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Kamayah IsraelKamayah Israel
Atlanta, Georgia
Vahid Chaychi has made using his services (blog setup, auto-responder setup, website traffic, and…) extremely pleasurable. I’ve set up many blogs in my online career, and this has by far been the best out-tasking experience I’ve had in approximately 20 years. Any and all questions I’ve had during the set up phase were answered in a swift and timely manner. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how SEO works best for My Gold System and even more excited to begin talking with the opt-ins from the traffic as they’ve already enrolled with me. Vahid is a consummate professional! Thank you, Vahid!

Frank FlandinetteFrank Flandinette
Hamilton, New Jersey
I have been associated with Vahid Chaychi for several years in various online ventures. He started my own blog completely free of charge a few years ago. He never fails to amaze me with his thorough and constantly evolving knowledge of technology. People who visit my blog are always in constant praise of the degree of expertise of his affiliate links and his disclosure of convincing facts to encourage them to sign up as new costumers. Recently, people visiting my blog started complaining about the excessive amount of time that my blog was taking to load on their computers and I purchased one of his professional hosting packages. Not only was his price reasonable but when compared to the services of other hosting companies, it turned out that he was offering more services at a much reduced cost. I no longer receive complaints about my blog’s loading speed. However, I now have people who are inquiring about his hosting packages and that means even more business for me. Thanks Vahid for your undivided concern for the welfare of your customers.

Allen SealAllen Seal
Sydney, Australia
Hello everyone! I live in Sydney, Australia, I’m currently semi-retired but once had a pretty interesting career in the corporate world. My roles have all been in the back office and included programmer/analyst, project management, business consultant and banking. I was fortunate to have some skills at the time that were in good demand and had a lot of fun travelling to many parts of the world. I am very active (swimming, cycling, running) and love to stretch the brain with quizzes, crosswords and Sudoku. I realized many years ago that online was going to be the new business frontier but did not take advantage of it. However, since retirement I have been looking for an opportunity to start a successful eCommerce business that I can leave my children. I looked at ClickBank and also tried Amazon FBA and Shopify stores in the U.S. but so far with no success. When I looked around the online space, it seemed to me that it is mainly the intermediaries / facilitators that are successful and not the producers or retailers. For example, the likes of Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Facebook etc, etc, plus all of the sellers of complimentary software add-ons like JungleScout. But now, Vahid has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching the internet and how it could actually be very successful. The problem is finding a niche that I would find enjoyable and could also use some of my previous knowledge. Anyway, I am going on the same journey as many of you and I’d like to wish everyone following Vahid the success of developing a profitable website and the freedom that brings to our lives. Allen.

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