The fact that you are here, reading this page, means that you also want to become a top ClickBank affiliate. Is it easy or not? Can you achieve it or not?

Well! If I could achieve it, you can achieve it too. So it is possible. But you need to prepare for it. You can’t do it just by wanting it.

I became the top ClickBank affiliate in 2010. I received a certificate of achievement from ClickBank with Dush Ramachandran’s and Kate Wallace’s signature at the bottom of the certificate.

Later, I started promoting my own affiliate system, and so I stopped focusing on ClickBank. That’s why I didn’t repeat my success with ClickBank after 2010. I have been working with ClickBank at the side, since 2002. But I started my own ClickBank-based affiliate program from 2009, and became the top ClickBank affiliate in 2010. Later, I developed my own affiliate system that worked without using ClickBank. But I still believe in ClickBank a lot, because it is a lot easier to make money with. Additionally, it is a payment system that people trust a lot.

ClickBank has over 11,000 products, and hundreds of thousands of affiliates who promote them. Therefore, becoming a top ClickBank affiliate means that I had been able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. This simply means I am an experienced internet marketer. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot do this, if you are not as experienced as me. You can easily use my experience and repeat my success without having to learn everything on your own. An experienced person can share his years of experience with you, within a short time, while if you want to gain the same experience on your own, you will have to waste lots of time and money. This is what mentorship means.

So, let’s see how you can become one of the top ClickBank Affiliates too.

How to Become a Top ClickBank Affiliate

You can make thousands of dollars with ClickBank too. But you need to get prepared for it. There are three ways to make money with ClickBank:

  1. As a vendor
  2. As an affiliate
  3. Both

As a Vendor:

If you can create a strong product that can be sold on ClickBank, then you will have a higher chance to make money with ClickBank, because thousands of ClickBank affiliates will promote your product to earn commission, so that you will make more money too. With offering a strong product on ClickBank, you will leverage your sales through using the power of thousands of ClickBank affiliates.

It is not too hard to create a strong product like eBook and sell it on ClickBank. This is what we do for our clients (read this).

But there is also a much better and a more lucrative way to become a ClickBank vendor. Selling an eBook will only make you a one-time fee. But you can create a membership program with a monthly membership fee, or recurring billing. It can be a training course, or a web hosting service, for example. When people sign up for a web hosting service, they usually don’t do it for one month. They have to pay every month, because they need their sites to be up and running all the time. Some of them will become your permanent customers and will pay you for years.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you offer a training course or a web hosting package for $19 per month. Then, if you can recruit 1000 clients, you will earn $19,000 per month, every month and for as long as your clients pay for your program or service. Yes, some of them will cancel, but so many others will sign up, if you follow a strong and solid digital marking strategy. So your income goes higher and higher every month and every year. If you keep working, you can even reach 10,000 customers which is $190,000 per month, or $2,280,000 per year.

Happy customers will refer more customers, and make your business grow. That’s why I always say:

“Be nice to your clients, and they will take your business off the ground.”

So your business grows and grows and you will make more money. Following this strategy, you can become one of the top ClickBank affiliates within a very short time, like one year, which is what I could achieve. You can even become the top ClickBank affiliate, if you keep on offering a solid service. What advantages becoming a top ClickBank affiliate will have for you?

It will make you a lot more money:

  1. More affiliates will know you and will promote your product/service, just because they know that it is solid and strong and makes money and residual income for them, specially if the product you offer has a recurring fee or recurring billing, like monthly membership fee.
  2. You will become a famous digital marketer, and so you create training courses and eBooks to teach novice digital marketing. This will make even more money for you.

You don’t know how to do all of these and where to start? It is not a problem at all, because we do all of these for our clients under our Fully-Automated Online Business System program (here). We can create a strong web hosting or membership program for you, while you won’t have to know anything about managing these kinds of online businesses.

As an Affiliate:

You can promote other ClickBank vendors’ products and earn commissions. This is one of the other ways to make money with ClickBank. But you can make more money as a vendor, as I explained above.


You can do both at the same time too. I mean you can sell your own products as a vendor, but you can also offer other vendors’ products to your customers as an affiliate, when those products are related to your product niche, so that you know that your customer maybe interested in those products as well. You can easily create a mailing list from your customers and send them offers. This is what we do for our clients as well.

As you see, it is possible to become the top ClickBank affiliate who makes thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can do this while you don’t have to be a computer and internet expert. You don’t even have to be a digital marketing expert. Our system can set up everything for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

If  want to achieve this on your own, then it can cost you lots of time and money. But, if you do it with us and using the experience of one of the top ClickBank affiliates, then it won’t cost you a lot. You need a site/blog and some training and guidance. It costs you less than $20 per year to register a domain. You need an SSL Certificate that costs you $20 per year. Our hosting system, training and guidance will cost you $19 per month. That is all.

You can create an online business that makes you the top ClickBank affiliate with less than $24 per month, while some scams charge you thousands of dollars for nothing. You can start here.