes from paid ads like pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertising:

Organic and Paid Traffic

Paid targeted traffic is also effective and strong. It is the fastest way for new businesses to start making money. For millions of businesses around the world, paid traffic is currently the only way to survive, make money and grow.

Paid traffic converts very well. There are different sources of paid targeted traffic. We also offer strong paid targeted traffic packages that convert like crazy (learn more HERE).

Never Ignore the power of the Free Targeted Traffic

Paid targeted traffic is a great way to promote your business and make money. But you should never ignore the importance of free or organic targeted traffic. Even when you spend money to buy targeted traffic, you should work on creating a steady stream of organic targeted traffic to your blog.

Free Targeted TrafficWhy?

There are several reasons for it:

  1. Free or organic targeted traffic is a big help for your business to survive and grow faster.
  2. It is free, so any money that you make through it is your profit.
  3. Even if you stop working, it keeps coming for a lifetime.
  4. Some people only trust the organic search results when they are googling for something. Therefore, when your blog appears in the search engines organic search results, you make money through those people too.

Now the question is:

2. How Can a Blog Receive Free Targeted Traffic?

The answer is in “Quality Content”.

Content is king.

When a blog has quality content, it receives free or organic targeted traffic from search engines like Google.

In one of the other articles that I have published on this blog HERE, I have explained in detail how we create a blog and add quality content to it to receive free targeted traffic from search engines. In that article, there are some examples of the quality content that we have already created for one of the blogs we manage. I assume that you have already read that article and you have seen those examples. If not, please refer to the article and read it.

Here in this article, I explain a little more about quality content and using it to receive free targeted traffic. Then I show you the fastest and easiest way of generating it for your blog.

Please keep reading 🙂

SEO-Optimized Quality Articles

When it comes to blogging, quality content means quality articles or posts. A zero-kilometer blog has no content, and so it receives no traffic from search engines. To receive targeted traffic, you have to publish SEO-Optimized Quality Articles on your blog.

1. What Are the SEO-Optimized Quality Articles?

Quality ArticlesSEO-Optimized Quality Articles have several important features. Here are two of them:

1. They Are SEO-Optimized

Quality articles are focused on a special key phrase or a bunch of key phrases that are related to each other. It means the topic and focus of these articles are 100% determined.

For example, this article that you are currently reading is focused on “targeted traffic” as the main key phrase. At the same time, it is also focused on some other related key phrases like “SEO-Optimized”, “quality content” and “organic targeted traffic”.

2. They Are QUALITY

Quality articles are NOT just for receiving traffic from search engines. Indeed, traffic has to be the second goal if you want to create quality content.

Loyal SubscribersWe write quality articles to teach people something important, give them a solution for an important problem, or answer an important question for them. We also write these articles to please the blog followers with the quality and strong information that they want to receive continuously.

Therefore, these articles attract so many comments, links, clicks and shares from social media websites like FaceBook and other sites and blogs. And this is what Google tracks very easily these days and considers as an important ranking factor.

2. What Happens When We Publish Quality Articles on Our Blog?

When we publish an article on our blog, a robot or software called Google Spider visits and indexes the article automatically.

Google Algorithm and GooglebotGoogle Spider (also known as Googlebot) can distinguish the key phrase on which the article is focused and what topic the article is related to. Google Spider and Google’s algorithm are able to check over 200 different factors on web pages. They also consider several other user-experience (UX) related factors.

Finally, the Google system decides about the ranking of the article (web page) in Google’s search result page. Therefore:

Proper SEO + Good UX = Higher Ranking

A web page ranking usually changes from time to time. Strong and quality articles usually get a higher ranking result until they reach the first page and get ranked even as the #1 search result. This is unless some stronger competitors appear and push them down the list.

As there are so many different factors that affect a web page’s ranking, it is not easy to write articles that reach Google’s first page and receive free targeted traffic constantly and steadily. That’s why 99.99% of the blogs don’t have any traffic and bloggers give up after a long time of trial and error. They write articles, but their articles can’t reach the first page.

SEO-Optimization of the Articles

Writing Quality ArticlesWriting of the quality articles that reach the first page, is not just the matter of the SEO techniques. Yes, you have to know how to SEO-Optimize (search engine optimization) your article, but this is not even the third step of writing a quality article. If you write articles just to receive traffic from search engines, if you write for search engines and not for people, you are wasting your time.

However, SEO-Optimization of the articles is still an important step.

I can’t explain about SEO-Optimization of articles here, because it is too complicated to be explained in one article. Besides, nowadays, SEO-Optimization of articles and web pages is not just limited to techniques. You have to be a writer who can write quality, informative and controversial articles that attract lots of attention, comments, clicks, likes, shares and links. If you write just a bunch of paragraphs that are optimized for a special key phrase, but your writing can’t attract the reader’s attention, it won’t even reach Google’s first 100 search results, let alone the first page; Guaranteed!

The Value of Free Targeted Traffic

Please refer to this article to see some of the quality articles that we have published on one of the blogs we manage.

We have numerous articles on Google’s first page. They drive hundreds of thousands of free targeted clicks to our blogs every year. As you can see in this article, the value of free targeted traffic that one of our blogs, LuckScout.com, receives only from the American internet users, is about $1,750,800 per year.

It means, if we wanted to receive this traffic through paid advertising, we would have to spend $1,750,800 per year. But we are receiving this traffic for free!

The role of such free targeted traffic in promoting and growing a business is unimaginable, and its real value is inestimable.

Below, I am showing you a couple of more examples. To see some other examples, you can refer to this article.

Two Examples:

I published an article on LuckScout on April 26th, 2018. It has been receiving organic traffic since June 2018. Now, it is on Google’s first search result page with so many key phrases like make money online with google:

Ranked #5 on Google

Although that article is somewhat new, it has received over 7000 free organic clicks from Google, as of the writing of this article here.  It is going higher and higher on Google first page, and so it is receiving more traffic every week. You can see the targeted traffic uptrend on the below chart:

Organic Traffic Trend

Another article was published on LuckScout on January 31st, 2015. This article is about four years older than the previous article. You will see it ranked #1 on the Google’s first page with money exchange business, currency exchange business modeland over 200 other key phrases, according to Google Analytics:

Number One on Google's First Page

Sometimes Google gives LuckScout even a featured place on the search results page:

Featured Place on Google's Search Results Page

Starting four years ago, this article has received about 36,000 organic targeted clicks from Google:

Organic Targeted Traffic from Google

What Does This Mean?

The above two examples and the other examples I have in my other article here, show you the importance of the quality articles to receive free targeted traffic.

Grow Your Business with Quality ContentAs you saw in the above graphs, a quality article is like a seed. You plant it and it grows and becomes a tree that gives you fruits; more and more, every year. Having a big garden of such trees makes your business grow and grow.

It is as simple as this.

Quality content (articles) and free targeted traffic are what your business desperately needs. If you want to grow your business and make more money every year, you have to create a blog (here) and add quality content to it continuously.

3. Start Building Quality Content Now

As I mentioned above, when it comes to blogging, quality content means quality and strong articles. As you saw above, quality articles have an extremely important role in your business success, because they drive free targeted traffic to your blog and your business. You saw how quality articles create a steady stream of free targeted traffic. And, you saw how valuable, or I’d better say, how priceless this free targeted traffic is.

Therefore, it is time to build quality content for your blog and your business.

1. Writing Quality Articles

Quality ContentTo write quality articles, you have to have some qualifications and abilities:

(1) You should be able to write attractive and informative articles that attract lots of attention, comments, clicks, likes and shares. (2) At the same time, you should be knowledgeable and experienced enough in SEO-Optimization. It means you should be able to choose the proper key phrases and optimize your articles for those key phrases while it doesn’t affect the articles readability and attraction.

Therefore, this is not an easy task without any doubt. I don’t want to disappoint you. But you should start writing to improve your writing and SEO skills. It takes time. If you don’t give up, you will become a good writer after a while. Then you can write quality articles that receive free targeted traffic from search engines.

2. Buying Quality Articles

You have created a blog and it needs quality content and traffic (please visit this page if you haven’t created a blog yet). Your business desperately needs your blog’s free targeted traffic. I explained the reasons above. Most probably, you are new to blogging and writing, and so you are not able to write quality articles right now.

You can start improving your writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills, but you have a long way to reach the level that you can write quality articles like the examples I showed you above. No doubt you and your business can’t wait for you to become an experienced writer and blogger who publishes a few quality articles every week. You need targeted traffic NOW!

Am I right?

Here is the solution:

Buy Quality SEO-Optimized Articles

As I explained above, you can buy targeted traffic and start receiving quality clicks shortly. However, you should also work on building quality content for your blog to receive free and organic targeted traffic as I already explained.

While you buy targeted traffic and are trying to improve your writing skills, you can buy Quality SEO-Optimized Articles from us. We write 2300+ Word quality and SEO-Optimized articles for you. They will drive free targeted traffic to your blog and business, like the examples you saw above.

How Much Does It Cost?


Each 2300+ Word Quality and SEO-Optimized Article costs $99.

(You can choose the number of the articles you want to order.)

We do the keyword research to choose the articles’ titles and key phrases, based on your business, products and services. However, if there is any special topic or key phrase that you want us to write about, you will be able to let us know after placing your order.

Click Here to place your order through PayPal.

Our Guarantee:

The quality and originality of our articles are guaranteed. You will be the sole owner of the articles you order. The articles we write for you have never been published anywhere before, nor will they be given or sold to someone else.

Please note that articles don’t start receiving free targeted traffic from search engines as soon as you publish them on your blog. For new articles, it can take from a few weeks to several months. It depends on several different factors like the topic, key phrases, competition, your blog’s age, etc.

Additionally, the articles rankings change from time to time. Many of the quality articles get a better ranking over time. Some of them lose their ranking because of new articles and blogs that have a higher quality or popularity.

Therefore, nobody can guarantee the amount of the traffic that each article will receive, nor can anybody predict when an article starts receiving targeted traffic from search engines. We do our best to write the best articles with the highest possible quality for you, exactly like the examples I showed you above. The rest is not under our control. We have to wait and see.

It is the same with the articles we write for our own blogs. We do our best to write the articles in the best possible way. But after publishing them on our blog, it will be just a matter of time and patience. Usually, most of our articles receive a reasonable amount of organic targeted traffic.

Money Back Guarantee

The articles we write for you can’t be used by another client. Therefore, it is not possible to return the articles and receive your money back. There is NO money back guarantee for this service, nor can we guarantee any traffic for any of the articles we write for you.

Our Recommendation:

Our RecommendationIf you build a reasonable amount of quality content for your blog, you will receive lots of free targeted traffic over time and your blog content will keep on attracting traffic in the future.

Therefore, we recommend that you order at least one package of Ten 2300+ Word Quality and SEO-Optimized Articles every month. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Experience has proven that Google gives a higher ranking to the blogs that publish fresh and quality posts on a regular basis. This helps your blog content to get a higher ranking over time. Abandoned blogs that publish no articles for a long time will lose their rankings gradually.
  2. Adding more quality content to your blog is like planting more trees in your garden. When the new trees grow up, you will have more fruit.


1. You need a blog to promote and grow your business. Nowadays, having a blog is a must for any business, no matter what kind of business it is. Your business will suffer from having not enough customers if you don’t create a blog for it. Click Here to create your blog, if you haven’t done so before.

2. If you don’t already have a business, you can create a blog and make money with it. It means blogging can become a business itself.

3. In both cases, you need targeted traffic. When you have a business and have created a blog for it, the blog has to have targeted traffic, otherwise it will have no advantage. Also, when blogging is your business and you want to make money through it, you need targeted traffic, otherwise your blog won’t make any money for you.

4. Targeted traffic comes in two ways. You can buy it, or you can receive it from the search engines for free. Click Here if you want to buy targeted traffic.

5. Free targeted traffic comes through the quality articles that you publish on your blog. You can always buy targeted traffic. However, while you can take the advantage of the paid traffic that you buy, you must publish quality articles on your blog to start receiving free targeted traffic from search engines too.

6. This free targeted traffic is vital for your business success:

It is free, converts very well, continues and lasts lifetime, especially if you keep posting fresh quality articles on your blog. In fact, it increases over time if you keep posting more quality articles on your blog on a regular basis. Even if you stop posting articles for a while, your previously posted article will keep on receiving free traffic from search engines.

As a result, your business grows and grows and grows…, and you make more and more money.

Blogging Is the Ultimate Solution

Blogging and publishing quality articles on blogs is the ultimate solution for all kinds of businesses, especially the struggling ones that suffer from low income and not having enough customers and clients.

Do you know of any easier way to grow your business?

I am sure the answer is no.

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